Cuisinart CMW-100 Review

Cuisinart CMW-100 Review featured imageThe Cuisinart CMW-100

Whether you are a professional cook, a full-time housewife or someone with a work schedule that makes it impossible to make time for a nice, warm meal, the Cuisinart CMW-100 microwave oven is a kitchen appliance that will make your life easier. It not only has pre-programmed recipes but using this device is incredibly easy.

Being the size of large microwave ovens with an interior that is easy to clean, the Cuisinart CMW-100 makes any household pleased with the service it provides. You will find this product affordable. The purchase includes easy-to-follow instructions making installation simple and a recipe book with ideas for a lovely meal. To top it off, there is a three-year warranty covering any complications you may have.

Still unsure If the Cuisinart CMW-100 is for you? We have taken the time to do research and to put together this review supplying you with the information available on the product. We have come to your aid in making the final decision.

After reading multiple reviews, it became clear this product satisfies its customers. Throughout our research, there was little negative feedback which left a positive impression on us.

There are always those persons who refuse to try anything outside their comfort zone, especially when it comes to a great home-cooked meal.  This is where we strongly recommend an open mind in giving the Cuisinart CMW-100 a try.

The price of the unit is within the budget of every average household and considering what a buyer gets for the price; it becomes a smart purchase.  Installing the unit is easy with the step-by-step instruction manual, which is included in the package.

The unit also comes with a recipe book that provides ideas for lovely meals.  The book is helpful even to those that think the kitchen is not the place to be.

Cooking is supposed to be fun, but for some people, it can be frustrating; making different kinds of food required for specialized diets or allergies.  If you are tired of these frustrations, give one of the assignments to this microwave oven.  With custom programs, it enhances your meal prep helping you fulfill those requirements.

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  • Stainless steel exterior
    The brushed stainless steel exterior is nicely made and gives the product an upscale look. With the stylish chrome handle, tinted glass door, and generic grey/black color it is an attractive addition to any kitchen décor.
  •  Interior coating
    Many similar products have problems with odor absorption. To address that issue, Cuisinart completely coats the interior with an easy to clean surface that reduces odor absorption.
  • 25 pre-programmed recipes
    There are eight predetermined food options for preparing your meal. They are popcorn, beverage, rice, fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, reheat, bacon and baked potatoes. These options give you pre-programable choices making your cooking time shorter and more straightforward.
  • Two-stage cooking operation
    This microwave can be programmed to spend a certain amount of time on one action then automatically switch to another. For example, when you want to cook a frozen item set the first stage for 10 minutes defrost and the second stage 10 minute cooking. This microwave feature automatically completes its cycle(s), giving you time to focus on your other meal preparations.
  • 1000 Watts of microwave power
    Spending the entire day in the kitchen to provide a meal can seem tedious, so why not save time with an appliance that can roast a chicken in less than an hour. With the 1000W of power, the meat emerges crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside.
  • Two defrost functions
    Nearly every microwave oven has a defrosting program, but usually, it is time to defrost only. This unit has a defrost by weight option. Merely input the frozen product’s weight press start, and the item will be defrosted in the appropriate amount of time.
  • 1.0 cubic foot
    The inside of this unit is uncommonly spacious. Wheather you are defrosting enough vegetables for the entire family or reheating a big bowl of soup, the 12-inch turntable makes this happen in one attempt.
  • Touchpad controls with LCD
    The easy-to-read touchpad gives you all the necessary options. Whatever option you desire is shown on the LCD. That way you can confirm your choice before you press the ‘’start’’ button.
  • Memory
    This unique feature enables the unit to memorize programs you frequently use. Instead of programming the information daily, you can press the ‘’memory’’ button, and the device will know what program to proceed with.
  • Three-year warranty
    This microwave comes with a guarantee that covers the expenses due to any product malfunction.

Pros And Cons


  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel exterior
  • 1000W microwave power
  • One cubic-foot interior volume
  • 25 adjustable programs for preparing a meal


  • The unit is a little bigger than we are used to, so it may not readily accommodate smaller kitchens
  • Using the convention modes makes the exterior very hot to the touch. They warn you to use extra caution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the appliance also be used for beverages?
With 1000w of power, the Cuisinart CMW-100 can promptly and efficiently heat your tea, soup or coffee. It takes only seconds to warm your beverage to nice and hot.

Is using this appliance a problem for someone who never owned anything similar?
Not at all. There are instructions to help guide someone through the first steps, and a touch-pad that is easy-to-read and useful for everyone.

About Cuisinart Inc.

Cuisinart was established in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer and his wife Shirley during a trip in France.  Carl’s goal was to spend as little time as possible doing repetitive chores like baking or cooking, and he wanted to bring these appliances to the US market.

Today, Cuisinart is owned by an American company Conair Corporation which sells all kinds of smaller appliances, beauty and health products and products for personal care.  Visit their site here  to discover more about them.

Bottom Line

Overall, the evidence speaks for itself.  Everything from an affordable price to different adjustable programs, this microwave oven can do nothing less than benefit any kitchen.

Features that allow automatic two-stage operations are real time-savers and one of the best features seen in an appliance like this.  Every homemaker would love this auto program keeping both of her hands free for setting the table or making a salad.

Even though there is a minus or two regarding this product, they do not outweigh the pros.

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