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Dyson V8 Review

Dyson V8 Review featured imageThe Dyson V8

Whether you live in a small apartment or a large house, there is no denying that cleaning can be a hassle.  With the Dyson v8 Cord-free vacuum, your life and tasks are bound to become much more comfortable.

Powered by a battery that lasts for as long as 40 minutes when fully charged, this vacuum eliminates the hassle of dragging around a cord and finding a convenient socket plug it into. Now you can vacuum every corner of your home with ease.

As always, we have done thorough research on this product, and we believe that this Dyson v8 review will give you confidence in the product and all its features.  Our study also includes a list of pros and cons about the vacuum as well as some answered questions to help you make a more informed decision.

There is little negative on the Dyson v8 Cord-free vacuum.  The apparent design of this machine is to provide high power suctioning for the most stubborn dirt particles.  Additionally, it operates without the hassle of a cord while the battery is capable of lasting up to 40 minutes when it is fully charged.  This gives ample time for cleaning your house.

A common complaint about previous models was the absence of a charging dock.  The manufacturers made it a point to add one to this particular vacuum.  With a convenient dock to charge and store the vacuum as well as extra attachments, your vacuum stands ready for immediate use.

As with any other cordless vacuum, a combination of convenience and efficiency is vital.  That is why we appreciate that this product doubles as both a stick and hand vacuum.  Honestly, this is like having two vacuums in one!

Sometimes, deeper cleaning is required, and previous models have not always managed to get deep beneath the surface cleaning out dirt and harmful insects.  Fortunately, this product comes with a mighty direct motorhead specifically designed to draw out dirt from deep inside the surface releasing it for suctioning.

We thoroughly enjoy this vacuum, and we are convinced it would be the right fit for many of our readers.  For those in need of more convincing, we have compiled a list of some pros and cons about the vacuum to help you make an informed decision about owning a Dyson v8 plus what improvements the manufacturers could produce.

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V8 Absolute

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  • Zero hassle while vacuuming. The manufacturers of this vacuum realize that people are searching for a product that does its job with minimum effort and no trouble.  As such, they created this product without a cord, making it easier for users to move the vacuum around the house without dealing with plugging in and dragging around the cord.
  • Battery powered vacuuming. In place of a troublesome cord, this vacuum comes with a high-powered battery capable of operating up to 40 minutes when fully charged.  That is ample time to clean your entire house.  The battery requires a 4+ hour charge before its first use.
  • Doubles as an air filter. Unlike other models, the Dyson v8 comes with a state of the art HEPA filter trapping pollutants and allergens while vacuuming which purifies the air.  Not only are you cleaning dirt, but you are also cleansing the air in the room.
  • Direct motorhead feature for better suction. Equipped with a digital v8 motor, this vacuum is capable of suctioning dirt that is nestled deep inside carpet surfaces.  From dust mites to bed bugs, this vacuum will dig deep into the area and suck them all out, leaving your home healthier and cleaner.
  • Finer cleaning. Not only can this vacuum pick up embedded dirt in tight to reach places, but it also clears fine particles like dust from your floor and furniture.  This is accomplished with the help of a soft roller that is designed to pick up finer particles.
  • 2-in-1 cleaning. Conscious of the need to clean awkward areas and surfaces that are above the ground, the manufacturers of the Dyson v8 decided to combine a hand vacuum with the stick vacuum.  Now you can clean your floors, then fold the vacuum up to create a hand vacuum for complex areas. 
  • Mess-free emptying. Previously, vacuums came with giant dust bags that needed to be cleaned out manually after vacuuming, something that was both messy and completely unhygienic.  This vacuum is steps ahead with a built-in ejector that automatically empties the dirt in the bin by a straightforward motion.
  • Powerful cyclones. The vacuum is designed with 15 cyclones that is organized into two separate tiers.  These operate parallel to each other improving airflow, so the vacuum traps fine particles. 
  • Higher power suctioning. There comes a time when the dirt in your home is incredibly stubborn and refuses to be sucked up.  Problem solved!  The maximum power feature delivers 7 minutes of pure, high power suction to ensure that stubborn dirt is removed.
  • Handy dock station. For added convenience, the Dyson v8 comes with a docking station designed to hold extra attachments, charge and store the vacuum.  This makes your vacuum ready to roll at a moment’s notice.


  • Has a HEPA filter to purify the air while you are vacuuming.
  • Can work as both a stick and hand vacuum for convenient cleaning.
  • Designed without a cord to provide hassle-free
  • Comes with a dock station to charge and store the vacuum.


  • When operating at maximum power, the battery life is 7 minutes.
  • You cannot hang all of the attachments on the dock at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I use the motorized tool to clean my floor, how long will the battery last?

It usually lasts as long as 25 minutes when using the motorized tool. 

Is this vacuum good for cleaning corners?

Yes, it comes with a specialized tool designed to clean corners, crevices and other hard to reach areas.

About The Company

In 1987, James Dyson created Dyson Ltd after being fed up with the way his current vacuums worked.  He felt they were inefficient, messy and he particularly loathed the dust bags which were clogged when full.

Today, Dyson Ltd is one of the biggest producers of household devices such as vacuum cleaners in the UK, and it has multiple stores in other parts of the world.  For more information on the company, visit their website at

Bottom Line

Overall, we like this vacuum, and we recommend it to anyone looking for a handy cleaner that eliminates the struggle of dragging around a cord.  Under standard settings, the battery can operate for as long as 40 minutes which is plenty of time to clean your house.

Granted, high power suctioning takes a toll on the battery but with an added motorhead feature designed to clean dirt from deep beneath surfaces, you will only need to crank the vacuum up to maximum a handful of times.  For finer particles, we suggest using the soft roller instead of the high power brush roll.

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