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Lily Bloom Luggage Review

Lily Bloom Luggage Review featured imageThe Lily Bloom Luggage

Fashionable luggage is a trend but finding the right one for you can be tricky. Lily Bloom understands this problem, and that is why it has released this unique range of supremely stylish luggage and handbags for the modern woman. Each suitcase is made from their signature fabric and has some qualities to offer.

For one, they are durable and sturdy enough to withstand most kinds of hardships.  Beautiful graphics along with the organized design of the suitcases give them a breath-taking look.  Lily Bloom is well aware of the size and weight issues today’s airline travelers face, so they designed their luggage with these issues in mind.

Similar to the above mention, this Lily Bloom luggage study will shed light on the various aspects of this product.  We have checked this product ourselves and researched the internet to prepare for this article.

While researching luggage bags, we checked all the important aspects of the item to inform you of all the most essentials.  You will be carrying your clothes, electronics, documents and many other essential things in these bags, so it’s important to check them properly.  However, Lily Bloom shows us how perfect luggage bags look.

The breath-taking looks of these suitcases are the first thing we would like to mention.  Matching your clothes with these bags is an effortless affair.

Even with our emphasis on appearance, these suitcases do not disappoint in durability.  They can withstand numerous blows, securely protecting your belongings.

We wanted to see if they are airplane friendly or not. You can easily carry your carry-on suitcase and under seat suitcase with you.  The lightweight and small size of these suitcases make them very convenient.

Spinner wheels rotate in all four directions which sometimes leads to problems with these suitcases.  Sudden turns cause difficulties, but there are no other visible problems with these bags.

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  • Attractive design:
  • Beautifully colored designs are the most attractive features about Lilly Bloom luggage.  In this case, they have done the same with their generous use of colors while keeping a balance with its exquisite looks.  All three suitcase sizes are the same pattern helping you maintain a fashionable set.
  • Easy to grip and use handles:
  • Grips have an excellent texture giving a premium touch to the suitcases.  Extending and storing the handles is a pleasurable experience.  Reinforced poles provide your suitcase with extra durability and strength.
  • Airplane friendly:
  • Carrying the suitcases in aircraft is a hassle-free experience thanks to their size and weight. Lily Bloom has tested the under-seat suitcase and carry-on suitcases for the seats and overhead bins of flights respectively.  Fitting them in their respective locations is painless.
  • Expandable for enhancement:
  • No needs to worry about storage capacities as these suitcases are expandable as well.  In case you need to carry more items than usual, you’ll be able to increase the storage size of these suitcases significantly.
  • Sufficient size:
  • Size wise, these suitcases don’t disappoint.  The Lily Bloom sizes allow for storing a decent number of items in them while making sure they aren’t too large for storage compartments. Dimensions of these suitcases without wheels and handles are 28 x 18 x 10.5 inches for the large suitcase, 20 x 14 x 8 inches for the carry-on suitcase and 15 x 9 x 14 inches for the under-seat suitcase.
  • Good capacity:
  • All three suitcases offer adequate sizes for storing your goods and essentials.  The carry on bag provides you with 35 liters of storage capacity, and the large suitcase gives you 100 liters of the same.  Similarly, the under-seat suitcase offers you 25 liters of space.
  • Smooth wheels:
  • While traveling, you will seldom experience difficulty with the spinner wheels on these Lily Bloom suitcases.  Four directional rotating wheels can cause some hindrances during extended use, but apart from that, these suitcases offer a smooth and straightforward walking experience.
  • Signature fabric:
  • Lily Bloom is very conscientious of the environment.  Therefore, Lily Bloom uses their signature fabric in these suitcases as well.  Recycled plastic bottles are the chief raw material for this fabric, but it has a great feel.  The velvety texture is present throughout the outer casing of these suitcases.
  • Well made:
  • Even though the fabric of these suitcases is of recycled bottles, the Lily Bloom suitcases are very durable and sturdy.  High-level impacts can ruin the beautiful graphics, but they will cause little harm to the belongings inside.  Sturdy handles and poles enhance the overall lifespan of these suitcases.
  • Long warranty period:
  • People who travel frequently will love the 5-year warranty that comes with the Lilly Bloom luggage.  In case any problems arise with the bags, you can contact their customer support. Five years is a sufficient amount of time for using a suitcase, plus it reveals the confidence of the company in their luggage.

Pros And Cons


  • Lily Bloom luggage is easy to travel with and move on airplanes.
  • There are sufficient capacities in all three suitcases.
  • Lily Bloom luggage has attractive looking designs
  • All three suitcases are of adequate sizes for convenient travel


  • The four directional wheels on these suitcases can lead to difficulty in commute
  • The flowery print on Lily Bloom luggage might not be appropriate for some users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lily Bloom luggage fit the under seat of airplanes?

Yes, the under-seat suitcase is meant for that purpose only.

What is the warranty period for this luggage?

You will get a warranty period of 5 years with Lily Bloom luggage.

Lily Bloom Luggage Company profile:

Excelling in manufacturing eco-friendly bags, Lily Bloom is a favorite company among ladies. Their range of luggage bags and handbags comprises of beautifully printed bags made of a fabric of recycled plastic bottles.  Designs and appearances of these bags are unique and much different from each other.

Currently, they do not have any official website, but you can check out their official Facebook page here.  If you want, you can buy their products from various local stores and online stores where available.

Bottom Line

Modern looks are a great attraction to these suitcases.  Durability and airplane friendliness are some other strengths of these suitcases, which we appreciate.

We tested these suitcases thoroughly, and they impressed us in all regards.  Storing capacities of all three bags are adequate for simple traveling.  These suitcases are made with recycled products for those environmentally conscious customers.

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