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Delsey Chatelet Luggage Review

Delsey Chatelet Luggage Review featured imageThe Delsey Chatelet Luggage

Awe-inspiring designs of luggage bags are continually gaining popularity. People tend to love luggage bags which offer beautiful appearances and practicality. Thankfully, the product developers at Delsey Paris know this, and that is why they have delivered a perfect product through Chatelet luggage.

Delsey  Chatelet luggage helps you display your fashion sense.  Both the Champagne and Chocolate colors of this bag look impressive.  Moreover, the innovative Stop and Go brakes on the silent running wheels and its luxuriously red interior give you a first-class experience.

We have checked and compared this product with other luggage in this price range to prepare this Delsey Chatelet analysis.  We believe that you will be convinced to buy this product after you understand its quality.

Faux leather lining accompanied by a beautiful polycarbonate outer case gives you a breathtaking look.  You will love the simple yet attractive design which uses Faux leather on the handle and incorporates soft leather trims.

We adore the interior of this bag.  In our opinion, the interior is the biggest attraction of the bag as it is lined in a stunning red color.  Separate compartments help you properly organize your belongings with ease.

Japanese Hinomoto spinner wheels keep your traveling experience smooth and noise free.  You do not have to put much effort into moving this bag thanks to these innovative double spinner wheels.  The wheels remain silent and glide with ease to keep your movement trouble free.

We saw many customer reviews, and several complained about scratches.  These customers thought that the outer case of the bag is prone to non-removable scratches.  They stated these scratches hamper the overall appearance of the bag.

On the other hand, you get a limited ten-year warranty with this bag.  The customer support of Delsey is amicable and friendly.  You can choose this product for the numerous qualities of beautiful appearance, practical interior, and smooth mobility.

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Delsey Luggage Chatelet Hard+ 28 Inch 4 Wheel Spinner, Champagne

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  • Premium interior:
  • The wholly lined interior of this bag gives you a premium feel.  Apart from the luxurious lining, you get two separate compartments for keeping your belongings organized and shift free.  Tie-down straps help to maintain the organization of the inner chamber further.
  • Innovative brake system:
  • Delsey uses its unique Stop and Go brake system in this bag.  This system locks the front two wheels of the bag keeping it from drifting away.  It does not hinder your ability to roll the bag on the back two wheels.
  • Unique wheels:
  • You get double spinning wheels in this bag.  These wheels enhance the overall functionality of the bag as they provide you with smooth maneuverability and a comfortable journey.  Japanese Hinomoto wheels keep their operation silent.
  • Makrolon Polycarbonate:
  • The outer casing of this product is of Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate.  This casing helps protect your belongings from jerks, bumps, and other harmful occurrences.  It also keeps the weight of the bag light.
  • TSA locks:
  • To achieve optimum security of your bags, Delsey uses TSA approved locks.  You can input any of your favorite combinations on the lock to keep the bag’s contents safe from any intrusions.
  • Worldwide warranty:
  • Delsey operates in more than 110 countries across the globe.  You will enjoy their limited 10 year warranty, which also verifies that they are confident in the quality of their product.  Be sure you read and understand the terms and conditions of the warranty.
  • Beautiful looks:
  • The appearance of this bag is its greatest advantage.  You will love the exceptional design and spectacular color choices of this bag.  They have two color options.  One of Chocolate, and one of Champagne.
  • Faux leather:
  • In order to enhance the premium feel of the bag, the manufacturers used Faux leather to line the bag.  Even the handle of the bag has a Faux leather grip which gives you a premium feel while handling the bag.
  • Perfect for in flight:
  • The size of the bag is over the proper size for storage in the overhead bins of the airplanes. It makes a perfect candidate for your checked luggage. There is a 24″ model. This light weight bag is such that, you will not be charged the extra luggage fees while traveling by air.
  • Durable resistance:
  • The polycarbonate outer casing helps in keeping the bag resistant to most forms of damage.  This bag can easily withstand harsh temperatures and conditions.

Pros And Cons


  • It is made from high-quality Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate
  • It adds comfort to your traveling through silent running wheels
  • Fabric lining increases the premium feel of the bag
  • Stop and Go brake system helps you lock the front two wheels


  • The surface of the bag is prone to scratches
  • Some customers say the appearance gets ruined too fast and too easy

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the color options for this bag?

You get two color options:  Champagne and Chocolate.

What is the largest size of the bag?

The largest bag is 28” including the spinner wheels.

Delsey Company Profile:

Delsey has been delivering premium products for over seven decades.  Since the founding year of 1946, Delsey has expanded from Paris to throughout the entire globe.  They excel in providing fashionable yet durable luggage to consumers worldwide.

They boast of having more than 50 awards and patents.  With a humongous product range, Delsey is one of the leaders in the luggage industry.  If you are interested in finding out more about them, you can visit their website at

Bottom Line

A durable exterior combined with a wholly lined interior gives you a luxurious experience with this luggage bag.  You can store your belongings separately through the divider present in the interior.  Additionally, the tie-down straps and a zipper present in the interior keep the contents of your bag from shifting.

We loved many other features of this product like the silently rotating double spinner wheels, which keeps the mobility of this case smooth and functional.  Similarly, the brake system keeps the bag from drifting away.

You will admire the balance of beauty and practicality in this product.

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