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Brother HC1850 Review

Brother HC1850 Review featured imageThe Brother HC1850

The Brother HC1850 is a fantastic product that can be the perfect match for a joyous sewing experience. This Brother HC1850 review will look at all the significant features of this Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting machine with its eight presser feet, a full table, its multiple sewing fonts and the bilingual instructional DVD.

This feature packed, reliable product is perfect for quilting, and decorative stitching.  A versatile product with fancy stitch selection, it delivers 130 types of fonts and basic monogramming.  Also included are eight different single step buttonhole styles.

Also, included is a bilingual user manual.  The sturdy build of this product is backed by a 25-year limited warranty.  This exciting product will perform for a lifetime.

We reviewed many opinions regarding the performance of Brother HC1850, and we discovered this machine to be a giant who can turn any imagination into an effortless reality. Regarding professional performance, we must admit this tool can perform almost everything, from quilting to stitching and even monogramming.

If you love to create decorative stitches around the inside and border portions of your fabrics, you are going to love the HC1850!  It is one of the best for embroidering and has a vast variety of options.  For exclusive designs over the seams, the HC1850 operates with proficiency.

You may use the foot pedal or the controls for running it, and it offers a lot of irresistible options including a simple backlit controller and a drop-in bobbin.  Also, it includes a quilting table that expands your workspace for producing complicated and elaborate projects.

Although it comes with a large assortment of accessories, we found users unsatisfied with the storage space for them.  Furthermore, the device lacks a knee-lifter.  However, considering its in-depth designing capability and ability to tackle a wide range of assignments, this unit is highly recommended.

People often complain about the difficulties of piercing through thicker fabrics but not so with this unit which sews through thicker fabrics including seams.  After considering all reviews, facts, figures, and opinions, we decided this beauty is a sewing giant and that no one sews better than the Brother HC1850.

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Brother HC1850

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  • Extra-large LCD. This machine, with an outstandingly trendy look and flattering shape, provides an extra-large LCD backlit display.  Immediately upon viewing this screen, you can easily choose from the various stitch patterns.
  • Extra-bright working space. The illumination of this brilliant machine is excellent.  The fantastic LED lighting allows users to sew without any additional light.
  • Inbuilt monogramming sewing font. The built-in monogramming fonts of this spectacular machine are perfect for basic monogramming.  These fonts include a letter set from A-Z and a number set from 0-9.  There are also punctuation marks and special symbols.
  • Adjustable sewing speed. This machine is equipped with an adjustable sewing speed.  This simple function is exceptionally accommodating for beginners.
  • Table extension. The easy to use, professional unit features an oversized table which is perfect for quilting, meeting requirements for larger jobs or quilting projects.
  • Handy flip chart for stitches. The convenient flip chart that comes with this machine allows the user to view its numerous built-in stitches quickly.  Any user can access all the different stitch patterns easily.
  • A bilingual instructional manual. The bilingual instruction manual effectively explains the functions and features of this spectacular machine.  Even novices can understand how to operate this machine.
  • Superb easy threading with automatic needle threading. We love the automatic needle threading feature.  The extraordinary flair of this feature:  with a simple push, the thread passes through the eye of the needle.
  • Quick set bobbin. This easy to use a unit with stylized detail includes fast set bobbins.  Just drop the bobbin in and pull the thread through the slots.  The bobbin is ready to begin feeding out the thread.  How extraordinarily simple!
  • An extensive set of accessories. This unit assures a joyous experience and comes with a large assortment of accessories that will expand your options.  These accessories include a zipper foot, a buttonhole foot, an overcasting foot, an extra spool pin and a lot more.


  • Easy backlit controls
  • Lightweight
  • Drop-in bobbin as well as automated needle threading
  • Detachable foot, quilting table and a large lot of accessories


  • Lacks a knee-lifter
  • Lacks storage for the accessories


I often had to work with denim and jeans. How well does it perform with heavy fabrics?

This machine is perfect for you.  It admirably handles every thickness of fabric no matter the sort of sewing or quilting you desire to finish.

Is it possible to make the embroidered letters bigger?

No, you cannot enlarge the fonts.  If you are looking for bigger fonts, you will have to design them yourself.

Brother Company Profile

Brother Industries is a well-reputed sewing machine manufacturer with a rich historical background. This Japan-based company, founded in 1908, has been developing top-notch products and delivering them worldwide for over 100 years.

This multinational conglomerate specializes in manufacturing sewing machines.  These machines deliver more performance, fewer mistakes, and better results.  Should you look for a brand with little or no negative reviews, this is your brand.

Bottom Line

The reliability and versatility of this unit are dynamic.  The wide range of built-in stitches and the built-in monogramming fonts, make the HC1850 an absolute stunner.

Furthermore, there are 12 heirloom stitch functions and eight different buttonhole styles available. Your creative passions will be met with this unit’s ultimate level of flexibility from basic monogramming to quilt design by adding beautiful stitches to any project.  This sewing machine is one of a kind.

Considering the Brother HC1850’s raving comments by its owners, our conclusion is to recommend this product for professional grade performances.  Additionally, intermediate level users will find it compelling, and newbies will find it ultra-attractive.

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