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Steve Madden Luggage Review

Steve Madden Luggage Review featured imageThe Steve Madden Luggage

Beautiful luggage bags can take your traveling experience to the next level. Moreover, when they are a part of a set, their value increases tenfold. Steve Madden has done the same with its four-piece spinner suitcase collection.

This collection features four luggage bags of varying sizes.  You get a handbag, carry-on bag, under seat bag and a proper luggage bag.  Multiple color options, practicality, and durability are just a few of the various qualities of these bags.

Through this Steve Madden luggage review, you will learn more about these products.  We have done extensive research online to develop this review so you can make an informed decision about this product.

According to us, the Steve Madden luggage set delivers what it promises.  Good looks, practical storage, and excellent mobility are an intro of the features of this beautiful set of suitcases.  Still, we checked to see if the Steve Madden luggage has any drawbacks.

As the outer case has a nylon lining, removing stains and scratches are a bit of a hassle.  It is not a pleasant experience, and it is possible that you will fail to remove it.  Moreover, eliminating those stains could harm the overall looks of the suitcase.

Quality wise, the Steve Madden luggage set is fantastic.  You can store the suitcases inside one another, which eases the process of storing the set altogether.  Their lightweight enables you to carry them with yourself in flight, which is a significant advantage.

Apart from that, the 360-degree rotating spinner wheels succeed in providing full mobility to the user.  Strolling these Steve Madden suitcases through airports is undoubtedly a simple task.

The main attraction of these suitcases is their design and attention to detail.  The simple leather stripe on the front, golden telescopic handle poles, leather zips and color combinations were our most favored features, which makes us recommend this Steve Madden luggage set to every fashion lover.

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  • Amazingly lightweight:
  • Airlines hinder their passengers from carrying too heavy a bag with them.  You have to pay extra if the weight of your luggage is more than the prescribed limit, but you will not face that problem with these bags.  All four bags are lightweight, the satchel weighs only 3.5 lbs, carry-on weighs 7.8 pounds, the medium bag weighs 8.9 lbs and the largest bag weighs 10.1 lbs only.
  • Comfortable handles:
  • The handles of these bags are made while keeping the tenderness of your hands in mind.  The ergonomic design of the handles prevents your hands from experiencing stress while carrying them.
  • Attention to detail:
  • Steve Madden products are prevalent in the market because of their attention to detail. Even in this set, we saw that the telescoping poles were a golden color, matching the color of the zips.  Crossed leather strips on the front panels of each bag further enhance its looks.
  • Practical interior:
  • Practicality is one of the strongholds of this product.  Organizational pockets are plenty in number to help you keep your belongings adequately separated.
  • Easy storing :
  • Another key benefit of these bags is the easy storing option.  You can store these bags inside one another saving space and effort.  This keeps the bags intact and free from any dirt that could ruin their appearance as well as eases the process of storing altogether.
  • Maneuverability:
  • Ergonomically designed handles are not only great to grip but allow for better maneuverability as well.  The 360-degree rotating spinner wheels enhance the movements further by enabling you to propel them without difficulty.
  • Good capacity:
  • Storing capacity of these bags is conveniently right.  Carry-on bag will provide you 35 liters of storage capacity; the medium suitcase will give you 69 liters of storage capacity and the large bag will provide you with 100 liters, which we believe is a sufficient amount for traveling.
  • Great protection:
  • Nylon lining on the outside of the bags increases the security of the bags’ contents. The material quality of these bags is fantastic, so you will not have to worry about your belongings stored in them.
  • Sufficient warranty:
  • A 5-year warranty period is an adequate amount of time for luggage bags.  You will receive ample use from these quality bags.  It is a significant advantage, especially for avid travelers.
  • Stylish:
  • Steve Madden products are famous because of their spectacular designs and look. These bags excel in the same regard thanks to their three-color options comprising of Black, Purple, and Dark Purple.

Pros And Cons


  • Stylish looks of the Steve Madden luggage help you maintain a fashion statement.
  • The extended warranty period of the suitcases helps in case any issues arise.
  • The practical interior of the suitcases with a number of storage pockets.
  • Saves money as the four-piece luggage set comes at an affordable price.


  • Difficult to clean the surface of the suitcases.
  • The material that the Steve Madden luggage is made of is prone to scratches that ruin the appearance of the bags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the luggage fit into each other?

Yes, the Steve Madden luggage set fits inside one another with ease.

What material is used in these suitcases?

The primary material of these suitcases is nylon.

Steve Madden Company Profile:

Steve Madden, the founder of this company, is one of the most prominent fashion designers and businessmen of America.  His company excels in providing fashion solutions in footwear, luggage, and other apparels.  Every product of their arsenal is unique and speaks to the wearer due to its various qualities.

If you are interested in Steve Madden and his products’ range, then you can learn more information through the official website,  There, you will be able to see their vast product range and company information.

Bottom Line

Walking and traveling around with a Steve Madden luggage set is indeed a great feeling. 100% nylon in the outer covering and considerable attention to detail make this product a must-have for those looking for attractive and stylish products.

We loved the design and looks of all four suitcases in the set.  Each color option is attractive, and these bags provide all the necessary features to their users as well.  You can store them inside one another, carry them in flight, use them freely and travel with them as much as you want.

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