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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Buyers Guide

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Buyers Guide featured imageWhich Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Is Right For You?

Are you considering buying a cordless stick vacuum cleaner? Well you have came to the right place. This cordless vacuum cleaner buyers guide will take you step by step through the process of determining what is the right vacuum cleaner for you.

There are three main things to consider when buying a cordless vac. Not all cordless vacuums are created equal. You need to understand what they will and won’t do and how that will work with your home. You need to know which are the best brands of vacuums and why that matters. And last but not least, you need to know what features are important to you when you make your purchase.

So take a few moments and come along with us as we guide you through what is important to think about with this cordless vac buying guide.

Determining Your Needs

You know those little lines that a vacuum cleaner makes on your carpeting? They make you feel like your house is cleaner don’t they? What about your hardwood floors that shine and are dust free? The same right? Well what if you could have that all the time with less work and fuss?

Whether you love your wall to wall or are a fan of hardwood flooring, this guide will help you decide which cordless vacuum cleaner to buy.

What Type Of Floor Covering Do You Have?

The first thing you need to do is evaluate what type of floor covering you have. Cordless vacuums work great on carpeting that is not too thick. However this is offset if it has a roller brush attachment. They also will work well on hard flooring as well to clean up messes, or to suck the dust off the floor.

How Large Of An Area Do You Need To Vacuum?

The second thing you need to consider is how large of an area do you need to vacuum. Will it take you over 30 minutes to complete your task?

Most cordless vacuums last about 30 minutes per charge. So if you have a lot of area to cover, you need to take that into consideration.

Do You Have Hard To Reach Areas?

Do you need to vacuum stairs? Do you need to vacuum under furniture? If so, then you need to make sure that your cordless vacuum has a hand vac option and attachments that will help you reach those places.

If your stairs are carpeted, then you need a hand roller attachment to help you vacuum the vertical part of the stairs.

Also be aware that some stick vacs have an adjustable handle that will allow you to vacuum under furniture.

picture of a guy vacuuming a bedWill You Be Vacuuming Furniture?

The last thing to help you determine your needs is to ask yourself if you will be using your cordless vacuum to clean furniture. If so, then you will need some wand attachments for the hand vac feature.

It is not like you can just roll the stick vac over the seat cushions and get it clean. You need to run a suction attachment between the cushions and in the crevices to get your furniture really clean.

Knowing Your Brands

Does Brand Really Matter?

You bet it does! It is the difference between quality and junk. It is also the difference between getting customer service and getting no service.

You would be surprised at all the vacuum dealers on Amazon and other platforms peddling generic Chinese vacuums and providing no recourse when it breaks. You want a reputable brand that has been in business for years and who take care of their customers.

We recommend these companies.

  • Bissell
  • Dyson
  • Hoover
  • Electrolux
  • Black and Decker
  • Shark
  • Dirt Devil

That is not to say that all these brands are equal to each other, but they are the best when comparing them to other less reputable brands.

Features To Consider Before Buying

vacuum leaving suction linesThere are features that you need to pay attention to. This will determine whether or not the cordless vac is the right one for you.

Remember the questions you asked yourself at the beginning of the article.
These features will put it all together for you.

Suction Power

Every stick vac should have enough suction power to pick up light debris on a carpet or floor. However the better the suction the better it will clean your carpeting deep down. You want the strongest suction power available.

Motorized Brushroll

You want a cordless vacuum that has a motorized brushroll with an easy on/off switch. This is absolutely essential in a vacuum that will be used to clean carpeting. You cannot depend on suction power alone when vacuuming carpets.

Hand-Vac Conversion Option

If you are going to vacuum in hard to reach or tight spaces, you need the ability to take the vacuum and convert it to a hand-vac. This comes in handy when cleaning upholstery, cabinets, or stairs. It is also convenient for cleaning up small messes.

Battery Life

Your cordless vacuum cleaner is only useful if it is charged. You need to take into consideration the life of the battery. Some cordless vacs let you charge one battery while using the other. Pay attention to how long your battery will last and how long it takes to recharge a battery.

Performance Cleaning Edges

The convenience of a cordless vacuum cleaner is diminished if it struggles with getting the corners and edges of rooms clean. You don’t want to have to keep switching between crevice tools and the normal vac. So pay attention to how well it cleans when it is up against a wall or in a corner.

Nozzle Size

The nozzle is the part of your vacuum that glides along the floor. A wider nozzle means that you have to make less passes over a large area. A smaller nozzle is more maneuverable in tighter spaces. Make sure you get the right size nozzle for you. You might need a balance between the two. Not the largest, and not the smallest.

Easy Canister Removal

You want a vacuum that is easy to empty when you are done. Make sure you check out what it takes to empty the canister.

Easy Filter Replacement

Every so often you are going to need to replace the dust filter and any other filters the vacuum may use. Make sure that this is an easy process and doesn’t take a rocket scientist to perform.

Hard Floor Tool

If your home has a combination of carpeting, rugs, and hard floors, then you might want to consider whether or not your vacuum comes with a hard floor tool. This attachment is designed specifically for use on hard, bare floors. It is wide and flat in shape, with short bristles that aid in sweeping up dirt and debris. What makes it perfectly suited for hard flooring is its wheels that allow it to have easy motion along the floor.

Pet Tool

If you are a dog or cat lover, then you definitely want to make sure your cordless vacuum has a pet tool. You can even vacuum Fido or Fluffy with this tool and suck up all the hair that they would shed on the floor, furniture, and even you!


Check and make sure that your cordless vacuum has a minimum of a one year warranty. You can find some models that have up to 5 years. But if the right vacuum for you doesn’t have that warrenty, there are always extended protection plans you can purchase.

What To Do After Reading This Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Buyers Guide

Ok, now you are set! You have read our cordless vacuum cleaner buyers guide. If you are ready to buy, then you might be interested in our list of the best cordless vacuum cleaners we recommend.

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