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Camp Chef Pellet Smoker Review

Camp Chef Pellet Smoker Review featured imageThe Camp Chef Pellet Smoker

If you are weary of playing the guessing game over a hot barbecue pit, then the Camp Chef Wood Pellet Smoker is the perfect product for you. This smoker is the answer to many of your barbecuing needs, and it is well-equipped to make cooking even more rewarding.

There are plenty of customers raving about this product on Amazon and other online retail platforms.  We will take a good look at the smoker and determine why they love it so much.

We trust that by the end of this Camp Chef pellet smoker review, we will have given you an in-depth and detailed look at the smoker.  Then, you can decide for yourself if it is worth its $600 price tag.

At first glance, this smoker comes in a cool, sleek design that is classic for Camp Chef’s quality manufacturing.  It’s spacious enough to accommodate multiple foods at the same time and can always be adjusted to smoke large food like whole turkeys.

This particular smoker works with pellets instead of chips.  To make life easier for you, Camp Chef sells premium pellets that perfectly compliment the smoker for quality grade cooking.

Speaking of pellets, the smoker is designed with an auger that automatically dispenses pellets while your food is cooking, so you need not concern yourself with opening the door and refilling the tray.  This is a step ahead of Camp Chef’s competitors whose wood chip trays often need to be refilled during the cooking process leading to smoke loss which can result in flavor loss.

To simplify the starting process, the manufacturers also added an ignition that starts automatically for efficient cooking every time.  This combined with a cleaning system for taking out ash makes the entire smoker a mess-free dream come true for barbecue lovers.

While we love every feature on the Camp Chef smoker, we must say it has a higher price tag. After viewing the list of pros and cons, we have compiled you can decide for yourself if you this is the right smoker for your needs.

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  • Cleaner smoking
  • The Camp Chef comes with a feature that automatically cleans your smoker for you. It does so by removing ash and keeping it from building up at the bottom of the unit. 
  • High-tech ignition
  • Starting up a smoker can be quite the hassle, and Camp Chef understands that.  They have added an ignition which starts automatically to make the entire process much more comfortable for you.
  • LED readout
  • To help you better monitor your food, the smoker comes with an LED readout that displays the temperature at which your food is cooking.  It also shows the internal temperature of the food so you can determine if you need to adjust the heat or not. 
  • Efficient heat maintenance
  • This feature is designed to keep the overall temperature of your smoker at an optimum level.  It allows you to select one temperature level so that smoking is consistent.
  • Enhanced auger
  • Refilling pellets need not be a hassle with this cool feature.  The auger automatically releases pellets while you are cooking, so the smoke stays consistent throughout the entire process. 
  • Spacious cooking
  • This smoker offers plenty of space to cook multiple foods simultaneously.  It also includes adjustable racks to accommodate more substantial foods such as whole turkeys.
  • Camp Chef pellets
  • Confident in the quality of their brand, the manufacturers created their unique pellets for use with their pellet smoker.  This option allows you to prepare foods meeting the precise Camp Chef standards.  These pellets are sold separately.
  • Cool fan
  • To make cooking a lot easier for you, the manufacturers have added a cool fan.  It’s designed to keep the general cooking space cool.
  • Awesome design
  • This smoker is built to last and has a heavy-duty frame that can withstand a lot of pressure.  It is easy to clean and requires nothing more than soap and water to remove smoking residue.
  • Informative manual
  • For people not familiar with how the smoker works, it comes with a handy manual that explains all features in detail.  It can also serve as a go-to guide for troubleshooting problems as a stop gap to calling customer service.

Pros And Cons


  • Offers plenty of space for cooking multiple foods and larger chunks of meat.
  • Includes an auger that automatically dispenses wood pellets for added efficiency.
  • Is equipped with a cool fan for temperature control.
  • Includes an informative manual to help you get started and explain each feature in detail.


  • It costs $600 which is more than some customers want to pay.
  • Some customers have reported problems with the ash removing feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Are the smoker’s handles safe to touch?
Yes, they are heat resistant and stay relatively cool while you are cooking.

• Is a cover included with this grill?
No, the cover is sold separately.

Camp Chef Company Profile

Camp Chef was created in 1990 with the vision to enhance outdoor cooking.  With over two decades in the game, the company has risen to the top ranks of the best manufacturers of quality outdoor cooking products.

Today, it is headquartered in Cache Valley, Utah and continues to improve the quality of its products with each launch.  For more information on the company and all, it has to offer, visit their website at

Bottom Line

Once again, Camp Chef delivers on quality and efficient smoking.  Their latest release is simple to use and designed to help you effectively control your cooking temperature, so each meal is cooked perfectly.

We will let you decide if the price is acceptable to you.  For us, it is worth investing in, and we believe that after smoking meals, you will agree that the Camp Chef Pellet Smoker is a good value for your money.

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