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Singer 1304 Review

Singer 1304 Review featured imageThe Singer 1304

If you are searching for a simple yet easy-to-use sewing machine at an affordable price, look no further!  Singer 1304 Free Arm Sewing Machine with its six built-in stitches can end your search for an easy to use basic sewing machine with heavy-duty performance and long-term use.  Here, this Singer 1304 report delivers a precise and concrete look at every detail.

Singer 1304 may be an excellent choice for pros as well as beginners.  In accession, this super cozy machine with its perfect finish weighs only 7 pounds, making it extremely portable. The benefits of this inexpensive tool are amazing, thrilling your heart with its fabulously fresh look.

The manual stitch selector dial allows the user to shift to a new stitch easily and is an outstanding solution to your sewing experience. The setup and operation of this superb sewing machine are easy.  It also features a free arm for sewing cuffs, and armholes and the like.

After looking at the features of this particular machine, we think it is a product of supreme class.  Though it may not be packed with features, it is elegantly simple, easy to use, and a proficient tool is delivering pro-grade continuous performance.  Since it comes with lots of video tutorials and handy guidelines, this device is perfect for beginners. This tool with an excellent finish has been designed to be completely portable as it weighs only 7 pounds.

It’s six built-in stitches can be sewn at a rate up to 750 stitches per minute.  We recommend beginners sew at a slower speed until their proficiency improves.  This rate is proficient for those with years of sewing experience.

The warranty for this device is also significant.  It comes with a 25-year limited warranty. Considering the sturdy build of this device, you can expect years of uninterrupted use with minimal maintenance.

Furthermore, the device comes with a removable carrying case.  It also sews through heavy fabrics like jeans, but the manufacturer recommends that users follow the user’s manual when sewing heavy fabrics.  Plus the higher-level foot lifter gives ample room for thick fabric clearance.

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  • Provides a wide variety of techniques with its six built-in stitches and six styles. The Singer 1304 is designed specially to meet the requirements of a wide range of sewing projects.  The flexibility of this machine with its six built-in stitches enables the beginner and the pro, to creatively expand the look of their projects.
  • Features quick and easy threading. This tool features clear and concise step by step threading diagrams.  These diagrams school the user through the simple threading process.
  • Easy-to-remove free arm cover. This superb Singer 1304 with spectacular performance level includes an easy to remove free arm cover.  Users can work on cuffs, pant hems, and collars more effectively.
  • Add an artsy flair with its dual spool pins. The dual spool pins on this device let the user sew parallel rows of stitching.  To add a shade of decorative warmth and flair to their creations, this particular feature is highly efficacious.
  • Heavy duty professional grade metal frame and body. Additionally, this classic chic device is built with a pro-grade metal frame.  This frame is of superior quality and ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Automatic bobbin winding. The automatic bobbin winding with automatic tensioning and the four-step buttonhole feature contributes to the ease of the user eliminating any struggles while handling these unfamiliar tasks.  This is true for every level of a user.
  • Complete portability. Weighing only 7 pounds, this Singer 1304 with its super sleek, flattering look ensures portability.  You can carry this marvelous sewing machine anywhere you want.
  • Speedy and accurate sewing. The Singer 1304 stitch speed of up to 750 stitches per minute, makes this sewing machine a sprinter.  No matter the rate of each stitch is precise and perfectly controlled.  Equipped with an extra-high foot lifter, thicker fabric layers are inserted without complication.
  • Easy to set up. Using the diagrams, directions and Singer 1304 video tutorials, users can set up this device quickly.  There is no need for any professional advice.
  • Handy user manual and 25 years of limited warranty. In addition to all this, the helpful user’s manual is sufficient for starting any project from scratch. Moreover, the Singer 1304 comes with a 25-year limited warranty.


  • Easy to use, perfect for the beginners
  • Delivers heavy duty professional grade performance with its sturdy metal body
  • Being only 7 pounds, it is highly portable
  • Has ample stitch speed
  • Six built-in stitches and styles provide a wide range of techniques while sewing


  • This tool is very speedy. It is recommended that beginners use caution until they have acquired experience.
  • Sometimes, the threads from the automated threading bobbin jam. This inconvenience is easily fixed.  (The instruction video for using this machine has some important instructions for avoiding this inconvenience.)


Does it have a reverse stitch?

Yes, it does have a reverse stitch lever on the front of the machine.

Will this machine stitch denim or heavy fabrics?

Yes, it will.  However, be careful while stitching the heavy fabrics and beginners should read the user manual before handling heavy materials.

Singer Company Profile

Singer is an outstanding corporation producing a wide range of electronic goods for consumers and organizations.  A distinguished history spanning over 150 years, Singer has been known for its quality sewing products.

Since 1851, Singer has manufactured sewing machines for both large and small-scale performance, making quality products for the individual, companies, and governments.  A pioneer in the sewing industry, Singer, was the first company to develop an electronic sewing machine for business purposes.  Singer is an excellent choice for an affordable high-end product with a proven brand efficacy.

Bottom Line

Whether performing garment alterations or new projects, this sewing machine with its fit and flare design and elegant charm delivers easy to use.  It is also versatile.  We have checked several Singer 1304 reviews and feel confident in recommending this machine.

There is very little or almost no limitation of this spectacular sewing machine. Regarding versatility, it is one of the best around.  In accession, with its sturdy build and big metal body, you can expect it to last a lifetime.

Its extra-high pressure foot lifter enables this super smart sewing machine to clear heavy fabrics proficiently.  Also, it ensures quick stitching (750 stitches per minute) which beginners may need to adjust to.  Though it is a superior product, the automated threading bobbin occasionally jams and is easily remedied.  The Singer 1304 is superb for beginners, sufficient for pros and has the quality to last a lifetime.

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