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Weber Spirit E-310 vs Genesis E-310 Head To Head Comparison

Weber Spirit E-310 vs Genesis E-310 featured imageWeber Spirit E-310 vs Genesis E-310

If you love to entertain your friends, neighbors, or family in the backyard and want to make sure that you’re able to make delicious food that everyone will enjoy, then you will need the right grill for the job.

Not only will having a grill in your backyard make it easy to cook burgers, steaks, and hot dogs, but you can also grill vegetables, pizza, and even dessert.

No matter what kind of food you are interested in making, having a grill at your home makes it incredibly easy to make delicious food that everyone will love. It will also allow you to spend time outside when you’re making lunch or dinner.

That is why we decided to compare the Weber Spirit E-310 vs. Genesis E-310 in a head to head comparison.

Price Comparison

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Because there are many different types of grills available, it can be kind of tricky to tell which one will best meet your needs. You can spend a lot of time reading online reviews, but if you don’t know how to compare grills, you won’t be able to find the right one for you.

Ranking grills on three features and using a point system from 1-100 makes it very easy to find the right grill.

Cooking Area

The cooking area plays a massive role in deciding how much food you can make at once, as well as how many people you can grill for. You must also consider if you will become frustrated when you are trying to make a lot of food.

Another factor to consider when comparing the cooking area of a grill is whether or not there is a warming rack and how large it is. A warming rack is a great way to keep food warm by removing it from the direct heat of the grill.

By comparing the size of both the cooking area and the warming rack, if there is one, you can quickly tell which grill will best meet your needs.

Weber Spirit E-310

The Spirit E-310 has a cooking area of 424 square inches and a warming rack of 105 square inches.

On the Spirit E-310, you can cook about 21 hamburger patties at a time. Unless you are going to be having huge parties you generally won’t need much more space than this.

Weber Genesis E-310

The Genesis E-310 has a cooking area of 513 square inches and a warming rack of 156 square inches. This, naturally, will require a higher heat output to ensure that you can quickly warm up this space.

You will be able to cook about 25 hamburger patties at a time on the Genesis E-310, which is more than enough for most backyard parties.


Point Totals

Weber Spirit E-310 – 70

Weber Genesis E-310 – 80

If you are going to be needing significantly more space, then the Genesis E-310 is the obvious choice. The cooking area is just large enough that you can cook plenty of food for a massive number of people or switch it up and have a variety of items on the grill at the same time.

This will allow you to grill corn while your hamburgers cook and to throw some watermelon on for good measure if you so desire.

If you don’t need the larger cooking area, you can opt for the Spirit E-310, but nobody ever regretted getting a bigger grill when it came time to host a party.

Storage Space

Because you don’t want to have to be running back and forth to the kitchen when you are supposed to be outside grilling with your friends, you want to make sure that your new grill has all of the storage space that you need.

This will allow you to store tools and also to have a workplace while you are grilling. Larger grills will offer more storage space, but you can still find smaller ones with plenty of room.

Weber Spirit E-310

With one door to hide your propane tank and room inside for a brush, you can easily store items inside the bottom of this grill.

It also has two sides where you can prepare your food, as well as hooks for hanging other grill tools for immediate use.

Weber Genesis E-310

You’ll love the double doors on this grill as they allow you to quickly and easily access your tools and your tank when you are going to be grilling.

Like the Spirit E-310, it has side tables for you to prepare your food when you’re cooking and also offers hooks for hanging your grill tools.


Point Totals

Weber Spirit E-310 – 90

Weber Genesis E-310 – 95

The only thing that sets the Genesis E-310 apart, in this case, is the second door for allowing access to the propane and additional storage under the grill. Not only does this make it easier to turn your propane tank on and off when you’re grilling, but you can also access the drip tray without any problems.

The little extra room provided here makes it a bit easier to use this grill and to access items that you have stored below.

Ignition System

You are going to rely on your ignition system to be able to start your grill quickly and without any problems, which is why you will want to compare this feature when looking at grills. Without an excellent ignition system, you will soon find that you have to resort to using a stick lighter when you want to fire up the grill.

While this will still work, it’s frustrating because it takes additional time and it’s not the way your grill is supposed to work. A quality ignition system will last for years before it has to be replaced.

Weber Spirit E-310

The ignition system on the Spirit E-310 makes it easy to start the grill even if you haven’t grilled before.

Each burner has an electric ignition, allowing you to turn a knob and rely on the electronic crossover ignition to quickly light the grill when you push a button.

Weber Genesis E-310

The Genesis E-310 uses an individual electronic system for ignition. While this is generally a fairly good system, it is not quite as reliable as an Electronic Crossover system for lighting your grill.

You aren’t likely to have problems with this ignition at first, but over time you may experience issues.

Point Totals

Weber Spirit E-310 – 85

Weber Genesis E-310 – 70

In this case, you are better off with the Weber Spirit E-310. Weber has included an incredibly powerful ignition on this grill. Their Electronic Crossover system gives you complete control when lighting your grill and makes it very easy to do so.

This reduces any risk or fear of your grill not working when you need it to; it will also ensure that you can fire it up when you want to entertain or cook a meal for your family.

Opting for the Weber Spirit E-310 is a smart move here, and you won’t ever regret buying this grill with the ignition system that is installed on it.

Final Score

Weber Spirit E-310 – 245

Weber Genesis E-310 – 245

It’s very close between these two grills, but for ease of use and larger cooking space, you will love the Weber Genesis E-310. This grill has enough room to cook for the whole neighborhood, and while the ignition system isn’t as robust as on the Spirit E-310, you will still be able to light your grill quickly and without many problems.

This will allow you to start it up whenever the mood strikes you, and since you have so much storage and prep space, you will be able to stay outside while grilling without having to run back into the kitchen for something that you forgot.

Weber Spirit E-310


  • Even Heat
  • Flavorizer Bars
  • Large Cooking Space
  • Energy Efficient


  • Warming Rack Fitting Issues
  • Paint Durability

Weber Genesis E-310


  • Larger Cooking Area
  • Energy Efficient
  • Porcelain-Enameled, Cast Iron Cooking Grates
  • Flavorizer Bars


  • Price
  • Reported Ignition Problems

Our Choice

When comparing the Weber Spirit E-310 and the Genesis E-310, we feel the choice depends upon your budget. You can’t go wrong with Genesis E-310 but it is more expensive, and the Spirit E-310 is an excellent grill as well. If money is no obstacle, then we choose the Weber Genesis E-310

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