Weber Genesis II Review

Weber Genesis II Review featured imageThe Weber Genesis II

Are you always looking for exciting ways to provide an excellent meal for family and friends? To assist you we recommend the Weber Genesis II E-310 Liquid Propane Grill, whose three burners allow you to cook a great deal of meat at one time.

The grilling surface is 513 square inches, and the stainless-steel heat deflectors ensure that the meat is all that is cooked. Many people posted Weber Genesis II reviews. They confirm this grill is a great investment. The grease management system prevents flare-ups when cooking, and the entire grill is easy to clean.

The main reason for writing this review is to help you make an informed decision. We have researched the features and will tell you everything you need to know before you decide if this is the right gas grill for you. We think we will confirm what others are saying as well.

Very few people have problems with the Weber Genesis II E-310 grill. Even the ones who expressed concerns were relieved when they began using it. There is little need to stand over it every second of grilling, and this pleases people as they can socialize.

Even heating gives chefs confidence that the meat will be thoroughly cooked to their specifications. Customers positively reviewed the size and location of the drip pans. We are pleased to recommend the grill and feel it is an excellent value for the price.

All aspects were designed to make it as easy as possible to use, and the design is pleasing to look at. Throw in the fact that it is easy to clean, and you understand why it is so popular.

Above all, the Weber Genesis II is affordable and well-packaged upon delivery to the customer. The best method for confirming our thoughts is to purchase the product and begin grilling your favorite foods. You will cook just like a chef, and your guests will love your meals.

To investigate further, we have a link where you can find adequate information about this grill. All the same, we feel very confident about this grill’s ability to meet your every need. So, buy it today.

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  • Open Cart Design
  • Due to the design of the cart, there is more room for cooking.  On top of that, it is much easier to reach the grilling tools that you need which means you don’t have to take your eyes off the food.
  • Cast Iron Cooking Grates
  • Since the plates can be reversed, there are more options for what you can cook.  There is a thin side that is ideal for when you want to cook fish and a thick one for when you have chosen to provide traditional food such as burgers and steaks.
  • Side Table and Integrated Hooks
  • To avoid struggling when you are trying to season the meat, you can place all your seasonings on the side table.  You can organize your utensils on the hooks that are included and designed for that purpose.  When you have utilized all your surrounding space, the table can be lowered, freeing your surrounding area.
  • Warming Rack
  • Just because this is out of the way and above the grill, it does not mean that it not useful.  It is ideal for keeping fully cooked meat warm and to toast buns.  It can be tucked away when not needed leaving you with more cooking surface.
  • IGrill3 Ready
  • Specific separately sold items will complement the Weber Genesis II.  Everybody wants the latest grilling products.  The IGrill digital Bluetooth thermometer will check the temperature of the food throughout the entire cooking process.  You can read the real-time temperature on your mobile phone.  Just download the required app – the Weber IGrill app, connect to Bluetooth, and you can now view up to 4 thermometers at a time.
  • GS4 Grilling System 
  • There are three stainless steel burners, all of which are high performance.  They come complete with enameled bars, and these need a section of their own.
  • Flavorizer bars
  • These are made of porcelain, and until you have used them, you won’t be aware of how important they are.  The grease comes off the food, it drips onto the flavorizer bars, and instead of the fat hitting the burners causing flare-ups, the bars vaporize the fat.  The vapors recirculate to your food enhancing the flavor of your food.
  • Grease Management SystemThe grease management system not only captures excess grease for easy cleanup, but it also helps eliminate fire flare-ups.  Although use will still mean cleaning your grill, it is going to be much easier to clean than other grills.
  • Infinity Ignition Ignition of the burners is quick and efficient with this grills lighting system.  As soon as you turn the knob, each burner ignites, and you are good to go.  There is an excellent warranty in place, so any issues with this are quickly dealt with.
  • Three burners
  • The Genesis II grill provides three burners that are easy to ignite every time you plan to cook. These high-performance stainless-steel burners are designed to last longer and resist stains due to the shield provided by the bars. 

Pros And Cons


  • Assembly instructions are pictorial, proving popular with customers.
  • There is ample cooking space
  • Having drips collected was a bonus
  • All users agree that it is easy to clean


  • Some customers think the ignition is in an odd place
  • It can be hard to assemble and set up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How many BTU does this grill produce?
Answer: 37,500 BTUs

Question 2: Will I be able to sear?
Answer: Yes – it could take up to 20 minutes to prep your grill for searing, but it will happen.

Company Profile

Weber-Stephen began in 1893 as Weber Bros Metal Works.  Based in Chicago, they were striving to provide residents an excellent metal brazier to cook on.  Their first grilling product was the “George Barbecue Kettle” which proved to be very popular when it hit the market in 1951.  By 1952 the company had developed a barbecue division.

When George Stephen bought the company, the name was changed to Weber-Stephen Products Co.  Their primary products are gas grills, electric grills, charcoal smokers and charcoal grills.  By 1989 they expanded into the restaurant trade, and despite an initial setback, five are still trading.  You can find out more at their website at

Bottom Line

Wherever you look, people are praising and encouraging the purchase of the Weber Genesis II E-310.  It is a durable, long-lasting grill, and the food it cooks will make you the talk of the neighborhood. There is plenty of space for all your cooking needs.

Being able to serve people at the same time is a bonus.  The tray that keeps food warm is a great asset.  This company has a long tradition of providing equipment for outdoor cooking and eating which proves the quality of their products.

The price is a pleasant surprise, and those who were concerned at the cost now claim it is well worth every penny.  The Weber Genesis II is an attractive machine that is going to make all your BBQ’s, exciting events.

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