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Sony UBP-X1000ES Review

Sony UBP-X1000ES Review featured imageThe Sony UBP-X1000ES

When it comes to 4k Blu-ray disc players, the Sony UBP-X1000ES Blu-Ray Disc Player can be pinned as one of the best on the market.  It offers high-quality audio and video performance at a price affordable enough for the budget conscious.

Many customers are very pleased with this player and have commented online leaving a string of positive reviews.  They have praised the manufacturers of the player for paying close attention to detail and delivering a sleek design that is perfect for basic home theaters.

As always, we would not promote a product without doing some thorough research on all the features it has to offer.  We want you to take a close look at our Sony UBP-X1000ES review and make your own informed decision about the product.

So far, we are thoroughly impressed with this player, and we would recommend it to all of our buyers.  It is difficult to find any negative reviews concerning this product which gives us confidence that many people are satisfied with it and it is a good quality player.

With a sleek and compact design, it can be installed into your home theater system with ease, and the affordable price is always a bonus for customers not willing to spend much money. Sony has built a reputation over the years by creating efficient, high-quality products and we believe the Sony UBP-X1000ES Blu-ray Disc player is no different.

As with any player, high resolution is critical and in this modern time, we appreciate the addition of 3D supporting surround sound that makes viewers feel like they are part of the action too.  For music lovers, the high power audio allows you to listen to the song as if you were in the studio and to be honest; it does not get any better than that.

While it is relatively easy to set up and understand for most users, the manufacturers of this player know that some people need extra help.  That is why they have added a handy manual that breaks down each feature and walks buyers through the installation process.

When you combine all its features, this player seems to be a cut above other models and worth trying out.  To help you weigh your options, we have compiled a list of the pros and cons of the player, and we managed to find some answers to a few burning questions you might have about the product.

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Sony UBPX1000ES 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Player

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  • High resolution
  • Perhaps the best and most important feature this player has is an incredibly high resolution, designed to support Ultra HD films.  Now users can watch their movies with greater clarity and detail than they have never seen before.
  • Mind-blowing sound
  • After high-quality resolution, clear sound is the second most important feature on any disc player.  The Sony UPB player comes with DTS:X, and Dolby Atmos surround sound that is designed to make viewers feel as if they are part of the action while the sounds of objects, voices, and music surround them in 3D space.
  • Incredible range
  • Equipped with state of the art High Dynamic Range, this player provides a wide variety of brightness, color contrast, and other details straight from a film’s original format.  This combined with clear sound and high resolution deliver theater grade viewing for customers’ enjoyment. 
  • Great audio
  • When it comes to sound, Sony has built a reputation for never compromising on quality. This player is no different with its top-notch resolution audio feature that is designed to let you listen to a song just the way the singer intended.
  • Incredible play power
  • The manufacturers of this player had more than just Blu-ray Discs in mind when they created their product.  This player was designed to allow you to stream, listen to and watch just about anything you want without ever compromising on audio or resolution quality.
  • Custom installation
  • From IR-IN to Wi-Fi, this player provides custom installation through almost any current connectivity selection.  It also supports ihiji4 to make maintenance of your installation from remote areas possible.
  • Sleek design
  • The Sony UBP player not only delivers on high-performance features but it also has a sleek design that is perfect for installing it in your home theater system.  It is compact and reasonably sized for convenient packing and storage when you don’t need it or when you are moving.
  • Handy manual
  • For the most part, setting up your player and getting started is not a difficult task.  However, for those unsure of how it works, it comes with a handy manual that will answer all your questions and correctly explain all the player’s controls and features.
  • Attractive price
  • In addition to having a fresh design and being built with cutting-edge features that deliver on quality and performance, this player is also quite affordable for the budget conscious customer.
  • Extra accessories
  • The Sony UBP player also comes with additional accessories in addition to the manual.  These include rack ears to make installation a lot faster and more efficient for customers.

Pros And Cons


  • Has a sleek design that is perfect for installation in your home.
  • Comes with incredible play power to support various entertainment platforms.
  • Added rack ears for better installation.
  • Offer a high resolution for picture-perfect, high-quality


  • Menu options in the USA come in English only.
  • Can be challenging to set up for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the player support Dolby Vision?

No, Sony opted for HDR, it does not support Dolby Vision.

Is the player’s menu in any other language but English?

In the USA, it only offers English, but options could vary in other countries.

Sony Corporation Profile

Sony is a Japanese conglomerate company that is based in Konan, Minato, Tokyo, Japan.  They specialize in the production of entertainment, gaming, and electronic devices and the company has grown to be a significant player in the electronic device market.

Sony has also branched out in past years and focused on networking, film and other entertainment and business sectors.  For more information on the company and all of the products and services they offer, visit their website at

Bottom Line

All in all, there is little to dislike about this player, and we are convinced it would be the right fit for all our readers.  Besides its many cool features, it is quite affordable which is always appreciated when buying any product.

From high-quality sound to perfect resolution, this player was designed to make both your listening and viewing experiences as enjoyable as possible.  The manufacturers have done an excellent job of delivering high-quality performance at a price that does not break your bank.

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