Panasonic NN-SD975S Review

Panasonic NN-SD975S Review featured imageThe Panasonic NN-SD975S

The kitchen is the favorite room of the house, well, at least for most people!  If you love your kitchen and merely love cooking some great dishes for your family, or you enjoy eating them, then a microwave is a must-have appliance for your home!  However, which microwave is the best to fulfill all your needs?

Well, we have taken it upon ourselves to scour the internet and find some of the best microwave models for you. Thankfully, we came across the Panasonic countertop microwave, one of the smartest and most efficient microwaves for your home.

Panasonic has always been known for keeping their customer’s tastes and preferences a top priority.  They have certainly pleased their loyal audiences with the Panasonic countertop microwave. If you are curious about all the smart, advanced features of this microwave, read through this detailed Panasonic nn-sd975s review to learn all about it!

After extensive research, we are happy to conclude that the Panasonic microwave is worth purchasing.  Not only is it packed with many advanced features, but it is so affordable that anyone can buy it!  The super sleek design makes any kitchen look chic and stylish.

The patented inverter technology of this microwave is impressive, helping you braise or simmer all of your favorite items without the danger of overcooking it.  This microwave has been rightfully called a cyclone; the 3D cyclonic wave feature cooks all of your food evenly on all sides, without keeping any ends cold.

The smart buttons on the Panasonic microwave are highly appreciated by homeowners who are still novices, just trying their hand out at cooking.  The 20 auto cook options don’t leave you guessing how long you need to cook your items. Merely put your dish in, press the button and you are good to go!

For a house with children or pets, the child safety lock feature is a significant advantage.  It is not uncommon for children to be inquisitive, playing with the buttons of the microwave. However, the safety lock ensures that your child is not injured due to any accidents while trying to play with your new microwave.

Most customers are happy with this new Panasonic microwave, and we are not shocked to hear that they are!  Just like any other machine, the Panasonic microwave has its pros and cons as well, which we will list below.  After going through the detailed description of this microwave, you can decide for yourself when you want to purchase this fantastic microwave!

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  • Cyclonic waves
  • The new, 3D cyclonic wave technology ensures that all your foods, whether cooking, reheating or defrosting is always done in a simple, fast and reliable manner.  The cyclonic wave technology circulates the heat evenly, distributing it into every iota of your food.
  • 20 different auto cook options
  • With 20 different auto cook options for all your favorite foods, you can now have your pizza, pasta, quinoa, soup, oatmeal, and potatoes with the touch of a button.
  • One touch easy controls
  • Love to eat an occasional bowl of popcorn or need to reheat last night’s dinner but don’t know how long to set the timer for?  Well, with the Panasonic you won’t need to!  The one-touch control makes it easy for you to defrost, reheat, or keep your food warm at the perfect temperatures.
  • Inverter technology
  • Wondering how the patented inverter technology of Panasonic will make your life easier? You can now poach, braise and simmer delicate foods without the danger of overcooking them.  The inverter technology delivers heat evenly on all sides without overcooking.
  • Child safety lock feature
  • The child safety lock feature on your new Panasonic microwave ensures that there are no accidents with children in the house.  The child safety lock protects your microwave from being unlocked by a child, thus protecting the safety of your child and your home.
  • Advanced features
  • The Panasonic microwave was created to make modern life more convenient for you. Features such as the delay start, quick 30-second timer, and interval heating help you cook your food just as you want it, without having to watch over it always.
  • Smart Buttons
  • The convenient dial on the Panasonic microwave makes it so much easier for you to manipulate the timer and settings options.  The intuitive menu button also keeps in mind precisely what settings you prefer and allows you to revisit them when you need.
  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • The Panasonic microwave was crafted for the modern designs of today’s kitchens.  This stylish compact microwave fits comfortably onto any kitchen countertop and makes your kitchen look ever so chic.
  • Turbo Defrost
  • Using the inverter technologies continuous power delivery system, all your frozen foods get defrosted faster, smoother and evenly.
  • Keep food warm feature
  • One of the worst parts of heating too many items together is that by the time you are ready to eat, most of your food is already cold.  The keep warm feature on the Panasonic microwave keeps your food warm until you are prepared to serve it; be it soups, meats, sauces or vegetables.

Pros And Cons


  • LED interior lighting
  • Great child lock safety feature
  • Patented inverter technology
  • 20 different auto cook options


  • Dial feature over keypad can be difficult for some to get used to
  • Trim kit can be complicated to install

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the turn knob setting work?
The turn knob setting is a new feature on the Panasonic microwave. It works just like a standard dial pad, except you need to turn the knob to the digits to set your timer. You can put together three different cooking programs for a total cooking time of 90 minutes.

How do you access all the different cooking program options?
There are three ways in which you can go about this; you can either manually scroll through each of the program settings to find the one you need, you can memorize each program for each number setting, or you can make a list of the programs and corresponding numbers and use it as a reference.

Panasonic Profile

Panasonic has a straightforward goal for their company – to make everyday life better for you. They have succeeded in doing so by manufacturing some of the best, most innovative and most affordable products for their loyal customers.  From cameras to kitchen appliances, to telephones, personal care, home, office equipment and so much more, Panasonic is on the journey to making your everyday life just that much better.

Panasonic has produced some of the most intelligent user-friendly kitchen equipment for their food-loving customers.  Keeping in mind customer preference, Panasonic has designed some of the most beautiful and aesthetic looking microwaves and kitchen appliances to help people on their journey to discovering fantastic food.  To learn more about Panasonic and their amazing products, visit their official website

Bottom Line

Yes, it is true that the turn knob feature is something that will take some time to get used to; however, it is not an impossible task!  Once you start using this smart microwave, you will appreciate the different cooking programs offered by it, and the turn knob or the program settings will be of little bother to you.

The smart inverter technology works perfectly, cooking but never overcooking your food.  For new cooks, this feature could be a lifesaver.

With lots of other amazing features, its sleek, stylish look, the Panasonic microwave might be one of the top contenders in the best of microwaves. The interior LED lights are also beautiful and help you watch your cooking, although, with the smart cooking technology, you don’t need to wait over your food anymore!

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