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Camp Chef Smoker vs Traeger Head To Head Comparison

Camp Chef Smoker vs Traeger featured imageCamp Chef Smoker vs Traeger

Pellet grills are perfect if you want to be able to quickly preheat your grill and then smoke or grill your food. Great quality pellet grills will be able to consistently produce delicious food without a lot of oversight on your part.

By just turning on the grill and putting wood pellets into it as a source of fuel, and also flavor, you can enjoy automated smoking for hours without having to stand by the pellet grill and make adjustments.

If you have never bought or considered buying a pellet grill before, then you will want to make sure that you buy one that will perfectly meet your needs.

That is why we decided to compare the Camp Chef Smoker vs Traeger in a head to head comparison.

Price Comparison

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Instead of becoming overwhelmed when trying to compare pellet grills, using a point system from 1-100 can make your final decision a lot easier. When you compare three features and rank them on this scale, you can easily find the right pellet grill for your needs.

Cooking Area

Whether you are going to be taking your pellet grill tailgating or if you’re only going to be cooking for yourself, you will want to make sure that you have enough space to put all of your meat on the grill. Otherwise, you will run into problems when it comes time to cook for more people.

In this case, as long as you have the room at your home, more is better and will ensure that your new grill will continue to meet your needs. Comparing cooking area size is a great way to start finding the right pellet grill for your needs.

Camp Chef PG24DLX

With 429 square inches of cooking area and a 144 square inch second cooking rack that you can add to the pellet grill, you will likely have enough room to grill for your family and some company. Larger grills can obvious accommodate more food.

Traeger TFB54LZBC

The grilling space on this pellet grill is 646 square inches. You can easily grill 24 hamburgers, nine racks of ribs, or six whole chickens at once. This is perfect if you host large parties or want to be able to host neighborhood get-togethers.


Point Totals

Camp Chef PG24DLX – 70

Traeger TFB54LZBC – 85

While the Camp Chef does offer a fairly large grilling area, when you need a little extra space you will want to make sure that you opt for the Traeger. This grill makes it possible to have a large number of people over for a meal or even to batch cook so that you can put food away for the future. If you are going to be in competitions you will want to choose the larger pellet grill, as it will allow you to easily make food for a crowd without having to batch cook.


When you buy a pellet grill you will want to make sure that the one you buy is able to be versatile enough that you can use it to cook food in a variety of ways. While most people opt for pellet grills because they are going to be primarily grilling, this powerful equipment can be used in a number of other ways that are sure to please you.

Make sure that the pellet grill you choose will be able to meet all of your cooking needs without you having to purchase additional pieces of equipment.

Camp Chef PG24DLX

The Camp Chef pellet grill can be used to barbecue, bake, braise, grill, smoke, and roast your food since it can easily have a temperature range from 160-500 degrees F. This wide temperature range allows you to make adjustments to your cooking and create amazing meals.

Traeger TFB54LZBC

Due to the versatility of this pellet grill, you can easily braise, bake, grill, smoke, roast, and barbecue your food with either low and slow or hot and fast cooking. This allows you to create many different kinds of meals with one grill.


Point Totals

Camp Chef PG24DLX – 90

Traeger TFB54LZBC – 90

It’s a toss up when choosing between the Camp Chef and Traeger based on versatility. Both of these pellet grills can cook your food in a number of ways, depending on the heat that you use and how long you put your food on.

No matter how you want to cook your food, you’ll find that you can create perfect meals when you opt for either of these pellet grills. From baking a pizza to slow roasting ribs, these pellet grills can really do it all and they make it easy to make great food.


You want to make sure that when you choose a pellet grill that you buy one that will be easy for you to not only set up, but also to control. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about the temperature while you are grilling and that your food will be cooked to perfection each time you use your pellet grill.

Lower quality grills aren’t going to offer all of the control features that you need to ensure that your meals turn out the way that you want. Paying attention to the quality of control that you will have over your new grill is important.

Camp Chef PG24DLX

Using an advanced digital control that lets you set the temperature and will automatically feed pellets into the grill, allows you to set the settings and then walk away. You don’t have to babysit your grill anymore when you rely on these great features.

Traeger TFB54LZBC

The Traeger offers elite control that will maintain your temperatures within +/- 20 degrees. Using the LED screen allows you to easily see the temperature, so you don’t have to worry about fiddling with a dial. Traeger is known for the quality of their control panels.

Point Totals

Camp Chef PG24DLX – 80

Traeger TFB54LZBC – 85

This is a close one, but Traeger comes out ahead because their control panel is well known for being so high quality. This means that you won’t ever have to worry about having problems reading the LCD screen or setting the temperature for your grill to cook.

Because this is so easy to do, it’s perfect for an amateur who is just getting started learning how to use a pellet grill. The automatic hopper will feed pellets for you so that you don’t have to worry about this task and take time away from your family to worry about the grill.

Final Score

Camp Chef PG24DLX – 240

Traeger TFB54LZBC – 260

Traeger has long been known as producing some of the finest grills that you can buy, and this pellet smoker grill is no different. This affordable grill is very user friendly and it’s great for amateurs and professionals alike, allowing both to produce high-quality meat that will please even the pickiest member of your family.

The cooking grates are coated with porcelain, which ensures that they can stand up to high heat without any problems and that they will be very easy to clean when you are finished cooking. Users love the ample cooking space and the great grease management system, as well.

Camp Chef Smoker


  • Plenty Of Smoking Space
  • Pellet Auger
  • Fan For Temp Control
  • LED Temperature Display


  • Ash Removal
  • Cooking Area

Traeger Smoker


  • Larger Cooking Area
  • Digital Controller
  • Steel Construction
  • Electronic Ignition


  • Price
  • Reported Heating Problems

Our Choice

When comparing the Camp Chef Smoker vs Traeger Smoker we feel the choice depends upon your budget. You can’t go wrong with Traeger but it is more expensive and the Camp Chef is a fine grill as well. If money is no obstacle, then we choose the Traeger Smoker

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