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SwissGear Luggage Review

The SwissGear Luggage

Luggage suitcases have been a necessity since the day of their invention. Almost everyone travels and so require a sturdy and durable bag. SwissGear understands this fact as they are providing suitcases having such qualities.

This SwissGear 3-piece suitcase set goes one step further and provides you with three suitcases of varying sizes.  All three of the SwissGear bags are not only durable but easy to carry as well.  Their design helps with proper functioning and storage capacity allowing you to take all your essentials at once.

We’ve done extensive research in this SwissGear luggage review by testing the luggage as well as checking the customer feedback.  Therefore, this review will help you develop a concise understanding of the SwissGear suitcases to make an informed decision.

We’ve checked the various customer reviews for this suitcase set to prepare this review.  Most of the customers loved the operational design and sturdy feel of these bags.  That’s why these bags carry an excellent rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

The SwissGear spinner wheels are smooth which helps in traveling with these bags.  Similarly, the suitcase’s locking telescopic handles are fast yet efficiently functional.  If you have to walk with these bags, you’ll not have trouble because of these two features.

Plenty of storage compartments are present on the outside of the suitcase, so you can quickly take out your phone charger or a water bottle.  You can use the top compartment for storing small essentials, such as your power bank.  The lower chamber is of an adequate size empowering you to store your tablet or similar device in it.

Taking these bags out of the back of your car or from upper storage will be a hassle-free experience.  All three SwissGear bags are sufficiently lightweight permitting an easy commute.  Side handles are reinforced for durable use so a little roughness will not harm your bag.

Regarding any drawbacks, we were surprised to see that there are very few minuses.  The lack of color options might cause a little disappointment, but that’s about it.  Zippers on these suitcases feel little low quality and ruin the premium feel, which could be another downer.

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  • High capacity:
  • The storage capacity of these suitcases allows for easy travel with a trouble-free experience.  You can carry your clothes, essentials, documents, and electronics in any one of these bags because of the ample storage capacity.
  • Supreme quality:
  • You’ll love the material quality of all three suitcases.  A luxurious feel comes to mind when you touch these bags.  These polyester bags have a premium feel to them because of their high-quality material.
  • Lightweight:
  • Weight is not a problem with these bags as all three of them are lightweight.  The biggest bag of 29” weighs 10.5 lbs while the middle bag of 25” weighs 9 lbs.  On the other hand, the smallest bag of 21” weighs only 8 lbs for comfortable carrying.
  • Awesome looks:
  • Uniform design of pockets and color options provide eye-catching looks to the user.  You will love the three compartments of the front with the dual tone handle.  You get two color options of black and dark grey from which you can choose the best one based on your preferences.
  • Maneuverability:
  • Traveling with these bags would be a breeze because of their four 360-degree multi-directional spinner wheels.  They will not topple when performing sudden turns and help in commuting around airports and stations.
  • The abundance of pockets:
  • Storage options are abundant with these bags.  You get an interior zippered mesh pocket and additional compartments outside, for storing your electronics separately. This allows for quick access to essential devices such as laptops and tablets.
  • Affordability:
  • This set comprises of three bags of varying sizes.  These bags only differ in size and not in quality while the prices are comparatively lower than most other competitor bags
  • Ergonomic design:
  • The overall ergonomic design of these bags helps in quick commutes.  The telescopic locking handle is swift as you can take it out and put back in, with ease.  The carrying handle on the side helps in removing the bag from car trunks or other storage spaces.
  • Water and moisture resistant:
  • Small spills will do no damage to your suitcase, as these bags are moisture resistant as well as water resistant.  You get a zippered wet bag for further security from liquids.
  • Long warranty:
  • The warranty period for these bags is five years.  SwissGear provides friendly and polite customer service, supplying you with worry-free customer service.

Pros And Cons


  • It has three bags of different sizes, which makes it very practical for daily use.
  • The bags are durable.
  • Has four 360-degree rotating wheels.
  • Made from premium materials.


  • Available in only two colors.
  • The zipper is not very smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I open the lock for using the suitcase?
You will have to input 0-0-0 in the lock to open SwissGear suitcases.

Can I get other color options for this luggage?
No, the suitcase is available in only one color.

SwissGear Company Profile:

SwissGear has committed itself to provide you the best quality luggage and backpacks at affordable rates.  Their products allow for easy traveling because of their excellent storage capacity and maneuverability.  SwissGear operates globally in some countries.

If you’re looking for more information on SwissGear and their products, you can visit their official website-

Bottom Line

SwissGear has done a remarkable job with these bags.  Whether you consider the material quality or the storage capacity, these bags excel in every sense.  For us, these bags raised the standards of suitcases.

You can store the bags into one another for secure non-use storage.  The lack of multiple color options is a minus but only when you are looking for a specific color.  If you favor quality over appearance, then you would have no problem at all.

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