Definitive Technology ProCinema 600 Review

Definitive Technology ProCinema 600 Review featured imageThe Definitive Technology ProCinema 600

Definitive Technology recognizes the importance of high-quality speaker systems. That is why they provide their customers with their Procinema 600. It is a great speaker setup, with an excellent center speaker and a powerful sub-woofer.

You can enhance your movie watching experience and elevate it to the next level with the help of its six separate speakers. Low-frequency effects capture all the minutest details of the audio and transmit it with full efficiency. The color selection of these speakers will match your in-home theater system setup.

We want to remove any doubts or confusion you might have regarding this product. Through this Definitive Technology Procinema 600 review, we have made sure you succeed in having all the information to make a clear decision.

Installation of this speaker system was very manageable. We understood people experienced few if any difficulties because of the built-in keyhole mount and tri-lobed base.

Additionally, we were amazed at the compact size of these speakers. These will be easy to move or relocate to better adjust to your room.

We found the sound delivery to be flawless. Low-frequency effects helped in capturing all the audio details with clarity. Their bass radiator is another excellent feature for sound quality.

Still, we saw many customers complaining about defective pieces. This was a minus point for us as you had to order a replacement for the broken part.

We like this product overall. It has some exceptional features such as mobility, compact design, robust sound delivery and many more.

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Definitive Technology ProCinema 600 120v Center Speaker (Set of Six, White)

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BDSS drivers:

For advanced audio listening, the manufacturers have integrated the Balanced Double Surround System. You will get a realistic sound experience from all the content you watch. It enhances your audio sound delivery through these small yet powerful speakers.

Assured cinematic experience:

You get six speakers in this surround sound system. With proper placement, you will find yourself enjoying a real home cinema experience. These speakers utilize the mid/bass radiators by placing them on top of the speakers.


In comparison to other powerful sound delivery systems, these speakers are of a much smaller size. You can easily install them in your setup without worrying about placement or position. Their compact size enables you to move them to any place in your room.

Dominating sub-woofer:

The sub-woofer of this speaker setup is undoubtedly one of its most powerful devices. It has a 250-watt amplifier with an exceptional radiating area. The sub-woofer boasts of having a 27% greater net radiating area in comparison to the conventional sub-woofer.

Advanced center channel:

The center speaker of the Procinema 600 has two of the mid/bass radiators present in the satellite speakers. With this setup, you will enjoy life-like sounds through the accurate audio delivery of the center speaker. Apart from that, it has two BDSS drivers for an enhanced sound experience.

Dome tweeters:

The presence of dome tweeters is an excellent enhancer of the sound quality of this sound system. Dome tweeters are made of pure aluminum which plays a vital role in the performance of the system.

Painless installation:

Installing this sound system will be an effortless experience. You can mount them on a shelf with the help of the advanced tri-lobed base, or you can choose to wall-mount them through the keyhole mount. The center channel speaker has an adjustable foot so you can get easily shelf mount or wall-mount it.

Value for money:

Not many products of this price range are successful in delivering this high quality of sound. The sound experience of these speakers is comparable to that of expensive high-end speakers.

Beautiful appearance:

The looks and design of these speakers are remarkable. You can use these speakers with any setup of television or PC, and it will not hamper their appearance. They go well with all kinds of surrounding thanks to their modern style and compact size.

Low-frequency effects:

Low-frequency effects help you capture the smallest details of the audio with accuracy. When you hear the smallest audio details with clarity, you get a life like sound experience.

Pros And Cons


  • The center channel delivers powerful sounds for a great experience
  • Low-frequency effects enhance the realism of all visual content
  • Installation is easy and hassle-free
  • Competes with high-end products regarding performance and sound delivery


  • Wires do not come with the speakers, and they have to be bought separately
  • Many pieces of this product were defective

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get cables with the system?

No, you will have to buy them separately as they do not come with the system.

What is the frequency response?

The frequency response is of 55kHz – 30kHz.

Definitive Technology Company Profile

Definitive Technology is at the pinnacle of audio products. They have mastered the craft of manufacturing advanced audio products since their founding in the early 1990s. They expanded from California to throughout the entire world with the designs of their products.

You might already be aware of Definitive Technology, thanks to their rising popularity. If you want to learn more about them and their products, we suggest you visit their website,

Bottom Line

The center speaker of this system is the main soul of your audio experience. You will be able to enjoy all the sound details of your movies, songs, and games through this system. Apart from that, low-frequency effects will provide the powerful hearing of those details.

Moreover, you will have few if any problems with installing these speakers. The steps for installation are easy and straightforward to follow. BDDS technology is another great feature, which enhances the sound experience.

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