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Greenworks String Trimmer Review

Greenworks String Trimmer Review featured imageThe Greenworks String Trimmer

Manicuring lawns is one of those appearance jobs that gives your home real curb appeal. This activity, just like leaf blowing or lawn mowing, requires proper tools. The best one for lawn and yard trimming is the Greenworks 14-inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer.

Equipped with a 4.0 AH Battery, 21362, this model is also attachment capable and can use most gas attachments. It is a product that many people have successfully used after purchase.

To discover more about this trimming equipment, read our Greenworks String trimmer review. We have gathered views from plenty of sources and have made specific points as shown below.

If you want a trimmer that can powerfully cut down tree branches, trim hedges, and weeds, you should select Greenworks 14-inch, 40V trimmer and purchase all the interchangeable attachments necessary for these jobs. The first thing we adore about it is the fact that there are two more batteries it is compatible with.

Hence, if its original 4.0 rechargeable battery runs out of charge, you can use either 299462 or 29472 battery. With these batteries available you will be to continue your gardening work should the original battery become depleted. Moreover, when using other tools, you can use this machine’s battery to run them.

Another thing we love about this trimming equipment is the fact that it has a detachable top mount head. This is advantageous because you can attach any other attachment meant to perform a different gardening job.

As long as you attach it correctly, and it is compatible, you can use this machine to perform the tasks the attachment was designed for. Being able to use different accessories is so advantageous.

We were delighted to learn that this tool cuts through tough weeds and vines like salmonberry stalks and blackberry. It is a real workhorse if you are interested in buying a new trimmer from a renowned brand.

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Whether it's mowing your yard, or trimming the hedges, weeds and limbs or blowing away debris; Green Works Tools offer a complete yard work solution to get your yard work done for a professional landscaped look with its eco-fuel systems. From...
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  • Attachment Capable
  • This feature makes Greenworks 14-inch Trimmer a very versatile and reliable machine. You can connect it to gas attachments to use it in more ways than one. As it is attachment capable, you can do much more than just trimming the edges of your lawn.
  • DigiPro Brushless motor
  • This component is beneficial because it generates more torque than expected. Additionally, it ensures a quieter operation and longer battery life and efficiency.
  • Starts quickly
  • This is an incredibly good machine that doesn’t take a lot of startup time.  In a matter of seconds, it will be up and running. This starting style can only be comparable to that of gas-operated trimmers.
  • The battery is also used by other tools
  • If you are a serious gardener, the chances are that you own equipment that uses the same batteries like this one. If its battery charge gets depleted, you can get another from another tool you already own. Compatible Greenworks batteries are 299462 and 29472.
  • 4.0 AH Battery, 21362 is included
  • As aforesaid, this battery is compatible with other devices and it is rechargeable. Hence, most users are happy with the high-efficiency battery that can also be swapped with others.
  • Charger  29482
  • As Greenworks 40V cordless trimmer uses a rechargeable battery, a compatible charger is included. This one is easy to use, effective in charging and replaceable in the future.
  • Straight Shaft design
  • This feature is vital because it enables one to see their task without obstructing their view.  Hence, you can trim weeds or hedges in your yard in a seamless manner.
  • Digpro Brushless String Trimmer
  • This trimmer provides a fourteen-inch cut path with a .080 bump feed or head that facilitates the process of advancing the line and trimming through thick weeds.
  • Removable Top mount motorhead
  • To make this machine versatile and handy, the top motorhead is detachable. You can remove the head and attach other gardening attachments. This can prevent you from buying other proprietary tools.
  • Compatible Replacement bulk string
  • One thing you should note about this trimmer is that some of its components are compatible with other Greenworks gardening tools. So you can use Greenworks replacement bulk string—model number 2906302.

Pros And Cons


  • Top mount head is detachable and can accept different tool attachments
  • Greenworks 14-inch trimmer is perfect when cutting troublesome vines and weeds
  • It is as efficient as trimmers using gas, and it’s cordless, giving you zero obstructions when working
  • This equipment’s battery is compatible with two others.


  • Slow speed build up after starting the trigger
  • Some users complained about a poorly cut bolt

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Does this model’s motor unit work with trimmerPlus attachment?

Answer: Yes it does, and you can use it if you wish.

Question: Regarding power, does this trimmer compare with GST80320, 80V?

Answer: Yes, it is powerful, but it’s not comparable to the dominant commercial grade machines.

Greenworks Company Profile

Greenworks is part of the popular renewable energy movement. It promotes green living through its innovative gardening equipment. The company’s worldwide head office is found in Changzhou, China, and it is here that its products are made.

The company’s plant covers an area of 240 square meters and its regional office serving Middle East, Asia, and Europe is in Malmo, Sweden. Greenworks’ North American regional office is in Moorseville, North Calorina.  If you want to discover more about Greenworks and their products, check out their website at

Bottom Line

Whether you have purchased a trimmer before or not, the Greenworks 14-inch 40Volt trimmer is ideal for you. The versatility it offers is something anybody would be happy with. As a serious and passionate gardener, you will be able to use this tool’s battery on other machines.

Plus, you will be able to use two different batteries to run this one device so, when its battery runs out of charge, you could have a convenient charged replacement battery. Most reviewers are happy with its performance level and the cordless, straight design that eliminates obstructions.

When using this equipment, you will never have to drag a cord around. It is cordless, powerful and does the job you require of it.

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