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Shark Duo Clean Review

Shark Duo Clean Review featured imageThe Shark DuoClean

Cleaning your house is not fun, but when you’re faced with an inefficient vacuum cleaner, it’s a nightmare. Fortunately, products like the Shark DuoClean Upright Vacuum are designed to ensure that your struggles disappear.

When a product receives as many positive online reviews as this vacuum, you know that it must be an excellent purchase. In this increasingly competitive market for household cleaning devices, customers will not mince their words if they encounter a subpar product.

We’ve decided to put this vacuum to the test to see if it truly deserves to be counted amongst SharkNinja’s best. It’s worth noting that our review is unbiased and holds nothing back. We want our readers to have an accurate and precise picture of the vacuum and all it has to offer.

Before we give our honest opinion on this product, we must mention that we love most SharkNinja’s vacuums. They have a knack for producing premium products that are efficient, lightweight and in some cases, completely cordless which is incredibly convenient.

This particular vacuum is not cordless vacuum which is a bit of a disappointment considering how popular that feature is in many modern vacuums. That doesn’t take away from the beauty of the lightweight DuoClean that has a beautiful, charcoal gray finish which we think fits well with your other household appliances.

It is easy to maneuver around furniture and with the ability to be folded into a hand vacuum, there’s no excuse to leave pesky corners in your house dirty. If you have trouble spotting dirt, the LED lights that are attached to the floor nozzle will assist you by illuminating the cleaning area.

For pet owners, the DuoClean comes with a unique tool that is designed to capture pet fur. Couple this with another tool designed specifically for cleaning crevices and you have the perfect combination to keep every inch of your home spotless.

It costs slightly over $200 to own the DuoClean which we admit is entirely fair. It is a well-designed vacuum that offers efficient features so paying good money for it should never be up for debate.

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Shark DuoClean

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  • DuoClean feature
  • The DuoClean is cleverly designed to clean both floors and carpets. It has a soft brushroll which is intended to clean bigger particles in addition to polishing the floor for a beautiful finish and separate bristle brush that is designed to deep clean your carpets.
  • Lightweight design
  • This vacuum weighs a mere 10 pounds, which is incredibly light for a vacuum. Not only is it easy to move around and underneath your furniture but it can also be converted into a handheld vacuum to clean tough to reach spaces.
  • Convenient maintenance
  • As good a job as the brush roll does, it is bound to get incredibly dirty with use. The vacuum comes with a tool that quickly removes dirt. It is designed with a garage for storing your brush roll so that you can take it out and clean it.
  • Pet tool
  • Many pet owners know the hassle of cleaning up after their furry friends. The Shark Duo’s pet tool is the solution to your shedding nightmares. It’s designed to trap all the hair that embeds into surfaces like carpets and rugs.
  • Smart vacuuming
  • Dirt can be elusive, and while you think you’ve done an excellent job, it remains hidden away in tricky spots. The LED lights on the DuoClean are there to ensure that you never miss any place.
  • Extra clean accessory
  • While the LED lights illuminate hidden dirt for you, you are going to need an accompanying tool to help you reach tight spots. The Shark Duo’s crevice tool is the right accessory for the job. It ensures that you never have an excuse for leaving corners in your house unclean.
  • Easy storage
  • When you’re done cleaning your house with this lightweight vacuum, you can store it on the wall. It comes with a storage hook that you can use to mount the vacuum on the wall.
  • Classy finish
  • We’ve already talked about the easy to carry the frame of the vacuum. Another cool feature is its charcoal gray color that gives it a classy, modern finish which is perfect for any home.
  • Manual
  • A manual is always an excellent addition for anyone who needs a bit of help with the product. It contains everything from detailed explanations of product features to step by step instructions on setting up.
  • Price
  • If you want to own the vacuum, you can expect to pay about $215; a reasonable price for a good quality product.

Pros And Cons


  • It is built with LED lights to illuminate dirt particles and make cleaning easier.
  • Comes with a unique tool for cleaning crevices.
  • Incredibly lightweight and easy to move around furniture.
  • Includes a soft brushroll which provides an extra polished appearance to floors.


  • Has a cord which is inconvenient.
  • Not the best product for cleaning carpets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What accessories are included in the box?

It comes with a hook for mounting the vacuum on the wall, a tool for cleaning crevices and a tool for cleaning pet hair.

Does this vacuum have a HEPA filter for clearing allergens in my house?

No, this particular model is not built with a HEPA filter.

SharkNinja Operating LLC Profile

Once operating under the name Euro-Pro Operating LLC, SharkNinja is a company that sells various household and cleaning products. It was created in 2003 and sells all of its appliances online from the company website and online shopping platforms.

In addition to making vacuum cleaners, SharkNinja also manufactures electric irons, blenders and steam mops among other things. Their website,, offers a more detailed look at all the fantastic products they offer.

Bottom Line On The DuoClean

The DuoClean Upright Vacuum is a simple product that gets the job done. We love that it is so compact and doesn’t weigh much so we can quickly move it around furniture.

The charcoal gray finish is a lovely, modern touch that adds to the vacuum’s simplicity. It is not a gaudy product, and while some might dismiss its limited features, we think it’s perfect for someone looking for a product that doesn’t take up much space or a lifetime to thoroughly understand.

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