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The Ultimate Electric Fireplace Buyers Guide

Electric Fireplace Buyer's Guide featured imageElectric Fireplace Buyers Guide

When purchasing one of these fireplaces, it is vital to take a moment to do some research to make the best decision possible.

This electric fireplace buyers guide will help you in your research.

Types Of Electric Fireplaces

  • Wall Mounted Fireplaces: There are two types of wall mount fireplaces. They are those that are mounted “on the wall” and those that are mounted “in the wall.” The easiest type to install are the on the wall type, but the more modern and professional looking mount is the recessed in the wall mount.
  • Corner Fireplaces: Corner mount fireplaces sit in the corner of the room and look like they fit right in place. Some models even come with collapsible walls to make sure they meet the right angles you need for your corner.
  • TV Stand And Entertainment Center Fireplaces: One of the most popular styles of fireplaces are the TV stand or Entertainment center type. The fireplace fits in the center of the stand and will hold the weight of an average sized flat screen TV
  • Fireplace Inserts: These fireplaces are usually more geared to being an alternate heat source as well as a stylish fireplace. They typically fit inside a traditional fireplace however they can also fit in a faux fireplace.
  • Floor Stand Fireplaces: These models are usually placed flat against a wall and become the focal point for the room they are in like a living room. They come in many styles including those with a mantle above them for you to place decorative items upon.

Electric Fireplace Buyers GuideSize And Heating Power

Make sure your new fireplace is the right size for the space that you want to place it in. Make sure that there is a 120-volt electrical receptacle nearby. Most fireplaces use the 120-volt plug although some inserts use 240 volts.

Most of the heaters are 750-1500 watt heaters. They will heat a room that is about 400 square feet. They are not meant to be home heaters but do well as a room heater.

Important Features

Flame-Only Setting

Make sure your unit has a setting that is for flame only. You do not want your unit always to put out heat. Sometimes you want the look of a fire without the warmth of the fire.

Flame Speed Control And Brightness

Do you want a roaring fire or gentle embers? Make sure your model has a flame control so you can set the mood just right!

Check to see if the model you are looking at has a brightness control. Roaring fires are bright, and embers are dim. You want your model to be as realistic as possible.

Heat Control

These fireplaces have different types of heat control. Some have a high/low setting, and others have a thermostat. If you want to control the heat in the room you are in, make sure you have a thermostat.

Remote Control

At the very least you want a fireplace with digital control for ease of use. However, the best electric fireplaces come with remote control. Make sure you check to see what type of control unit the model you are looking at has.


Do you want to use your fireplace in more than one room? How heavy is the unit? How portable is it? Some models that we listed can be moved with ease.

Safety Considerations

There are no safer room heaters than electric fireplaces. The flames are fake, and the flames are enclosed. However, there are a few things you do want to keep in mind.

Make sure that the fireplace you are considering is always cool to the touch. Make sure it has an overheating sensor that will shut the unit down in case it starts overheating. Look for UL and CSA certifications to know you’re purchasing a safe, efficient electric fireplace.

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Thank you for taking the time to read our electric fireplace buyers guide.

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