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Nespresso Expert Review

Nespresso Expert Review featured imageThe Nespresso Expert

With brand ambassadors like George Clooney, it’s obvious the Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine is not a fluke. It was crafted especially for users in search of excellent quality espresso brewing. However, it also has kept in mind the need for simplicity and speed.

There are many significant aspects of this espresso machine, and each one is designed to ensure that every cup of espresso you make is creamy, delicious and to your satisfaction.  That is why so many people are in love with the product and have taken to the internet to share their excitement about it.

We have decided to write up our own Nespresso Expert assessment to give our readers a glimpse into all the features it has to offer.   We also have included the pros and cons of owning this machine in addition to answering burning questions you might have about the Nespresso Expert.

Once again, DeLonghi has outdone themselves and created a product that perfectly exemplifies their award-winning design.  At first glance of the machine, you can’t help but admire the aluminum exterior that gives it a sleek and modern edge.

We are impressed with the three settings they have added to control the temperature of your drink. Regardless of how hot or mild you like your espresso, there is a setting that ensures that you get the optimal drink each time you brew.

It’s obvious the designers of the Nespresso Expert appreciate different tastes.  They have shown this by adding cup sizes that cater to an individual’s preferences. They have also included tasting capsules to get you started on your espresso making which is much appreciated.

What we love about this machine is how it incorporates LED technology to help customers conveniently order their espressos.  It also alerts you when the device needs to be cleaned which is perfect for users who sometimes forget to maintain their espresso maker.

The one feature some customers might not appreciate is the $240 price tag, but we are sure that after experiencing all the machine’s exciting features, you will see that it is good value for the money.  If you are still not sure about whether or not to invest in it, we have compiled some pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision.

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Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine by De'Longhi, Anthracite Grey

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  • Awesome cup sizes
  • When it comes to drinking any beverage, people’s tastes differ, and not everyone drinks the same amount.  That is why this machine is equipped with four different cup sizes for you to choose from.
  • The perfect Nespresso product
  • To make brewing more convenient for you, Nespresso offers a wide range of capsules that you can use to brew the perfect blend of espresso.  In fact, their machine is designed to work hand in hand with the capsules for added convenience.
  • Easy to use the hot water feature
  • This product comes complete with two spouts.  One is designed to cater to hot water, and the other is for Americano style brewing, giving you separate blends to suit your tastes.
  • Efficient settings
  • Again, people’s preferences differ when making espresso or any drink for that matter. The manufacturers of this product appreciate that, and so they have added three different settings to control the temperature of your drink.  Whether you like it scorching hot or mild, there is something to keep everyone happy.
  • Smart and fast machine
  • Suppose you forget to turn the machine off.  It includes a feature that automatically shuts it off nine minutes after you finish making your espresso.  It also takes no more than 30 seconds to heat up the water which is remarkably fast.
  • High-tech brewing
  • Personalize your espresso with the smart LED technology.  The lighting is designed to make it easier for you to order espresso and it alerts you when the machine requires maintenance while offering assistance whenever you are stuck and don’t know the next step.
  • Unique design
  • The Nespresso Expert is uniquely crafted with a stunning shape that resembles that of professional barista machines. The aluminum touch on the exterior also offers a beautiful finish that is appealing to the eye.
  • Extra tasting pack
  • A nod to their valuable customers, the manufacturers of this product added a package with additional capsules for tasting.  This is the perfect pack to get you started before investing in your capsules.
  • Reasonably priced
  • While the price tag is not the least expensive on the market, we believe it is reasonable for people looking for a good quality machine that won’t break their bank. Once you take into account all of the incredible features this machine has to offer, it seems worth every penny.
  • Manual
  • Some users might find this machine a bit complex to understand and navigate from the get-go.  To assist you, the manufacturers added a handy manual that will explain all its features in detail while walking you through the general operation of the machine.

Pros And Cons


  • Includes an informative manual to help users better understand the machine.
  • Has a unique aluminum design that is appealing to the eye.
  • Has three different settings to control the temperature of your water.
  • Comes with LED technology to alert you when the machine needs to be cleaned.


  • The price may be a steep price for budget-conscious users to pay.
  • Does not come with a frother.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this machine support different coffee brands?

No, this machine usually only works with Nestle brand coffees.

Can you control the machine with your phone?

Yes, it comes with a handy phone app that you can use to control specific features of the machine like temperature settings.

DeLonghi Company Profile

Nespresso is owned by De’Longhi. Created in 1902 by the DeLonghi family, this company is a powerhouse manufacturer of cooking, food prepping and other household appliances.  It initially set out to focus on air conditioning and heater production but has since expanded to other markets.

DeLonghi is famous for its amazing designs that have won them several accolades and awards over the years.  For more information about the company, visit their website at

Bottom Line

All in all, we love the Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine, and we believe that it would be an excellent addition to your kitchen.  Its sleek aluminum exterior is exemplary of the quality design that has won DeLonghi multiple awards.

For some users, the price might be a turn-off, and when compared to other models or brands, it’s not the cheapest espresso maker you can buy.  With that in mind, all its features make the product a good value for your money.  Once you get started with this product, you won’t want to go back to other machines.

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