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Brother XM2701 Review

Brother XM2701 Review featured imageThe Brother XM2701

The Brother XM2701 is a sophisticatedly designed, lightweight sewing machine having 27 stitches, one-step auto-size button holder, six sewing feet & one instructional DVD. This Brother XM2701 review will highlight the all-important features of the BrotherXM2701 sewing machine.

This versatile, value-packed, easy to use machine was designed to meet the discriminating sewing requirements necessary for all sorts of stitching and embroidering.  With 63 stitch functions & 27 unique built-in stitches, this product is a perfect match for everyday sewing projects.

In addition to the super classy floral design on the front, it features are stylish and eye-catching. It sports a backlit LCD, which enables the users to access the operational buttons.  It comes with a 25-year warranty, confirming the standard of sturdiness it offers.    

There are a lot of feel-good factors with this tool.  This attractive looking top-notch product is highly proficient, yet very affordable to purchase.  Honestly, this sewing machine would be a great buy for beginners.

In observing this product, we find it to have a distinctive look with defined detail sporting an elegant clay floral design.

We love the illumination feature of this particular tool.  The LED light on this machine is so efficient that you need not use any other lighting during sewing.  Furthermore, there is an ample collection of stitches available for you to choose from.

Even if you have never sewn, the instructional DVD will help you to sew more easily.  In accession, the controls delivered with this tool make it extremely precise.  It also features a jam-resistant drop-in bobbin system.

Moreover, the automatic buttonholer performs with a single push. However, some customers report having issues when sewing thicker fabrics.  According to our analysis, once you master the tool, you will have little difficulty sewing thicker fabrics.

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Brother XM2701 Lightweight, Full-Featured Sewing Machine with 27 Stitches, 1-Step Auto-Size Buttonholer,...

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  • An easy to use stitch selector. It features an easy to use stitch selector.  This selector, located at the top of the floral print on the machine, is easy to access.
  • Automatic needle threading. Touching the lever on the side of the machine activates the automatic needle threader pushing the thread through the needle’s eye.
  • Jam resistant, drop in top bobbin. Also, this device with its classic look includes a jam-resistant, top, drop-in bobbin. This feature secures the bobbin perfectly in its place.
  • One step, auto-size buttonholes. The auto-sized buttonholer operates with ease.  With a simple push of the button, users make perfect, efficient buttonholes.
  • Super easy bobbin winding. Furthermore, this tool with its angular detail and touch floral design has installed superbly simple bobbin winding.  By pushing the bobbin control to your right, the bobbin will be wound for you.
  • Useful & bilingual instructional DVD. The instructional DVD, printed in two languages, is extremely helpful.  Even a person with little or no experience in sewing will know how to sew after viewing its instructions.
  • Illuminated working area. One of the best features of this device is its LED lighted work area.  The light is so intense that you do not need any additional lighting during sewing.
  • Lightweight & portable. Being just over 15 pounds, this lightweight device is easy to carry.   You need not designate a fixed sewing area in your home because this tool is so easy to move and store.
  • Highly versatile. Designed to sew thick layers of fabrics precisely, this product ensures an ultimate level of versatility.  However, Brother recommends being completely precise while sewing all thick fabrics.
  • 25-year limited warranty. A 25-year limited warranty validates how sturdily built this machine is.  Your one-time purchase of this product promises a lifetime of use.


  • A tremendous illuminating LED light for the workspace
  • A beautiful collection of decorative style stitches and an automatic buttonholer
  • Highly functional instructional DVD
  • Manual switching of the projects by using efficacious dial


  • Difficulties while sewing thick fabrics
  • The threads sometimes jam, though the jam is easily released


Can it sew jeans?

Yes, it can sew your jeans.  However, you must be cautious when sewing thicker materials.

Is it easy to use for beginners?

Yes, it is an absolute stunner for beginners.  Using the instructional DVD, beginners should be able to utilize this particular machine proficiently.

Brother Industries Company Profile

Brother Industries started its journey 110 years ago and had become a pioneer in the development of electronic and electrical equipment.  Being a Japan-based multinational, the Brother Industries are continuously upgrading their customer support while providing new features for their customers.

Brother specializes in manufacturing computer-related electronics and sewing machines.  Being one of the top-rated multinationals, delivering sewing machines worldwide, Brother Industries distributes some of the most trusted quality brands in sewing machines.

Bottom Line

While exploring different aspects of the Brother XM2701, our Brother XM2701 review finds this machine to have lots of fabulous features making this an excellent product.  Weighing a little over 15 pounds, this lightweight product is highly portable and conveniently storable.

In accession, this heavy-duty product is capable of handling industrial-grade projects as well as household projects.  Regarding tackling thicker fabrics, the user must be aware they have to master the device.

The bright illumination for the workspace is perfect for your work area.  Moreover, a wide range of designs and stitches are available for sewers.  An easily accessible round button is available for altering your stitching modes. Overall, we recommend this sewing machine from beginners to intermediate level users.

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