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Klipsch Quintet Review

Klipsch Quintet Review featured imageThe Klipsch Quintet

Surround sound speaker systems play a significant role in your entertainment experience. Getting pristine quality sounds helps to elevate your relaxation to the next level. Recognizing this fact, Klipsch has introduced their advanced Quintet series speakers.

Their product is a technological advancement resulting from numerous years of engineering experience. Tractrix horn and aluminum tweeters provide you with an exceptional sound experience by removing distortions and additional noise. Quintet also uses its signature casing material for better performance.

We have compared and checked various reviews to prepare this Klipsch Quintet review. With the help of this review, you will have a much clearer understanding of this product.

We saw many customers feeling amazed at the exceptional sound delivery of these speakers. The center speaker is powerful enough to provide you with incredible surround sound detail.

Klipsch employs its numerous years of experience in developing these speakers. These speakers compete with large size speakers regarding sound production and delivery. Their small size enables you to install them quickly on your television stand, a shelf or to wall-mount them on your wall.

Tractrix horn allows you to get the proper surround sound experience while not compromising with the listening area or sound clarity. Aluminum tweeters help in reducing distortions from the speakers, and you get the purest and the most realistic sounds. They also remove any kind of noise present in the audio.

We found the AcoustiComp material of these speakers an fantastic additional feature. It significantly enhances the sound delivery of the speakers without hampering their mobility.

The only negative aspect of this system is not with the product but with the sellers. You might receive an older version like some buyers complained about. Other than that, this product is a perfect buy for anyone looking for a great speaker system.

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Technological innovation:

The engineers at Klipsch have put significant effort into removing all kinds of difficulties the user might face during their listening experience. Their class-leading technology has been integrated into their systems using aluminum drivers and durable cases.  This gives the listener the perfect sound experience. Quintet is one of Klipsch’s most popular speaker series’.

Tractrix horn:

Tractrix horn technology is one of the most advanced introductions into the audio industry. The listener will get a clearer and brighter quality audio sound. Additionally, you will hear the minutest details of sound in the movies, videos or games you watch.

Aluminum tweeter:

Aluminum tweeter technology reduces the levels of distortions and noise in the audio. This way, you listen to the purest and most life-like sounds. You can use their sub-woofers to enhance your listening experience further.

Unique cabinets:

Quintet speakers boast of using AcoustaComp cabinets. These cabinets help the speakers by elevating the level of audio quality. The material of these speakers keeps the sound quality at its pinnacle as it is rigid and dense.

Compact design:

You can easily install these speakers, thanks to their compact design. The small size of these speakers makes carrying these speakers a breeze. You can place them permanently or keep them portable to use with multiple devices.

Linear travel suspension:

Linear travel suspension, these speakers reduce noise levels present in the audio. You will hear only the pristine quality sounds from these speakers eliminating everything else. They also remove additional distortions from the audio.

Strong built:

The material used to build these speakers is strong and durable. This makes them long lasting quality speakers. AcoustiComp is the signature material of the Quintet speakers.

Cinematic experience:

With its easy installation and their lightweight, you can place them anywhere in your room to obtain the most cinematic audio experience. They can be put on the shelf, or you can mount them on the wall. Along with flexible placement, you get pristine quality sounds.

Detailed audio:

These speakers contain the fantastic combination of linear travel suspension and Tractrix horn. Your ears will not miss any of the minutest of details from the audio present in the movies you watch.


Purchasing these speakers is not a bank-breaking task. They offer excellent value for the money by providing many features for a minimum price.

Pros And Cons


  • Compact size helps in easy functionality and storage
  • Tractrix horn expands placement flexibility and listening area
  • AcoustaComp cabinets ensure flawless delivery of sound
  • Lightweight aluminum drivers enhance its performance


  • Many customers received the older version of the product
  • These do not come with a stand so you will have to buy that separately

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they come with a stand?

No, you will have to buy them separately.

How many speakers are in this system?

You will get four miniature speakers along with a low profile center speaker.

Klipsch Company Profile

Klipsch Audio Technologies is a global leader in the field of audio products and speakers. Paul W. Klipsch founded the company in 1946 naming it ‘Klipsch and Associates’.

They create bookshelf speakers, floor standing speakers, home theater systems and many other audio devices. If you want to discover more about their products and the history of their origin, visit their website

Bottom Line

If you want to get dominant performance at an affordable price, Klipsch Quintet is the perfect fit for you. It will deliver a fantastic sound with full realism and life-like audio. The full striking sound is its main strength.

The sellers, however, sent older versions of these speakers to various customers. You can return it if you get an older version but that is the only issue we found. Installation of these speakers is a hassle-free experience.

You will love the aluminum tweeter’s implementation, which removes distortions from the audio.

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