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Samsung UBD-M7500 Review

Samsung UBD-M7500 Review featured imageThe Samsung UBD-M7500

There can be a great deal of confusion when looking at 4k Blu ray players because there are so many products to choose from.  This review is supplied to eliminate your worry and to provide you with all the pertinent facts so that you can make an informed decision.

After reading this Samsung UBD-M7500 review, all your doubts may be eliminated because you have decided this Samsung UBD-M7500 is just the ticket for your entertainment needs and worth every penny.

This review does not include features only.  In fairness to you, we will supply you with a list of pros and cons.  We will also answer some common questions and attach a link where you can further explore all these areas helping you to make the most informed decision possible.

Our initial response to this product; we liked the exterior design and layout.  The sleek and compact design of this player is worthy of praise and will accommodate all varieties of entertainment setups.

Next, we checked the software.  We are happy to report the software on this machine is user-friendly, easy to access and easy to navigate.

The viewing experience is rewardingly excellent.  Even the minutest of details come to life through its 4K resolution, color contrasts, and attractive graphics.

The audio quality is outstanding too.  Samsung UBD-M7500 supports DTS:X and Dolby Atmos audio formats.  The richness of its audio is robust.

The SmartHub user interface enhances the viewing experience further by enabling the user to access everything from a single place.  This device is not WiFi compatible and requires a wired internet connection.

All in all, we like the Samsung UBD-M7500 and heartily recommend it for its features and affordability.  Everything has its negatives, but this device has very few of those.  Therefore, we like this product in comparison to other ones present in the market.

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Samsung UBD-M7500/ZA 4K UHD Blu-Ray Player

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  • Great details: The 4K resolution of this device makes the most minute details and graphics bright, sharp and pure.  Customers love the color contrast that makes the picture sharp and the viewer feel as though they are on location instead of viewing an image.
  • UHD experience: The outstanding visual experience is second to none as this Samsung UBD-M7500 is equipped with Ultra High Definition.  High definition is terrific, but the extremely popular Ultra High Definition sharpens the picture to an even higher degree than before.  The “wow factor” or UHD is worth participating in.
  • The SmartHub: The SmartHub is one of the most notable features of this product.  The SmartHub allows you hassle-free access to the applications and other options provided on the device.
  • Upscaling: Another great feature of this product is the upscaling of viewing quality to 4K. This device enhances the graphics quality of standard movies and videos relaying the best visuals possible through this player.
  • Value for money: Samsung UBD-M7500 is one of the most affordable 4K players in the current market.  Fitting a wide variety of budgets, you will not spend an astounding amount of money to watch 4K graphics.
  • Apps: You can play Amazon, Netflix, and many similar apps through the player as well. The only requirement for playing such apps is a reliable and steady internet connection.
  • Fast: The player, itself, is fast. You will like its functioning speed and quickness.  Another reason we love this product.
  • Easy to use: The interface of this device is one of the easiest on the current market. When you combine interface with the speed of operation, you get a smooth user experience.
  • Plays Blu-ray: It supports Blu-ray DVDs as well.  Therefore, you will not have problems playing them through this device.
  • Simple: Being a fast and easy player, it is one of the simplest, hassle-free players on today’s market.

Pros And Cons


  • Lifelike visuals: You will get some of the best visuals through the 4K resolution of this player. It provides twice the range of color compared with other existing Blu-ray players.
  • Smart: The UI of this player is one of the best on the current market. It is simple, quick, and fast.
  • Blu-ray compatibility: You can watch your favorite movies on Blu-ray through this player. The Blu-ray compatibility is an excellent feature on this product, which also provides 4K UHD graphics.
  • The colors: The color expression of this device is 64 times the color expression of a standard Blu-ray player.


  • No wireless connection: A significant drawback of this Blu-ray player is the unavailability of any wireless connection.  You may genuinely miss the presence of Bluetooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it upscale my Blu-ray movies?

Yes, it has an upscaling feature, which will enhance your standard Blu-ray viewing experience.

Does it have a USB connection?

It has USB connection port; it has USB connectivity as well.

The Samsung Profile:

Samsung is a multinational company based in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea.  Founded in 1938, this company of humble beginnings has grown into an international conglomerate best known for its development and production of electronic devices.  Their wide range of innovative products includes Smartphones and televisions.  They recently coupled with Apple to develop a glass screen for the Apple iPhone.

Currently, Samsung provides its customers with high-quality televisions, mobile phones and accompanying appliances and devices.  They are one of the most innovative technology companies in today’s world.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an affordable yet a high-quality 4K player, then it is the perfect fit for you. Upscaling lets you watch non-HD videos and movies in 4K quality.

It has all the necessary qualities of being a great Blu-ray player thanks to its studio class audio and graphics.  The UI is worthy of appreciation too.

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