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Janome 2212 Review

Janome 2212 Review featured imageThe Janome 2212

Despite being an entry-level model, Janome 2212 is designed to deliver quality performance. While considering this Janome 2212 study, the readers should judge the features of this lightweight, yet sturdy and tantalizing tool in contrast to its price.

This delightfully decorative tool features 12 built-in stitches and an easy-to-use 4-step buttonholer.  Additionally, it comes with a manual dial stitch pattern selector, a zigzag stitch width adjustment, and stitch length adjustment.  Its other great features are a free arm as well as drop feed, which makes this simple, yet powerful tool a highly versatile one.

This one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art, top-notch quality entry-level Janome 2212 sewing machine as designed to perform the requirements of almost every type of sewing.  This easy-to-use and lightweight tool are perfect for beginners, yet its slim, decorative design is handy for pro-level performance.

Considering all of the pertinent facts of this Janome 2212 sewing machine, we must admit that the manufacturers were not trying to build a complete solution machine to match every requirement of high-end tailoring.   Instead, this particular machine is a primary, dependable starter unit.  Customers stated it is a little on the noisy side, however, not so loud as to wake everyone up.

It may take a little bit of time adjusting the bobbin and presser foot.  You should also be aware that improper positioning of the needle may cause it to jam.  However, unjamming is easy, but an inconvenient fix.

To avoid jamming and ensure quality performance, we recommend you give yourself time to get used to this particular device.  Within a short time, you will know how to avoid the jamming and how to acquire the preferred results.

Regardless, the quality of Janome products, prove they are designed to last a long time and boasts a 25-year warranty delivering quality service for a lifetime.

This highly versatile and affordable product comes with essential features which will perfectly meet the requirements of beginners.  The value to cost ratio prompts interest of the pro-level users as well.

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Janome 2212 Features

  • A fantastic dial selector for the pattern. It features a tremendous dial selector for selecting stitch patterns.  Also, the dial selectors are entirely flexible, so you can precisely choose your stitch pattern.
  • Snap-on pressure feet for multiple purposes. The multi-functional pressure foot provides versatility in appropriate use for hems, jeans, and dense or multiple layers of fabrics.
  • Fast sewing speed up to 860 RPM. With a maximum sewing speed of 860 SPM, this tool is perfect for quick layering of the clothing. Beginners should use caution until they are comfortable with this high rate of speed.
  • Drop-feed dog for ultimate smoothness. A drop-feed dog is an impressive tool, ensuring smooth stitching and high-quality performance. Furthermore, it lends to effortless handling and stable performance.
  • Manual control for the tension. The manual tension control on this particular tool makes adjusting tension extremely easy.  The manual control button on this outstanding sewing machine is highly accessible.  Customers looking for simplicity in their sewing experiences found this to be a most attractive and desirable feature.
  • A foldable carry handle ensuring ease of use. An appealing foldable carry handle makes the machine easy to transport.
  • Free arm is ensuring versatility. This machine has a free arm as standard equipment.  The free arm of this brilliant sewing tool provides a superior level of versatility and performance for various types of stitching ranging from essential stitch work to the stitching of jeans and heavy fabrics.
  • Built-in thread cutter. This sharp and stylish tool sports a built-in convenient, user-friendly thread cutter.  Using the built-in thread cutter eliminates the need for additional trimmers.
  • Very lightweight, weighing 15.6 pounds and ensuring portability. Weighing only 15.6 pounds, this elegantly designed, casual looking tool guarantees ultimate portability.  Also, you can easily store it away after each sewing.
  • 25-year warranty and completely wear and tear proof. This quality tool with a quintessence of classy flavor comes with a 25-year warranty, lending to the understanding that this tool is completely wear and tear proof.


  • A pretty, simple design, occasional jams can be cleared effortlessly
  • Manual dial selection of stitches
  • Very easy to use while quilting and free motion sewing
  • Can sew through several layers of fabric
  • With a big metal body, the components are very sturdy and durable
  • Included is a 25-year warranty, this decorative device can last a lifetime
  • Highly recommended for entry-level users


  • It features 12 stitches; the machine has limited options for various types of stitches
  • Some customers do not like the fact this is not a computerized machine

Frequently Asked Questions About The Janome 2212

How does it perform during quilting?

While quilting and sewing through lots of layers, this tool performs just fine.

Is it heavy duty enough for jeans?

Regarding a preexisting seam, you may find it difficult to use this device.  However, while sewing through the seamless jeans, it performs flawlessly.

Janome Company Profile

Janome is a Japanese company specializing in manufacturing sewing machines and has manufacturing plants in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand.  Since 1921 this Japan borne sewing machine manufacturer has produced top-notch dependable sewing tools.

With their one hundred-year-plus history of manufacturing sewing machines, this brand might be the pick for you, since it specializes in designing various types of sewing machines.  With retailers and distributors all over the world, they distribute industry grade and personalized sewing machines.

Bottom Line

Our Janome 2212 analysis reveals this is an entry-level sewing machine designed for beginners.

With that in mind, it is tough to say anything negative regarding this device.  It meets all the attributes of a competent sewing machine.  Designed with a sturdy, durable metal body, users are indeed able to use this particular tool for making their grandchildren’s dresses.

Despite its limited capacity to sew through bulky fabric seams and its limited number of stitches, we highly recommend this product for entry-level performance and price.  Even so, this machine performs admirably through layers for quilting projects making it a product we feel comfortable advocating for high-end performance.

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