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Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker Review

Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker Review featured imageThe Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

If your goal is to make your meat more flavorful and delicious, then the Smoke Hollow 30 Inch Electric Smoker has got you covered.  It takes efficiency to an entirely new level with its high-tech features that are designed for quality results every time you use the smoker.

It’s no wonder so many people online have left positive reviews about the product.  It’s well-designed and serves as an excellent cooking device, guaranteed to make guests envious of your culinary skills.

We have done thorough research on this product so we could write our own Smoke Hollow Electric smoker review.  We believe that once you have read it, you will be as impressed with the smoker as we are.

If you value efficient and straightforward cooking, then this smoker is the perfect product to include in your household.  The manufacturer has worked hard to create a product that is set to turn you into quite the professional chef for a smoked barbeque.

The Smoke Hollow is guaranteed to enhance the flavor of your food with a rich smokey taste and aroma.  With the addition of adjustable cooking grids, your vegetables can be cooked along with your meat to create an authentic barbecue entirely.

The heavy-duty frame is perfect for grilling more massive meat without fear of breaking the smoker. Couple this with a warranty of over one year and you are left with a sturdy, high-quality product that is designed to give you a good value for your money.

We appreciate the space of the cabinet which is perfect for cooking multiple foods simultaneously which saves time and effort.  This coupled with a powerful element that operates at 1500W equals high power smoking to produce only the best results.

So far, we love this smoker, and we enjoy just how simple and efficient it is to use.  If you are still on the fence, review the list of pros and cons we have compiled to help you make a more informed decision.

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Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature Control

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  • Two cooking grids
  • Customize your cooking with these two cooking grids that are plated with chrome for long-lasting use.  The grids can be adjusted to accommodate different sized food.
  • Sturdy design
  • The entire cabinet is designed with state of the art stainless steel that offers greater durability than other materials.  To top it off, it’s easy to clean and provides a sturdy feel to the smoker which many customers appreciate.
  • Enhanced security
  • To ensure that your smoker stays sealed tight when you are cooking, the manufacturers added a lock and handle that is designed to keep all the smoke and heat in.  The handle is also heat resistant and can be locked to ensure that your little ones won’t burn themselves if you leave the smoker unattended.
  • Great capacity
  • As with any smoker, space is vital.  The Smoke Hollow smoker does not compromise on space and comes with 1.7 cubic feet which are just perfect for smoking various foods all at once.
  • Cool temperature control
  • Say goodbye to burnt meat with this beautiful feature. The Smoke Hollow’s temperature gauge lets you keep tabs on your cooking and ensures that your meat does not overcook or burn.
  • Powerful element
  • At 1500W, the smoker’s electric element provides enough power for you to smoke your meat at optimum temperature.  It is welded with steel to ensure that it does not get damaged easily.
  • Water pan
  • If you are not a fan of dry meat, then the Smoke Hollow’s got you covered.  It comes with a water pan that is used to create adequate steam to keep your meat pieces as juicy and tender as possible.
  • Wood chip tray
  • The smoker also comes with a shelf for loading wood chips.  This tray is removable and easy to clean when you are done.
  • Informative Manual
  • For beginners, setting the smoker up might prove to be a bit challenging.  The additional manual is a handy guide and explains all the product’s features to help you better understand it.
  • Over one year warranty
  • When a product’s warranty exceeds a year, then you know the manufacturers are confident of its quality.  Now you can smoke away with little worries about quality and longevity.

Pros And Cons


  • Has a sturdy and heavy-duty frame that makes it a reliable and durable product.
  • Comes with a helpful manual to help unfamiliar users get started and better understand the smoker.
  • Has a gauge for keeping an eye on the temperature of the smoker to ensure that your food is not burnt.
  • Comes with a water pan that is used to create steam for moist, tender meat.


  • While sturdy, the steel design can be cumbersome and inconvenient especially when moving it around and storing the smoker.
  • The 1500W electric element is not the most energy efficient feature on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Can I cook vegetables in this smoker?
Yes, the flexible grid on this smoker caters to a wide variety of foods including vegetables.

• Does the smoker come assembled?
No, you will have to assemble the smoker yourself, but you can always turn to the manual if you are having difficulty.

Outdoor Leisure Products Profile

This barbecue products powerhouse was created by Rick Davidson in 2005.  He, along with a dedicated team of colleagues, combined centuries’ worth of engineering and designing techniques with new age technology to create a masterful product that has taken over millions of American households.

Sold by major retail and online stores across the country, this company has risen to the top ranks in the barbecue industry.  For a detailed look at Outdoor Leisure Products and all, they have to offer, visit their website at

Bottom Line

With a sturdy build and simple to understand features, the Smoke Hollow 30 Electric Smoker is worth investing in if you haven’t already.  It is well-designed and large enough to accommodate simultaneously smoking a fair amount of food.

We understand that the heavy frame might be inconvenient when you are moving or trying to store your smoker, but it does boost our confidence in the smoker’s ability to last long and withstand constant use.  When you consider the other cool features it comes with, a substantial frame seems a small price to pay.

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