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Can Blu-Ray Players Play CDs?

Can Blu-Ray Players Play CDs? featured imageCan you play a CD in your Blu-ray player? In most cases, you should have no problem playing a CD in your Blu-ray player. However, there are a few types of CDs that may not work with every player. For example, a CD containing music that you downloaded and burned to the CD may not play on all Blu-ray players.

Blu-Ray Players are Built to Read CDs

Blu-ray players are built with two sets of lasers. There is a smaller blue laser that reads the lower bits of data contained on a Blu-ray disc.

There is also a larger red laser that reads the larger bits of data contained on CDs and DVDs. This red laser is the same laser used in CD players and DVD players, allowing the Blu-ray player to read other types of discs.

Blu-ray player manufacturers included the two sets of lasers to increase consumer interest. When the Blu-ray players were first released, they were competing against HD DVD players. Both players included the ability to play CDs and DVDs, ensuring that consumers could continue to enjoy their existing music and movie libraries.

The inclusion of the red laser allows you to play standard music CDs in your Blu-ray player. If you purchase a retail copy of a music CD, not a CD containing ripped music, you should have no problem listening to it in your Blu-ray player.

Besides providing the option to play music CDs, most Blu-ray players feature their music player. Some of the latest players even connect to the internet to find additional song information, such as the artist, genre, song title, album, and lyrics.

Blu-Ray Players May Play Burned Music CDs

While your Blu-ray player will have no problem playing standard music CDs, you may have trouble playing burned CDs. The software used by the Blu-ray player needs to support the music file format that you burned to the CD.

Some players offer support for the most common music file formats, such as WAV and MP3, while others will not play burned CDs at all. If you want to find a Blu-ray player that can play almost any CD, use a Blu-ray player buyer’s guide to compare devices.

You can typically find a list of the file formats supported by the Blu-ray player, either in the instruction manual or on the official website. Along with supported music formats, this list should include supported video and image file formats.

When attempting to play music files that you burned to a CD, the Blu-ray player may not play MP3 files that contain DRM (digital rights management) encoding.

Files that you purchase and download from music sites may include DRM to prevent you from copying and sharing the files with others. This also prevents the files from playing on certain Blu-ray players.

Blu-Ray Players May Play Additional Content

Besides music CDs, some Blu-ray players provide the option to play other types of content burned to a CD. This may include photos and videos that you burn to a CD-R or CD-RW disc.

Some music CDs also come with specialized content that is playable on a DVD player or computer. Depending on the format of this content, it may also play through your Blu-ray player.

Like music burned to a disc, the Blu-ray player needs to support the file format of the data that you want to play. Commonly supported image formats include JPEG and PNG, while the most widely supported video formats include AVI, MP4, WMV, and MKV.

Conclusion – Can Your Blu-Ray Player Play a CD?

If you want to know whether your Blu-ray player can play a regular CD, the simple answer is yes. You can enjoy your entire CD collection from your Blu-ray player.

Blu-ray players are designed to play Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and CDs. Standard music CDs and music burned to CD-R, or CD-RW discs should play in any Blu-ray player. However, if you burn your music, you should ensure that the Blu-ray player supports the file format. This also applies to images and video that you burn to a CD.

You can learn more about the files supported by your Blu-ray player on the official website, Blu-ray player guides, or your instruction manual.

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