Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer Review

Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer Review featured imageThe Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer

When it comes to making the ultimate cup of coffee, look no further than the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System. This high-powered machine is a cut above the rest and relatively unrivaled in the coffee machine market.

Many customers agree with us and have taken to online retail platforms such as Amazon to leave their raving reviews about this incredible system.  With amazing features such as built-in milk frothier, we cannot fault customers for falling in love with this product.

We decided to conduct our research on this product so that we could write an in-depth Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer assessment.  We are convinced that after reading through our review, you will admire this machine just as much as we do.

After considering all the research we have done on this product, we can honestly say that we love the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer system.  Right off the bat, it has an appealing design that is perfect for any modern kitchen.

Not only does it deliver with high tech brewing mechanisms, but it offers customized brews and multiple coffee sizes.  Whether you prefer coffee au lait in a travel mug or cold coffee in an extra-large cup, the numerous options on hand will cater to your needs.

The machine does come with typical features such as the milk frother, but it also manages to stay a step ahead of its competition with intelligent features that put the power in the users’ hands.  We love the addition of a book filled with different recipes that will keep our coffee making interesting at all times.

For experienced buyers, the Ninja Brewer is not difficult to understand and setting it up shouldn’t take long.  That being said, there is a handy manual provided should you be confused about how the machine works or if you just run into some challenges here and there.

The affordable price makes this machine quite the steal.  We have taken the liberty of gathering some pros and cons about the system to help users who are entirely convinced get a better picture of the product.

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Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System with Stainless Thermal Carafe (CF097)

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  • High-tech coffee system
  • The Ninja Bar Coffee Brewer comes with a state of the art system that can brew regular, hot coffee as well as cold coffee without ever watering down its flavor.  Now you can make the coffee of your choosing without compromising on quality.
  • Customized brewing
  • Whether you prefer plain coffee or have your very own signature brew, the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer is the perfect machine for you.  It allows you to customize your drink and make the ideal blend be it Au Lait or café style, layered coffee.  The power is in your hands with this precise brewer.
  • Pick your size
  • Much like the flavor and brews, our tastes differ when it comes to how much coffee we drink.  The manufacturers of this product understand that which is why their brewer allows users to customize the size of their cups.  With six options that include Half Carafe and Travel Mug, you can make coffee for just about anyone.
  • Cool Frother
  • Much like other coffee makers, the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer comes with a milk frother. Built into the machine, this frother is the perfect feature for making silky lattes or for jazzing up regular coffee whether it’s cold or hot.
  • Intelligent brewing
  • A testament to the modern design of this machine, the one touch, and thermal extraction features ensure quality coffee is brewed every time you use the product.  It is easy to control and will extract all the flavor from each bean to make your coffee strong and of the best quality.
  • Drip stop technology
  • This product comes with an indicator that alerts users when the basket for brewing needs to be readjusted.  It does so by lighting up on the machine until the basket is fixed to guarantee mess-free brewing at all times.
  • Creative brewing
  • As always, tastes will differ when it comes to making coffee.  While some are content with daily doses of plain coffee, others are keen to switch it up.  To assist you, the Ninja Brewer comes with an added recipe book that is designed to enhance your coffee by making the experience more fun and creative.
  • Extras
  • In addition to being equipped with a lot of cool features, this product comes with extra accessories that include a scoop for measuring and coffee ice pitcher.  It’s a much -appreciated bonus that will save you time and money.
  • Handy manual
  • For the most part, using this machine is not hard, and for experienced users, it should be a breeze.  With that in mind, some customers will find this handy manual handy.  It explains all the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer’s features in addition to helping you get started.
  • Cool machine
  • In addition to having a sleek modern design that fits well with other devices in your kitchen, the Ninja Brewer is also incredibly affordable.  With a discount price of just $180, it’s perfect for coffee lovers on a budget.

Pros And Cons

  • Comes with a water reservoir to store fresh water in for each brew.
  • Makes different flavors and variations of brews and includes customized sizes.
  • Has a top-notch frother that produces silky smooth results.
  • Includes a creative recipe book to jazz up your coffee brewing.


  • The machine has to be turned off manually when you are done brewing.
  • Does not include a warming plate for the thermal

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this machine make espressos?

For the most part, the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer is a coffee maker.

Can I program the machine to brew coffee while I’m asleep?

Yes, you can time it to make a full pot, mug or even just a cup.

SharkNinja Company Profile

The SharkNinja company was founded in 1995 in Montreal, Canada and has risen to the top ranks as one of the biggest and best suppliers of small devices for household use.  The company is currently based in the town of Needham which is located near Boston, Massachusetts.

Headed by Mark Rosenzweig, SharkNinja has evolved immensely over the years and has multiple separate brands that include Ninja Kitchen.  For more information about the company and all, they have to offer, visit their website at

Bottom Line

Overall, there is almost nothing to dislike about the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System.  It is well designed and affordable for even the budget conscious customer.  To top it off, the affordable price does not in any way compromise the quality of the machine.

We especially love how the manufacturers have emphasized customized coffee brewing.  With the chance to pick your sizes, brews and even get creative with the help of a recipe book, you might never spend money at a coffee house again.

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