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SwissGear Hardside Spinner Review

SwissGear Hardside Spinner Review featured imageThe SwissGear Hardside Spinner

If you are looking for luggage that offers lasting durability and numerous practical features, then SwissGear has made the perfect product for you. With their Chatelaine 28-inch luggage bag, they give you a bag that handles harsh conditions easily and succeeds in delivering optimum performance.

This bag is gaining in popularity because of its build quality and compartment capacity.  Even if it is not the largest of bags, it easily stores a sufficient number of items.  This bag keeps your belongings safe from thefts through its TSA approved lock.

Through extensive research, we have prepared this SwissGear hard side spinner review.  We believe this review will assist you in making an informed decision concerning purchasing this bag for yourself.

We discovered this bag is one of the best luggage bags in its price range.  Regarding value for money, the Chatelaine Hardside is a phenomenal option.

Organizing your belongings will be very easy through its different interior compartments.  You can store your small essentials separately, which is a neat little feature.  We were amazed to see the storage capacity of this bag.

It is light in weight and sufficient in size.  You will have no problems while traveling on flights with this bag.

This bag is perfect for traveling with especially if appearance is not your concern.  We saw many customers dissatisfied with how quickly it scratches.  The shiny outer case highlights every scratch, which is a disadvantage.

Overall, we adore the various features of this bag and highly recommend it.  If you want an affordable, useful, sturdy and modern looking bag, it is the best bet for you.

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SwissGear Chatelaine 28" Hardside Spinner, Black

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  • Sufficient size:
  • The size of this bag is adequate for most normal traveling situations.  It is around 30.71-inches in height and 12.21-inches wide.  Therefore, you have room for storing a lot of clothes and other essentials in this bag without difficulty.
  • Sturdy build:
  • The full polycarbonate body helps by enhancing this bag’s durability and strength. Polycarbonate is a sturdy material, which empowers this bag to withstand harsh or abusive conditions.  It adequately protects your belongings and keeps small bumps from damaging your contents.
  • Very lightweight:
  • Even though this bag is adequate in size, it is still lightweight.  The polycarbonate body keeps the weight of the bag low while enhancing the overall strength and durability. This low weight helps you in flights where airlines charge extra fees for overweight luggage.
  • Easy organization:
  • Organizing your essentials is a smooth experience, thanks to its various interior compartments.  You are supplied with a zippered divider, which separates the interior into two different compartments.  An additional pocket is also present where you can keep smaller essential items.
  • Supreme security:
  • To keep your items secure, this bag also features a TSA approved lock.  It is an easy to operate combination lock.  You input your combination to open the lock, assuring yourself that you are the only one with access to your bag.
  • Practical handle:
  • The locking handle of this bag is telescopic and functions correctly.  The aircraft grade aluminum poles of the handle further increases the handle’s strength and durability, easing your travel experience.  The handle is easy to grip and light in weight.
  • Advanced mobility:
  • Four spinner wheels keep the movement of your bag a breezy experience.  You will have no problem in taking out the handle and rolling the bag into the airport or any other place. The lightweight construction of this bag significantly reduces the strain on your hand.
  • Value for money:
  • This bag is very affordable, especially when compared to the price of its competitors.  You will not find a better bag, with this many features, in the same price range.
  • Modern looks:
  • The shiny and glossy outer case with steep lines on the front gives this bag a modern advanced look.  Even though it is available in one color option, you will find passers-by will continuously provide you second looks.
  • Friendly customer support:
  • SwissGear understands the value of excellent customer support.  Therefore, you will find them easy to contact and they will solve your issues quickly.  You can contact them through their website or the contact information provided.

Pros And Cons


  • The interior has a number of compartments for easy organization
  • Easy to grip handle also enables good mobility
  • TSA approved lock helps in keeping the contents of the bag secured
  • The bag offers sufficient space to accommodate all the necessities


  • The shiny surface of the bag highlights scratches
  • The exterior gets scratched very easily

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I open the lock for using the bag?
You will have to input 0-0-0 in the lock to open the bag.

Can I get other color options for this bag?
No, the bag is available in only one color.

SwissGear Company Profile:

The manufacturer of this bag is SwissGear, which is a division of Wenger.  In 2005, Victorinox acquired Wenger; both of their primary products are Swiss Army Knives.  This company also produces backpacks, accessories, wallets and many other products.

SwissGear is renowned in the market for its luggage bags and watches, both of which are of remarkable reputable quality.  If you are interested in finding out more about them, you can visit their official website called

Bottom Line

After checking customer reviews for customer feedback and doing thorough research on this bag, we conclude that it is an excellent choice.  It is an excellent choice unless you are particular about your color or are offended with the eventual scratches it will acquire.  Apart from that, it is a practical and affordable option.

You can store many of your belongings and keep them organized.  The TSA approved security lock will help to make all your trips worry free.

These features are just a few, and we liked this product because of them.

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