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What is a Smart Blu-Ray Player?

What is a Smart Blu-Ray Player? featured imageNew technology, including new Blu-ray players, is being released every day. If you have recently been considering buying a Blu-ray player, then it is easy to become confused by all the different terms that are used to describe this type of equipment. Because there is no shortage of Blu-ray players to choose from, it is essential to understand precisely which one is right for you before you make a purchase.

One type of favorite Blu-ray player is a smart Blu-ray player. This piece of equipment offers various network and web-based features to improve a person’s TV watching experience.

Streaming Video-on-Demand

One of the main benefits of opting for a smart Blu-ray player over original models is that these Blu-ray players will generally offer the ability to stream your favorite video-on-demand services. This may include Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix. While many people in the past had to rely on buying a smart TV or using equipment that can be plugged into the TV to access the streaming services, you can now have all of your streaming services available through your smart Blu-ray player.

This means that you can quickly switch between watching Blu-ray discs or streaming your favorite shows without having to switch between inputs on your TV. Not only does this make your video watching experience faster and more comfortable, but it also means that you have access to everything you could want to watch all in one place.

Social Media and Additional Services

Another benefit of buying a smart Blu-ray player is that you can access your social media services from your TV via this equipment. Rather than having to use a smartphone, laptop, or tablet to check in on Twitter or Facebook, you can opt easily do this via your Blu-ray player. While every manufacturer will have varying smart services that they provide via their Blu-ray player, most will have unfettered access to major social media programs. The best way to make sure that you’ll be able to access your favorite social media account is by checking with the manufacturer or reading a buyer’s guide.

In addition to providing you access to social media, smart Blu-ray players will often include a web browser so that you can browse the Internet from your sofa, and some may even provide you with games. With access to music services like Pandora and the ability to view Picasa photo streams, smart Blu-ray players are attempting to become as user-friendly as possible and to provide people with the best experience.

Control Via an App

It can be very easy to become overwhelmed when thinking about all of the benefits and programs that smart Blu-ray players offer, but manufacturers have considered this when designing their equipment. Because they know that users want it to be easy to use their new smart Blu-ray player, many have provided a free control app that will sync your smartphone to your smart Blu-ray player. This means that after you have downloaded an Android or iOS app on to your phone, you will be able to control your new Blu-ray player over your home’s network. The abilities you enjoy with your app will vary depending on its manufacturer, but some benefits include being able to control your music from your phone and also to show media content from your phone on your TV via the smart Blu-ray player.


If you are interested in being able to use one piece of equipment for your TV viewing, social media, and music needs, then it is an excellent time to consider buying a smart Blu-ray player. This equipment will effectively take the place of your DVD or Blu-ray player as well as any stuff that you use to access video streaming sites on your TV.

Being able to control your TV via your smartphone makes this a fantastic option for anybody who is interested in complete control over all of their equipment and wants to have everything as integrated as possible. While Blu-ray players are an excellent option for many families who wish to view this type of disc, smart Blu-ray players are significantly improved and offer a number of benefits.

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