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Dyson Pure Hot Cool Review

Dyson Pure Hot Cool Review featured imageThe Pure Hot Cool

For varying reasons, many homes and offices require the use of an air purifier to clean the air and reduce the number of pollutants.  In some cases, it’s merely to clear foul smells and fumes. Whatever the reason, the Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link air purifier seems to be the solution to your problems.

Several customers have left rave reviews about the purifier making it challenging to find an unsatisfied customer.  Many have praised the manufacturers for taking the time to upgrade their existing purifiers creating a tech-savvy approach to their triple functionality air purification system.  Additionally, it has several other features that are guaranteed to please the customers that made their investment in this device.

Of course, we cannot just promote a product without conducting the necessary research and examine customer reviews.  Having completed our investigation, we have compiled a detailed list of the product’s features, its pros, and cons, and answered a few questions for our readers.

With a combination of quality and upgraded features, we are very impressed with the Dyson air purifier, and we believe that it is worth making the investment and buying the product.  After scrolling through countless reviews and spotting only a few negative ones, we think that the Dyson lives up to its reputation for eco-friendly and tech-savvy functionality.

This new air purifier is triple functioning, with a filter for year-round use, a heater for cold winters and a brilliant cooling fan for summers.  The manufacturers have indeed captured the essence of versatility.

For nervous parents and pet owners, the Dyson air purifier comes with slow-spinning blades that are safe to touch and won’t cause harm if your children or pets are exposed to them.  It also comes with a quiet motor that is noise conscious, especially when the sleep mode is activated.

After reading countless reviews, we determined that the most popular feature is its incredible voice control that is powered by the Amazon Echo.  Seriously, it does not get any better than being able to verbally control your device without the need to get up and press buttons.

With features such as the ones we have listed above, the Dyson air purifier seems to be a cut above the rest, and it stands out compared to other versions created by the company. To help readers who are still not convinced, we have listed a few pros and cons about the device and some essential FAQs that you might need to make a more informed decision.

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Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Purifier with Remote

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  • Upgraded Functionality. A previous version of the Dyson air purifier comes with dual functions:  1) an air purifier 2) a fan to cool during the summer.  Now, this purifier comes with an added heater assisting in heating spaces during those cold winter seasons, making the purifier a fully functioning year-round product.
  • Cool HEPA filter. This powerful filter eliminates up to 99.97% of pollutants and allergens including small particles such as pet dander, mold spores, and dust.  This makes it the perfect filter for trouble areas such as your constantly used living room.
  • Added layer for stubborn toxins. From strong odors to toxic fumes, the second layer of the filter is powerful enough to ensure that your purifier does a thorough job leaving the air in your room clean, clear and fresh.
  • Handy app for better control. The creators of this purifier understand that we are living in a tech-driven world.  They have included the Dyson Link App as a solution for busy customers. This app allows you the opportunity to control your device from your phone and receive data concerning the air quality of your room.
  • Quiet settings for your sleepy moments. Many customers require a purifier that does its job even when they are asleep.  The Dyson comes complete with a feature that automatically dims the LED lights and quietens the motor maintaining efficiency without disturbing you.
  • Awesome voice control. Commanding your device has never been simpler.  With the Amazon Echo, your only task is to speak to control your purifier.
  • Child and pet proof blades. For users with curious pets and children, buying a device with blades is always risky. Fortunately, the manufacturers of the Dyson understand, and they have equipped their purifier with slow-spinning blades that won’t harm your little ones or furry family members should they touch them.
  • No worries about accidents. The manufacturers of the Dyson understand that a busy home or office can lead to unfortunate accidents.  This purifier automatically switches off if it is knocked over and will only return to “on” if it is readjusted and replaced to its normal position.
  • Convenient filter. The Dyson purifier comes with a filter that lasts up to one whole year.  Once you have finished using it, you replace it with a new one making the entire process clean and mess free.
  • Top notch accreditation and certification. To increase consumer confidence concerning purchasing this product, this purifier has been granted Quietmark accreditation for its noise free functions and is certified as allergy and asthma friendly for its ability to clean even the finest of particles and pollutants.

Pros And Cons


  • A powerful filter that clears more than 95% of pollutants and allergens in the air.
  • Built with a heater, it is excellent for increasing the existing heat in rooms
  • A replaceable filter that does not need to be cleaned.
  • Automatically turns off if it’s tipped over which is perfect in a house with kids and pets.
  • Tech-savvy voice control powered by Amazon Echo.


  • The higher price of the purifier is not appealing for some customers.
  • The replacement filters come separately, and there is no warranty on the existing filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with an automatic timer that turns it on in the morning?

Yes, it comes with a built-in timer that is adjustable for up to nine hours.

Can it cool a room like an air conditioner?

Not entirely, it’s just a fan, so it will only blow more cooling air.  However, it does make the room cooler.

Dyson Ltd. Profile

Known for making quality hair dryers, bladeless fans, hand dryers, vacuum cleaners and heaters, Dyson has become quite the household named since James Dyson created it in 1987. With over 7000 workers in multiple stores across the globe, Dyson is committed to making quality products that are innovative and technologically advanced.

With its new and improved range of air purifiers, Dyson keeps the rapidly changing environment in mind and provides enhanced features designed to clear even the toughest or smallest of particles from the air.  For a more detailed look at the company and other products, they have to offer, have a look at their website:

Bottom Line

Overall, we love the Dyson Pure Hot Cool air purifier, and we believe that even though it is pricier, it is a good value for your money.  It comes with an upgraded triple function feature and serves as more than an air purifier, but a fan and a heater too.  Now, you can use the product all year round.

The best and most advanced feature is the voice control which works with the help of Amazon Echo and allows users to control the device without physically touching it.  The Dyson Link app also provides detailed reports about the quality of air in a room and allows the user to control the device from remote locations.

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