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Husqvarna ST224 Review

Husqvarna ST224 Review featured imageThe Husqvarna ST224

Are you tired of shoveling snow every day during the long winter months and are looking for the best snow blower that will quickly do the job?  You start looking for options, and a vast array of choices show up.  We heard a lot of good things about one such snow blower, the Husqvarna ST224, and so we wanted to learn more about it and do this Husqvarna ST224 Review.

The Husqvarna ST224 is a two-stage snow blower from the house of Husqvarna. The manufacturers state it is a powerful machine with excellent coverage of clearing area.  Numerous useful features are listed as advantages.

Every manufacturer brags about the good things included in their products, so we checked out independent user reviews too, and found a mixed bag of responses.  Some users were delighted, whereas some others pointed out supposed flaws in certain aspects.  Let us look at the manufacturer and product in more detail before we judge how good it is.

Let’s sweat the small things first.  We loved the LED lights and the hand warmers.  The fact that the manufacturer ships the machine with some oil means you can start immediately.

The auger and the impeller are efficiently designed and installed.  Combined with the remote chute rotator, this leads to very efficient clearing of snow.  Some users did talk about some problems faced by the auger, but they were the exceptions, not the rule.

The tires will help you cover any terrain easily.  The Husqvarna ST224 can tackle up to 24 inches of width of snow, so you won’t need too many runs to have your driveway cleared.

The second-best thing (we have not yet come to the best!) we liked about this product was its price.  Given the name of the manufacturer, you will hardly need to spend on costly repairs or maintenance.  So the price tag we see does sound so much better than many other comparable models.

Moreover, finally, the best thing about this product is the assurance of a three-hundred-year-old name.  Husqvarna is a recognized leader in outdoor power products so that we would go for their product with eyes closed.  We have no hesitation in recommending this product to you.

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  • The efficiency of two-stage blowing
  • The auger cuts into the soft as well as hard blocks of snow and ice and breaks them down into smaller pieces which are fed into the body of the Husqvarna ST224. After that, the impeller throws away the snow with the help of the chute.
  • Unique Impeller
  • The impeller does the final task of throwing the snow out through the chute.  And this machine’s impeller does this task more efficient by having a process where the auger mixes snow with air to make the snow more manageable.
  • Electric Start
  • Once you have finished assembling this machine, you can move on to snow removal.  The product comes with a minimum amount of oil already filled in.  Plus, the engine has an electric start button.
  • Benefits of Ergonomics
  • The handles have two useful features.  First, they are height adjustable, eliminating pain in your shoulder by the time you finish.  Second, you get hand warmers to keep your fingers from freezing while you are using the snow blower.
  • Powerful Engine
  • Husqvarna is famous for its powerful engines, so this is something you can be assured of.  The 208 cc powerful engine gives you as much power as you could need. As already mentioned, this beast of an engine starts with the simple touch of a button.
  • Substantial Coverage
  • The Husqvarna ST224 clears a width of 24 inches of snow which is suitable for a machine its size.  The remote chute deflector makes your clearing of snow more efficient.
  • Efficient Tires
  • You get 15-inch tires on this machine, which give great stability on difficult, slippery surfaces.  Added to this are the skid shoes on the underside of the device which help you navigate all kinds of terrain effortlessly.
  • Smart Innovations
  • There are two innovative features in the Husqvarna ST224 which we didn’t find in other similar machines. First, the friction disc transmission which allows you to switch gears effortlessly depending on terrain.  Second is the provision of LED lights which can be very useful during especially gloomy weather.
  • Warranty
  • The manufacturer provides a one year warranty. You do have the option of adding $54 or $93 to your purchase for one year or 2-year protection plan respectively.
  • Price
  • At approximately $800, this is an excellent buy for the features it has.  Some user reviews we read also reported getting even better rates, but that could have been due to seasonal offers.

Pros And Cons


  • Excellent coverage, both width, and depth of snow
  • Mechanical innovations like ribbon auger, friction disc transmission
  • Features like LED lights, adjustable handles, hand warmers, electric start will provide ease of use
  • Desirable price


  • Not available in all countries
  • Weight seems slightly more than comparable models

Frequently Asked Questions

My friend got a more extended warranty, is it variable?

Some online sites mention one year, but the company representative says up to 3 years can be provided.  So you must ask while buying.

Would any oil work?

No. The Husqvarna ST224 uses a two-stroke engine, so you need to use the appropriate oil for it.

An Overview of Husqvarna

We were taken aback when we found that Husqvarna is more than three centuries old!  The company is based in Sweden, and in these 300 years, has undergone several changes in promoter profile and diversifications in their product range.  The geographical reach has also expanded accordingly, and they now have a presence in 40 countries with the help of 13000 employees.

This long journey for this company has taken it on some exciting adventures. Starting with caskets (guns), they have subsequently ventured into sewing machines, wooden stoves, meat mincers, typewriters, and motorcycles. Today they are best known for their expertise in outdoor power equipment, and this journey started a hundred years back with their first lawnmower sale.  All these details and further product information can be found on

Bottom Line

You must have already realized during our detailed review that we love this machine. So, our verdict is clear – yes, go for it!  We have compared it to other tools, feature to feature, and we loved what we saw here.

Once you have compared the features, you will realize that the Husqvarna ST224 is a good bet.  Moreover, then when you compare the prices, you will be even happier.  If features and cost still do not convince you then look at the impressive history of the manufacturer.

You have seen several snowblower details, but it’s unlikely that you would have found a single machine that had all these features.

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