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Honeywell HPA200 vs HPA300 vs 50250 Head To Head Comparison

Honeywell HPA200 vs HPA300 vs 50250 featured imageHoneywell HPA200 vs HPA300 vs 50250

Stale and stuffy air inside your home isn’t just difficult to breathe, but it can be a sign that you have poor air quality inside your home.

It’s essential that you take immediate steps to improve your air quality, as you want to make sure that your family can easily breathe and will be as healthy as possible.

The fastest and easiest way to improve the air quality inside your home is by purchasing an air purifier. This works by removing toxic particles, dust, and other allergens from your air, making it safer for everyone in your family.

That is why we have decided to match the Honeywell HPA200 against the Honeywell HPA300 and the Honeywell 50250 in a head to head comparison.

Price Comparison

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]It’s easy to get bogged down when comparing air purifiers, but by comparing three primary features and then ranking the air purifiers from 1-100, it’s simple to find out with one is the best unit for your home. The highest ranked air purifier will do a great job cleaning your air and ensure that your family is healthy.

Changing Filter

It’s important to change your filter on a regular basis to make sure that your air purifier will continue to work its best. If you have not changed your filter in a while, then you will notice that your purifier will not be able to work the way that it should.

This means that, over time, the air that you breathe will not be as clean or as good for you as it will be when you change your filter again. To be reminded, make sure that you choose an air purifier that will let you know when the filter needs to be replaced.

Honeywell HPA200

The Honeywell HPA200 will turn on a small filter change light when you need to swap out your filter. Because it is located on the control panel, it is effortless to see and hard to ignore. Change your filters right away to ensure that you breathe quality air. You will need to change them every three months and every year, depending on the filter type. The annual replacement will add additional cost to your maintenance.

Honeywell HPA300

This air purifier also comes with a change filter light to make sure that your air purifier is in the best possible working condition. It’s effortless to change out this filter, and you won’t need any special tools to do so, but the door to open to change the filter can be challenging to operate, and it is common for people to damage it when trying to change the filter accidentally.

Honeywell 50250

The Honeywell 50250 has a filter light that will turn on when you need to change your filter. This will ensure that you are always breathing the best possible air. If you do not change your filter when the reminder light goes on, then your air purifier’s ability to clean will be lowered.


Point Totals

Honeywell HPA200 – 70

Honeywell HPA300 – 70

Honeywell 50250 – 85

For ease of use in changing your filter and because you only have to change one filter at a time, you can’t beat the Honeywell HPA50250. This powerful air purifier will be able to remove small allergens and other items from your air, and you can quickly change the filter when it needs to be swapped out. As long as you pay attention to the light on the machine letting you know when your filter needs to be replaced you won’t have any problems.

Energy Star

Appliances that are Energy Star rated are going to take less energy to operate. This means that you won’t have to provide as much electricity to be able to use them. This will lower your overall cost of running the air purifier.

When you opt for an air purifier that is Energy Star rated you won’t have to worry about paying a lot to run it as it won’t affect your power bill too much. Not all air purifiers are Energy Star rated, but if you want to protect the environment then you need to consider this.

Honeywell HPA200

This air purifier is Energy Star rated which means that it is very effective when it is working, won’t waste much electricity, and won’t cause your power bills to increase. You won’t have to worry about negatively affecting the environment when you opt for this air purifier.

Honeywell HPA300

Just like the Honeywell HPA200, the Honeywell HPA300 is Energy Star rated. It is very frugal when using power and generally won’t raise your monthly bills too much because of this. This is an excellent choice for people trying to lower their monthly bills.

Honeywell 50250

The Honeywell HPA50250 uses much power. The low speed uses 50 watts, the medium uses 12 watts, and the high speed uses 170 watts. This means that this air purifier is not Energy Star rated and will cost you extra to run each month.


Point Totals

HoneyWell HPA200 – 80

HoneyWell HPA300 – 80

HoneyWell 50250 – 50

The HoneyWell HPA50250 has failed in this regard. If you want to make sure that your new air purifier is as efficient as possible, that you aren’t worried about increasing bills each month, and that you can run it all day and night if you want without extravagant bills then you will want to choose either the HoneyWell HPA 200 or the HoneyWell HPA300. Because they are Energy Star rated, you can rest easy that they are designed to use as little energy as possible even when they are operating on high. Save money each month when you choose Energy Star rated units.

Clear Air Delivery Rates

You want to make sure that the air purifier you choose offers high Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR). This is not only an indication of the amount of air that an air purifier can process during a period of time, but also how well it will remove dust, pollen, and smoke from your air. When you look for an air purifier you will want to find one that has higher CADR limits on dust, pollen, and smoke, as this will allow the machine to effectively remove these particles from your air so that you can breathe as easily as possible.

HoneyWell HPA200

The CADRs for the HoneyWell HPA200 are: dust: 190, pollen: 180, and smoke: 200. This is a mid-power air purifier that will be able to clean your room but may not offer the high power that you want to ensure that your air is as clean as possible.

HoneyWell HPA300

The HoneyWell HPA300 has the following CADRs: dust: 320, pollen: 300, and smoke: 300. This is a stronger air purifier that will offer improved power over other types to ensure that your air is clean. If you have very dirty air then this may be a great choice for you.

HoneyWell 50250

This air purifier has the following CADRs: dust: 250, pollen: 250, and smoke: 250. This means that it is a middle of the road air purifier that is able to clear a medium sized room but isn’t powerful to clear larger rooms or ones that have very dirty air.


Point Totals

HoneyWell HPA200 – 65

HoneyWell HPA300 – 95

HoneyWell 50250 – 65

The HoneyWell HPA300 has the best CADRs out of these three air purifiers. It has such high ratings due to the testing that it underwent. This testing revealed that it is not only powerful, but fast. With ratings of 320, 300, and 300, this air purifier is able to reduce dust, pollen, and smoke particles to the exact same concentration levels as if you were to add 320, 300, and 300 cubic feet, respectively, of clean air to the same each minute. Because of this, it’s obvious how well it would clean up your home and improve your air quality.

Final Score

HoneyWell HPA200 – 215

HoneyWell HPA300 – 245

HoneyWell 50250 – 200

Overall, the HoneyWell HPA300 is the best out of these three air purifiers. It is very powerful and able to remove allergens and other items from your air in a short period of time, making it incredibly hard-working and easy to use, no matter the space you put it in.

Because you can easily change the filter, you won’t have to worry about the condition of this air purifier.

Additionally, it is Energy Star rated, so while you are operating this powerful air purifier you won’t have to worry about your power bill increasing exponentially

HoneyWell HPA200


  • High Performance
  • Intuitive Controls
  • 4 Cleaning Levels
  • 5X Air Cleaning Per Hour


  • Trouble Finding Replacement Filters
  • Touch Control Sensitivity Over Time

Honeywell HPA300


  • Circulates 5 Times Per Hour
  • Easy To Use
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Cleans 99.97% Of Airborne Particles


  • Puts Off Heat
  • Expensive Filters

Honeywell 50250

  • Long Life Hepa Filter
  • Pet And Child Safe
  • Easy Filter Replacement
  • 5 Year Warranty



  • Expensive To Run
  • Noisy Fan On High Speed

Our Choice

When comparing the HoneyWell HPA200 vs HPA300 vs 50250 we feel the Honeywell HPA300 is the best option for you.

Last update was on: February 18, 2020 10:42 pm

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