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Brother SE400 Review

Brother SE400 Review featured imageThe Brother SE400

The Brother SE400 is the sewing/embroidery solution that merges innovation and reality.  Whether it is sewing, quilting or embroidering, your illuminative imagination emerges as a concise creation. The Brother se400 combination computerized sewing and four-inch x four-inch embroidery tool has 67 built-in stitches, five lettering fonts along with 70 integrated designs.  It features explicit, comprehensive sewing functions and a 4-inch x 4-inch embroidery hoop.

Also, its backlit touchscreen display is easily accessible.  This proficient tool comes up with digital connectivity to import hundreds of enticing embroidery designs from different websites.

Now, cutting the top and bobbin thread is effortless with its automatic one-touch thread cutter. The bilingual user manual, free phone support, and 25-year limited warranty confirm that this is the sewing machine you have been longing for as you will see in our Brother SE400 report.

Analyzing hundreds of customer reviews, we have determined this device be entirely satisfactory.  Customers were most satisfied with the cost-effectiveness of this tool.

The critical feature of this particular tool is its LCD that allows the users to access hundreds of designs online.  Additionally, the sensitive touch screen delivers access to all of your stitch and design options with the additional feature that allows users to choose auto threading options.

In total, 67 stitches, 70 unique patterns, and five letters are programmed into the SE400.  These suffice for completing the most advanced sewing projects with effortless precision.  Plus, this machine contains 120 frame patterns.

This easy-to-setup and easy-to-use machine will enable users to produce speedy results.  The auto threading and automatic thread cutter effectively enhance the sewing experience.

There is a wide array of editing features in the LCD giving easy access for design editing. Honestly, we find this device remarkably convenient and cost-effective providing a smooth and superior sewing experience.  You will find its wide range of designs and editing options creatively thrilling as well.

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Brother SE400

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  • The embroidery area. This sewing machine with elegant style and impressive definition include a large 4”x4” embroidery hoop.  This liberates you to be entirely creative and design whatever you want using its oversized working area.
  • Easy sewing with its 7-point feed dogs. This excellent product with a charming vibe allows users to sew quickly.  The advancement of fabric during sewing is smoother and more convenient because of its 7-point feed dogs.
  • Well-lighted needle segment. Using this delightful tool requires no additional lighting.  This device includes brilliant lighting focused directly on the needle area.
  • Automatic needle threading. This brilliant sewing and embroidery machine allows the user to experience luxurious tailoring and features an automatic needle threader.  With just a simple push, the thread is passed through the eye of the needle.
  • Touchscreen display with backlit LCD. One of the critical features of this machine is a touchscreen display with backlit LCD.  Added to that is the ability to access and download thousands of online custom designs, machine updates, and the instruction manual.  Plus, the touchscreen display enables users to switch between various projects easily.
  • Well-convenient bobbin preparation. This high-end tool with its characteristic look delivers a rapid arrangement of the bobbins with its proficient winding system.  It ultimately leads to ease of use for all levels of users.
  • Complete computer connectivity. Computer connectivity allows the user to connect the sewing machine online to download hundreds of designs directly onto the device.  In accession, users can customize designs with this brilliant sewing machine.
  • Drop-in, jam-resistant top bobbin system. You need not worry about the bobbin thread fishing as this efficacious sewing machine features a drop-in and jam-resistant top loading bobbin system.  The proficiency of this design eliminates bobbin jams.
  • A wide range of accessories. A wide range of accessories is provided with purchase.  Included is an accessory bag containing scissors, a touch pen, three bobbins, two screwdrivers, a cleaning brush, a seam ripper, three spool caps and one needle set.
  • Bilingual operational manual. The sewing machine comes with a bilingual operation manual written in English and Spanish.  It assists the user to utilize the many features of this proficient machine effectively.


  • Switching between projects have never been simpler with its computerized LCD
  • Comes with a wide array of stitching and design options
  • Includes eight pressure feet with snap-on mounting
  • The LCD screen delivers tutorials right away


  • There are 12 screens of stitches to scroll through (6 per page)
  • The built-in sensors require frequent cleaning of the bobbin case


Will the USB work on an Apple Mac?

Yes, it will perform equally well with Apple and Windows.  Hook up your machine to your computer with a USB cable.  Then copy and paste the desired stitches/designs for your device.

Will the 4”x4” size be sufficient for monogramming?

Definitely.  All you need to do is to design and sew your target segment.  Then adjust the hoop to design and sew the next portion.  Can you monogram your designs all at once and not in layers?  No, you must create and sew piece by piece.

Brother Company Profile

Brother is a Japan-based international corporation delivering quality electronic and electrical equipment since 1956. This globally recognized well-reputed conglomerate provides a wide range of products serving millions of satisfied customers worldwide.  The headquarters located in Nagoya, Japan, delivers high-end, top-notch, superbly designed products to well-recognized distributors worldwide.  Their products range from printers and desktop computers to sewing machines and large machinery.

Over 50 years of history in the production of electronic tools, this brand might end your search for a sewing machine that provides perfect precision and contemporary components.   Should you look for a well-established brand with hundreds of thousands of happy customers all around the globe, Brother Corporation is your ticket.

Bottom Line

After careful consideration of all the facts and features of the SE400; we are convinced this machine is an excellent choice for both commercial and household use.   It’s many features, and the performance of the embroidery functions makes sewing with this machine enthralling.

Professionals and beginners, find this sewing and embroidery machine is easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain and a must-have device.  The frequent cleaning of bobbins is a small inconvenience compared to the heavy programming and design pack installed in the SE400.  Browsing through the numerous designs, patterns, and stitches takes time but what’s that compared to the unlimited creativity you can employ.

All in all, the purchase of this beautiful sewing machine is an excellent buy.

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