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Toro 51480 Review

Toro 51480 Review featured imageThe Toro 51480

A weed trimmer can cut grass, weeds, tree branches and hedges. If you want to trim along your flower beds, sidewalks, and lawn edgings, Toro 51480A 14” Electric Trimmer can be a good choice for you.

According to Toro it can trim and edge at the same time, allowing you to switch between the two as often as you like. Push a button and enjoy a conversion that takes place in a matter of seconds.

The dual line cutting head, as you will discover later, promotes this machine’s speed. To assist you in determining if you need this machine, we have written our Toro 51480A review following our thorough online-based research.

This machine has very few reviews.  Therefore, our conclusions are based on features. It has sturdy Toro construction, an adjustable shaft accommodating people of varying heights, a 14” cutting edge and couples as an edger.  The string feed is controlled with a trigger pull for your convenience.

Customers complained that the dual string feature on this trimmer was flawed and recommended a design modification.  Other customers reviewing the previous model complained the sting was weak but said they used thicker sting and got much better results.

That being said, the price of this trimmer is well within the budget of every reader and is the most affordable model we have reviewed.

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Toro 51480A 14" Electric Trimmer

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  • Powerful Five Amperes motor
  • A motor is an essential component of any gardening equipment that uses electric power. This one does, and it offers you a robust 5AMP motor that trims thick grass and weeds.
  • A 14-inch dual line cutting head
  • Toro 51480A Trimmer consists of a 14-inch double line cutting head. This head cuts grass or weeds faster, making your work easier and quicker. This is because the head is extra wide and can access a larger area at once.
  • Edger
  • This equipment is not just a trimmer. It is also impressive edging equipment that can be converted in a matter of seconds. Just press a button and start edging.
  • Guide wheel
  • This one serves two functions. First, it assists you to roll along the area you are working on without scalping. Second, it guides the edger to produce precision trimming and quick results.
  • Telescoping shaft
  • This is a well-designed 9-inch shaft expected to enhance how you maneuver the equipment. The feature provides an extended reach, allowing you to edge and trim quickly and correctly. It is also an excellent feature for persons of taller height.
  • A simple push button
  • To convert your trimmer into an edger in a matter of seconds, push a button. When you want to switch from an edger to a trimmer, press the button again.
  • Rust-free aluminum shaft
  • This aluminum shaft is sturdy and long-lasting. It can withstand any amount of abuse and stress produced by your trimming and edging activities, yet it is lightweight.
  • Auto-feed trim line
  • As soon as you pull the trigger, the Toro 51480 trimmer will automatically correct the trim line to the precise cutting length.  This will simplify your work and shorten your total time because you will work faster.
  • Assist Handle
  • To adjust your equipment’s assist handle to ensure more comfort and balance, use the Assist Handle feature. When your hands feel comfortable and safe, you are more likely to enjoy your work until completed.
  • Work Grip Handle Line Feed
  • This equipment offers an Auto Line style Work Grip Handle Line Feed. The type of line is Dual Line 0.065inches. With such a creatively made handle, you can enjoy using your string trimmer and overcome any challenge.

Pros And Cons


  •  The guide wheel helps you do perfect work when using this trimmer and edger equipment
  • An aluminum shaft that is durable, long-lasting and corrosion free
  • It can trim and edge at once, making it a dual-purpose machine
  • The powerful electric motor can cut tough grass and weeds.


  • The equipment’s reel design has mechanical flaws.
  • Should purchase stronger string for better results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this trimming equipment idiot-proof and durable?

Answer: According to the manufacturer, it is easy to use and durable.

Question: What are the size dimensions of this trimmer?

Answer: It measures 10 inches by 6 inches by 41 inches.

Toro Company Profile

Toro Company is an international business. It assists countless customers by producing for them right gardening equipment. Operating in more than one hundred and twenty-five nations, Toro boasts a lot of products.

These have been used by groundskeepers, professional landscapers, golf courses, agriculturalists and other public and private organizations. It’s associated with famous companies like Walt Disney World, Chateau de Versailles, France and the Spanish Real Madrid Club among others.

Bottom Line

We have no problem recommending the Toro 51480A trimmer. On the one hand, this Toro trimming tool provides fantastic features. On the other hand, some reviewers thought it didn’t measure up to their expectations. At this price point, we don’t think you could go wrong purchasing this tool.

Additionally, based on the manufacturer’s facts, the equipment seems to be just fine concerning quality features and an affordable price.

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