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Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 Review

Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 Review featured imageThe Eagle Creek Tarmac 22

While selecting a luggage bag, many factors come to mind. Practicality, mobility, and looks are the most critical factors of them all. Amazingly, Eagle Creek successfully delivers a product with all these qualities through their Tarmac 22”.

Tarmac is a combination of innovation and tradition.  That is so because it has dedicated compartments for storing your electronics as well as a high capacity for accommodating your other essentials.

Seeing the popularity of Eagle Creek, we have decided to put together this Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 study. Indeed, after reading this article, you will be able to make a quality decision.

Eagle Creek has produced their best with the Tarmac, and we noticed it as soon as we opened the package.  The Tarmac has a stealthy design, which is suitable for everyone, especially the young ones.  We loved the design of the wheels as well; they are sturdy and will not wear out soon.

The first thing we noticed was the smartly placed handle on the bottom of the Tarmac.  It is super convenient to use in normal travel situations, and we found it the most useful for pulling out the Tarmac from places.

Even though customers say the customer support of Eagle Creek is not the best, their quality products make up for it.  The patented material of Tarmac is smooth to the touch and looks fantastic.  The extra padded pocket on the top can house a 17-inch laptop without any problems.

We were amazed by the storage capacity of the Tarmac, as it was capable of housing numerous articles of clothing at once.  It has a storage capacity of 40L, which is ample space considering its small footprint.  The bag itself weighs only 3.3kg so, it can easily be carried inside an airplane.

Overall, the Eagle Creek has made an exceptional product, and the Tarmac is full of essential features at a comparable price.  It is the best bag for those who often travel because of its small size and beneficial qualities.  For better understanding, we have put together the pros and cons of the Tarmac.

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Eagle Creek Tarmac 22 Inch, Asphalt Black

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  • Small size:
    Size is not an issue with this bag as it is a 22-inch bag.  This modest size allows carrying this bag easily on flights avoiding extra luggage fees.  This bag is easy to handle, and its 9-inch width makes it just as easy to move around.
  • Useful design:
    The Tarmac has many pockets of different sizes, which makes it very practical to use. The added laptop pocket is helpful as it easily stores laptops as large as 17-inches.  It has a hidden handle on the bottom that can be used when pulling the bag from the trunk of a car.
  • Youthful look:
    Looks are one of the strong points of the Tarmac. It has a stealthy look that turns peoples. The wheels themselves are very designer, while the zippers have a great feel to them as well.  The Tarmac is the best-looking bag we have seen in this price range.
  • Sturdy material:
    We loved the feel of Tarmac’s materials. It uses Bi-Tech armor fabrics, which is a patented material of Eagle Creek. The material is exceptionally durable.  Even a simple coffee spill will not affect it.  The wheels are made from high-quality materials as well.
  • The No Matter What Warranty:
    Eagle Creek has a “No Matter What” warranty, which gives the Tarmac a lifetime. Some customers say their customer service needs improvement but they make sure that their customer stays satisfied.
  • Great mobility:
    Mobility is a common problem in luggage bags. Tarmac solves this problem with its compact design and sturdy wheels.  We were shocked to experience the smoothness and quality of Tarmac’s wheels.  It was impeccable.  The grab-handle in the bottom of the case is a well thought out feature.
  • Extra compartments:
    Once we opened the main zipper of the Tarmac, we saw the dual-tone interior of the bag. It has a net pocket, the main pocket and a pocket in the bottom.  These extra compartments are fantastic for those who like to keep themselves organized.
  • Cool color options:
    Eagle offers Tarmac in three color options, Asphalt Black, Highland Green and Slate Blue. While we loved the Highland Green color because of its jungle-theme, all the colors offered, look awesome on Tarmac’s compact design.
  • Easy on a budget:
    While the Tarmac is not the cheapest 22-inch bag in the market, its features make it worth the price. The Tarmac costs less than $300 and is made from top-notch quality materials.
  • Comfortable for airlines:
    It is a 22-inch bag so, it will easily fit into the luggage compartment of planes. And the handle installed on the bottom of Tarmac makes it easy to pull out of a car’s trunk or flight’s overhead bin.  Overall, Tarmac is a convenient bag for those who travel a lot.

Pros And Cons


  • Separate laptop and tablet compartments for easy access
  • Multiple handles for convenient handling
  • Coat keeper helps in keeping the coat at the top only
  • Small size makes it suitable to carry on flights


  • Disappointing customer support
  • Size could be too small for normal usage

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have straps for laptops?

No, but that is so because you get a separate laptop compartment in the bag.

Will the zippers be YKK?

Yes, the zippers are of YKK.

Eagle Creek Company Profile:

Founded in 1975, Eagle Creek is an American luggage manufacturer.  They have numerous products across the globe, which showcase their innovative designs.  VF Corporation acquired this famous company in 2007 and has been the parent organization ever since.

Numerous backpacks and luggage bags are present in their product range.  If you want to discover more about them, you can choose to visit their official website,

Bottom Line

The Tarmac is excellent for people who need a small yet feature-full bag.  We loved the design of this bag, and it is undoubtedly one of the best-looking bags in this price range.

The customer service of Eagle Creek might not be the best, but our experience with the product was excellent.  Moreover, we think the price makes up for the lack of customer service.

Overall, Eagle Tarmac is a great, compact and modern luggage bag.

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