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Singer 7258 Review

Singer 7258 Review featured imageOur Singer 7258 Review

When it comes to quality sewing, the Singer 7258 is a cut above the rest with its 2-time Consumer’s Digest Award winning technology.  Affordable and easy to use, there is little to critique concerning this machine.

With one Singer 7258 discussion after another praising its manufacturers for taking the time to create a machine that works with professional grade fluency, the obvious conclusion is that everyone, from the ordinary housewife to the professional seamstress, is wise when investing their money on this machine.  Additionally, it comes with added accessories and an instruction DVD to help you get started.

Not one to push a product we are not sure of, we have spent ample time researching and scrolling through countless product reviews to determine if this is the right sewing machine for you.  We have also taken the liberty of compiling a list of its features, pros, and cons with other information we believe will help you make an informed decision about the machine.

After doing extensive research on this machine and scrolling through countless product reviews, we can confidently say that we love this product. We had difficulty finding a negative review of this Singer machine.  We are convinced that consumers are impressed by the manufacturer and the efforts they have put into the efficiency and structure of this machine.

Many people are still sewing with antiquated technology but, we strongly recommend they upgrade to automated stitching.  This machine automatically threads its needle in a few seconds, the perfect solution for the seamstress with vision problems.

The instruction manual is detailed to the T and comes in three different languages.  Even beginners acquire valuable knowledge immediately.  It’s refreshing to have all of the instructions in an easy reference saving them the hassle of scouring through Google for help.

We have read countless reviews praising this machine for its smooth sewing and beautiful stitches.  With 100 options, your options seem limitless, be it for quilting, hemming or sewing a whole dress.  Its many accessories and features, provide professional looking results for the novice and delivers exceptional results for the professional.

If your foot tires easily, then this machine comes with an Electric Speed Controller making it easy for you to manage speed without using the foot pads.  The perfect solution for when your foot tires or if you are not a fan of foot controllers.

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  • Quick and simple threading. The Singer 7258 features an automatic needle threading process.  Within six seconds, your device will be accurately threaded from the spool to the needle eye.  To simplify the process, they added printed instructions onto the machine.  Just like that, a whole lot of time is saved!
  • 100 stitches. Whether you are a quilter or merely require a decorative piece of sewing, this singer has you covered with 100 built-in stitches.  These include seven automatic stitches, eight stretch stitches, nine basic stitches plus over 75 decorative buttonholes.
  • Simplified bobbin. The new and improved bobbin is loaded through the top for smooth insertion.  It also comes with a transparent cover making it easier to assess the bobbins thread supply. 
  • Sturdy build. Some could assume that because the Singer 7258 is so affordable, its construction must be flimsy, and it won’t last long.  Not true.  It has a heavy-duty, metal frame, and will not rock while you are sewing.  Gone are the days of stressing over missed stitches while in are the days of, sturdier, smoother sewing.
  • Better lit workstation. In the times past, dressmakers had to ensure that their workstation was as open as possible to avoid making crooked stitches or hurting themselves with needles.  This machine comes with a built-in LED light made by StayBright that illuminates your work area for up to 100 000 hours!  On top of that, the bulb will always remain cool no matter how long you operate your machine.
  • Better Control. Not everyone enjoys a foot controller, and over time, your foot does get tired.  The manufacturers of this machine appreciate that and have added an Electronic Speed Control feature allowing you to control the machine’s speed without using the foot controller.
  • Automatic Buttonholes. With an automated 1-step feature for six buttonholes, you can make proportionate buttonholes every time you sew.  The machine also comes with an extra buttonholer that allows you to adjust the length of the buttonhole to the specific size of your button.
  • Adjustable needle. You can program your needle by deciding whether to leave it down or up when you are not sewing.  This makes quilting much simpler and more efficient.
  • Impressive 25-year warranty. Nothing says confidence in a product more than a 25-year warranty.  This proves that the manufacturer of this machine has faith in the quality of their product.  They are convinced it delivers on customer expectations of quality, efficiency, and lifespan. 
  • A whole host of nifty accessories
    1. Ten different job-specific pressure feet.
    2. Extra needles.
    3. Power cord.
    4. Trilingual instruction manual (French, Spanish, English).

These are just a few of the many added accessories included with the machine, all bonuses considering how affordable this machine is compared to other brands with comparable features.


  • Comes with 100 built-in stitches expanding your sewing options.
  • Assuring 25-year warranty
  • An adjustable needle.
  • Electronic Speed Control that works when you are not using the foot control.


  • Unfortunately, this machine ships to limited places outside of the US so not everyone can buy one.
  • Quite a few customers complained about the guard for the thread cutter breaking easily. Some posted pictures of cuts they sustained in the process.


  • Does the machine come with metal gears? Most of the devices have heavy-duty plastic gears upgrading them from the metal gears that jam from time to time.
  • Can a beginner use this machine? Absolutely! It is probably one of the best devices for novices.  It comes with a handy DVD and manual to for easy setup and startup.

Singer Corporation Profile

Since 1851, the Singer Corporation, a United States based company, has become a leading manufacturer of top quality sewing machines.  The company was created by New York-based attorney, Edward Clark and his business partner, Isaac Merritt Singer.

Originally named the I.M. Singer & Co., in 1865 they changed their name to Singer Manufacturing Company and eventually, the Singer Corporation of today.  Famous mainly for sewing machines, the company’s headquarters are located in La Vergne, Tennessee, near Nashville.  For more details on their products, you can visit the company website at

Bottom Line

We are very impressed with this machine and believe that it’s an affordable low price makes it a value worth your investment.  It is easy to operate and comes with a paper manual, printed instructions, and a DVD to ensure that you get all the help you need to set it up.

The most attractive feature on this machine:  100 built-in stitches, to make everything, from quilting to decorative sewing easy and fun.  For extra convenience, it has an electronic control that makes managing the speed of the machine without the foot controller a breeze.  We love this feature so much; we cannot stop raving about it!

We favor this machine so much that even the cons of using it do not persuade us to change our minds about this fantastic product.  It is sturdy, affordable, beautiful and has a ton of features and accessories that we are confident the seamstress in you will appreciate.

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