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Nanny Camera Buyers Guide

Nanny Camera Buyers Guide featured imageHistory Of The Nanny Cam

Before recent breakthroughs in imaging technology, things like nanny cams were the stuff of spy thriller movies like James Bond and Mission Impossible. However today, hidden spy cams are things that are useful to parents and grandparents alike. With new technology, it is essential to know what to look for in a nanny cam. That is why we have written this Nanny Camera Buyers Guide.

Television also played a part in the development of the nanny cam. Shows like Candid Camera and Taxi Cab Confessions drove the industry to develop miniature cameras and sound recorders so they would better be able to produce their shows.

After that, in the 1990’s a few well-publicized child abuse cases like the McMartin Pre-School case made the need for nanny cams a priority in our collective morality.

With the breakthroughs of cellular and photographic technologies that have emerged, the modern day nanny cam was better than the top of the line studio cameras just a couple of decades ago.

Because of this, I felt that a nanny camera buyers guide and a top 10 list of nanny cams would be helpful to parents all over the world.

Nanny Camera Buyers Guide

Buying a nanny cam is more than just picking features and clicking buy. There are important considerations you need to take into account before you buy a nanny cam. Whether you are looking to monitor your home, apartment, or business, you want to make sure that you buy the right product for the proper use.

My nanny cam buyers guide will help you make the right decision on which camera you are going to get to protect your children, monitor your pet, or safeguard your valuables while you are away.

Nanny Cam Laws

Image of a U.S. map showing which states require disclosure of audio recordingsIt is important to note that some states do not allow you to record audio of people in a private place like your home or office without their permission. They only allow you to record video. So if you are going to record audio of your nanny or babysitter you need to get them to sign a disclosure agreement stating you have told them they are being recorded. In fact, you might want to do that on camera.

Of course, it is illegal, unethical, and perverted to record video of people in the bathroom and their private bedrooms. This behavior will get you in a bunch of hot water.

The States that do not allow you to record audio at the time of this writing is as follows.

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington

Choosing The Right Nanny Cam

Types Of Nanny Cams

There are two basic types of nanny cams. They are open and hidden nanny cams.

Open or exposed nanny cams are security or baby monitoring cameras. They are placed out in the open where people can tell that it is a camera. The first 5 nanny cams I reviewed are this type.

Hidden nanny cams are not in plain sight and do not look like a camera. They come in many shapes and sizes, like picture frames, alarm clocks, and there are even some that look like stuffed animals. I tried to find one that was highly rated as a stuffed animal nanny cam but could not find one that met my rating standards.

What Are You Using Your Nanny Cam For?

There are many reasons that nanny cams are popular. Depending on your purpose, your choice will vary. Some of the more popular uses of a nanny cam are….

  • Monitor Your Babysitter or Nanny
  • Home Security or Apartment Security
  • Protect Your Business or Office
  • Catch an Unfaithful Spouse

Make sure you use the right tool for the right job.

Where Will You Place Your Nanny Cam?

A picture of a bookshelfThink about where you are going to locate your nanny cam or security monitor. Are they going to be out in the open like a baby monitor? If so, are you going to mount them on the wall or ceiling?

Are they going to be a spy cam? If so, will an alarm clock or picture frame look better in the living room or the bedroom?

What about a book cam? Do you have a bookshelf that you can place it on?

Choosing The Right Features

There are some essential features you need to consider with your nanny cam purchase. Nobody likes buying a product and then finding out it won’t do what he or she wants it to do. I know, I have done that more than once!

Find A Cam That Blends In

Regardless if you are going to use an exposed cam or a hidden cam, you need to consider what will blend in. The last thing you want in your home is an ugly camera sitting on the wall. Does it match your style and decor?

If it is a hidden cam, does it blend in with everything else in the house? A book cam probably will not go well in a kitchen, and a picture frame camera might not do so well in a dining room. Take time to think about how your nanny cam will blend in with your home.

Self Recording Vs. Streaming

Here you need to decide if you are satisfied with just the ability to record what is happening in the room you are monitoring and reviewing that recording at a later date, or if you want the ability to see what is happening in real time. If you are watching a baby, then you need to look at what is happening when it is happening. However, for other purposes, just recording and viewing later might be all you need.

Only Wi-Fi enabled nanny cams to give you the ability to see what is happening in real time.

Power Supply

Depending on your need, the choice between battery power or AC power can be significant. Do you want your nanny cam to be mobile or stationary? Do you want to mount it and forget it, or are you OK with recharging or changing the batteries on a regular basis?

Mobile nanny cams will be battery powered. Even some permanent ones are. Make sure you get the right type of power supply so that you don’t get irritated at having to check and change the battery every day.

Video Quality

Nanny cams are not as clear as your latest camcorder. Because they are so small, they lose some of the ability to record in the super high definition. If you want clear videos, then make sure you get a nanny cam that records in hi-def. That is 1280p and above. However if you just want to see what is going on and make out who is doing what, then 720p should do the trick.

It is up to you how clear you want your picture to be. Just make sure you don’t go below 720p, or you might get a fuzzy picture.

What About Motion Detection?

One of the essential features of a nanny cam is motion detection. If a nanny cam does not have this feature, then you will get hours upon hours of video recordings of nothing happening. You want to make sure that your nanny cam has a motion detection feature.

This feature is also helpful when using your nanny cam as a baby monitor. When the baby starts stirring, your nanny cam will alert you via email, text messaging, or push notifications. This feature lets you drop what you are doing, and you can go and attend your baby.

Same nanny cams also come with noise detection. If your baby starts crying or talking, or there is a loud crash in the room, you will know instantly.
If you are ready to purchase a nanny cam, you might want to check out our list of the best nanny cams and spy cams we could find on the internet today.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Nanny Camera Buyers Guide.

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