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LG UP970 Review

LG UP970 Review featured imageThe LG UP970

We have provided you with different reviews so that you have access to the best information on the market.  The market keeps introducing new products at regular intervals, so it is essential that you have easy access to understanding it.

However, with our UP970 review, you will be able to ascertain the features it provides and decide if this is the right 4k Blu-ray player for your home.  This review will help you to avoid all kinds of confusion and misunderstandings which hamper the decision-making process.

Apart from that, it will help you understand all its features as well as drawbacks.  Therefore, causing you to avoid wasting your hard-earned dollars on an unsatisfactory product.

We think this UP970 is one of the best players on the current market.  Its affordable price tag compared to other Blu-ray DVD players with the same features is a plus.

It provides Dolby Vision as well as HDR10, which is unavailable in other options of the same price range, plus, you also get to play ‘Ultra HD’ video content and 3 D videos or your favorite internet programming.

Still, there are some drawbacks.  LG claims to provide Dolby Vision, but we have found that Dolby Vision is no longer available.  Per LG’s advice, they will provide updates soon allowing this machine to become Dolby Vision compatible, making this a temporary inconvenience.

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LG UBK90 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player with Dolby Vision (2018)

The UBK90 is the ideal source component for an in-home cinema experience. Supporting 4K Ultra HD disc playback as well as wireless 4K video streaming, this sleek deck is compatible with both next-generation Dolby Vision HDR and legacy Blu-ray/DVD.
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  • No internet necessary: UP970 plays incredible videos and audios without requiring any internet connection for operation.  Therefore, it is not needed for you to stay connected to the internet all the time as you can play videos without it.
  • Excellent video quality: The 4K experience is fantastic with this player.  It makes sure that you get the best visual experience possible.  The 4K quality delivers sharp, clear pictures, leaving you with a sense of being on location of what you are viewing.
  • Stunning audio: It also succeeds in delivering state of the art audio, leaving one with the sense of being included in the action.
  • Dolby Vision: LG also boasts of providing a Blu-ray player, which is Dolby Vision compatible.  Few products deliver this enjoyable feature in their Blu-ray players.
  • HDR10: Yes, it is also compatible with HDR10.  This assures the viewer of the most advanced visuals possible in the current industry, and all of this is possible because of the HDR10 connectivity.
  • 4K streaming: You can also watch 4K content using the LG UP970 which is available through Netflix and YouTube.  Both of these platforms supply an astounding volume of 4K content online.
  • DVD compatible: You can also play standard DVDs with this player.  It is a DVD compatible player as well.
  • Affordable: A significant benefit of this product is its low price.  You can browse the market, but we are confident you will not find a Blu-ray this affordable with these same features.
  • USB connection: Connecting a USB drive or your smartphone through USB is not a problem.  It has USB ports as well.
  • 3D: Along with 4K content, you can also watch 3D videos.  3D visuals provide an entirely different viewing experience to the user.

Pros And Cons


  • The viewing experience: You get stunning visuals and graphics through this Blu-ray DVD player. Both 4K and 3D options are worth the investment.
  • Streaming: You can also watch YouTube or Netflix with a good internet connection through this player.  Video streaming is an excellent feature of this product.
  • Sleek Design: Its elegant design and color make it one of the most beautiful players in the current industry.  It will enhance the look of your current entertainment system or television.  Black is the only color it is available in.
  • HDR connectivity: You can connect it to your television or monitor through an HDR cable.  This is another massive advantage of this product, which is not present in other ones.


  • The Dolby Vision issue: As we told you earlier, the Dolby Vision compatibility is a significant issue.  We believe LG will look into and correct the matter soon as some players are compatible while some are not.
  • Its noise: While playing certain Blu-ray discs, you might hear loud noises coming from the player.  They can ruin the viewing experience.  However, these noises do not last longer than 30 minutes.  Still, they are enough to cause a disturbance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Netflix on this player?

Yes, you can watch Netflix and stream another internet programming on this player with ease.  All you require is a good steady internet connection.

Is it 220v?

No, it is only 120v.

Does it have built-in Wi-Fi?

Yes, this product also has built-in Wi-Fi enabling you to utilize that demission through this device.

If you do not know about LG:

LG is a big name in the electronics industry.  They have some product categories, years of experience, state of the art technology and that is why you need not worry about their reputation.  LG is a multi-national company mainly based in South Korea.

You could be using many of their products right now as they also make mobile phones, refrigerators, televisions and other major appliances.  You can find a listing of all their products through their website

Bottom Line

Here comes the essential part of the article. We believe that you should choose this product over the others because of its affordability and its high-quality viewing experience.

With a price tag lower than $300, this product succeeds in delivering high-quality visuals and graphics.  The audio quality is phenomenal as well, providing a theatrical viewing experience.

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