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Shark Rocket Review

Shark Rocket Review featured imageThe Shark Rocket

When it comes to cordless vacuum cleaners, the Shark Rocket cordless ultra-light vacuum is a step above the rest.  This is why it is one of the most popular options for users looking for power, versatility and cutting-edge technology all wrapped into one lightweight vacuum.

Take the time to read just one or two Shark Rocket reviews, and you will find customers raving about this vacuum’s available, dominant performance.  Many appreciate the fact that it doubles as a hand vacuum for cleaning areas in your house that are difficult to access.

Much like any other review, we have taken our time conducting thorough research of the Rocket ultra-light vacuum, to provide an accurate and detailed look at its features.  We have also gathered some positive and negative aspects of owning this vacuum to help you weigh your options and form a more definite opinion.

After doing thorough research on this vacuum, we can honestly say that we like it.  It is simple to use and understand, and as always, there is a manual on hand to help if you are a bit confused or if you are not sure which features to use for your specific job.

The most impressive feature on the Rocket vacuum must be the dual battery system.  You can charge one battery while using the other to power your vacuum.  That is perfect if you have a bigger house that might require more than the standard 20 to 30 minutes to clean.

The bright LED lights highlight all the surface dirt for you, so you never have an excuse for not doing a thorough job.  This is complemented by a high power motor brush that is designed to pick up the debris and dirt highlighted by the LED lights.

For more enhanced vacuuming, targeting areas that are difficult to reach, it doubles as a hand vacuum that you can always convert back to the upright stick vacuum when you want to clean floors and carpets.  All of these cool features come in a lightweight body that you can handle and navigate around your house with ease.

There were few negative reviews about this vacuum while the majority of customers were satisfied with their purchase.  Of course, we have gone ahead and compiled a list of pros and cons to help you make your own decision about whether or not to invest in the product.

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Shark ION Rocket Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum, IR70

The Shark ION Rocket provides floor-to-ceiling versatility with cord-free convenience. It's powered by a removable, rechargeable ION Power Pack lithium-ion battery with flexible charging options to charge when and where you need to. It easily...
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  • Lithium-ion power battery. This vacuum comes with a powerful battery that is made using lithium-ion to provide convenient vacuuming for up to 30 minutes.  The battery can be removed easily then recharged for further use.
  • Double battery. When you purchase the Rocket, there is an option to buy an extra battery for charging while you are vacuuming.  With two fully charged batteries, you can use your vacuum for more extended periods of time and ensure your house is spotless without ever having to stop and recharge.
  • Hand vacuum feature. Shark understands that cleaning specific areas such as your car or wall is not an easy task when using a stick vacuum.  That is why this vacuum easily folds creating an efficient hand vacuum that reaches tricky areas.
  • Smart response feature. Couple with controls on the handle that you can adjust to clean specific areas in your house, the vacuum has a smart function that responds automatically to your specific settings to give you the best and most advanced performance.
  • Cordless. Miles ahead of older models, the vacuum is cordless, allowing you to vacuum in peace without ever having to worry about dragging the cord around or struggling to find the perfect place to plug it in.
  • Lightweight. To make vacuuming easier for their customers, Shark created it with a light frame that moves quickly around the house.  It is also incredibly agile and can be navigated around tricky spots like underneath the furniture.
  • Upright vacuuming. This product can also be adjusted and positioned into the upright position if you are looking to clean your house using regular settings.  This is perfect for cleaning floors, stairs, and carpets.
  • High power motor brush. One of the features people look for when buying a vacuum is a high-powered motor brush that cleans tough dirt with ease.  The product doesn’t disappoint with its very own motor brush that is designed to pick up debris, dust and other tough particles such as pet hair.
  • LED Lights. Nothing makes vacuuming easier than being able to see your vacuuming area.  The bright LED lights on the vacuum illuminate all the dirt on surfaces to ensure that no particles are left behind when you are cleaning.
  • Extra attachments. As with any other modern vacuums, the product comes with additional accessories designed to suit your needs.  These include a tool to clean crevices and a unique brush for cleaning dirt such as pet hair. 


  • Comes with bright LED lights to highlight debris and dirt for your convenience.
  • Offers second battery charging feature to ensure that you never have to stop in the middle of cleaning to recharge.
  • Can easily be folded into a hand vacuum to reach tricky places.
  • Has a lightweight frame which can be moved around the house with ease.


  • The second battery has to be bought separately and is not included in the packaging.
  • Struggles to clean corners without the help of a specialized attachment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery last if I am using maximum power?

At maximum power, the battery will last 10-15 minutes, maybe less.

Can I use this vacuum to clean laminate floors?

Yes, the brush is soft enough to clean laminate floors without scratching them.

SharkNinja Profile

Created in 1995 in Montreal, Canada, SharkNinja has skyrocketed to be a powerhouse producer of various household devices and cleaning products designed to make life easier for people.  It is currently headed by CEO, Mark Rosenzweig whose mission is to create groundbreaking and tech-savvy products that are an excellent value for your money.

SharkNinja is now based in Needham, Massachusetts and offers a wide range of high-quality products.  For more information on the company and all they have in stock, visit their website at

Bottom Line

All in all, we like the Shark ION Rocket vacuum cleaner, and we believe that it is one of the better models on the market.  Granted, some customers have complained that it is not the best at navigating corners but overall, many seem to be thoroughly impressed with this vacuum.

It is a lightweight, agile cleaner that also doubles as a hand vacuum for reaching places above the ground and areas that are just hard to reach in general.  It is also well equipped with a variety of features that are designed to leave your home clean and dirt free without using much effort.

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