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Bose Acoustimass 6 Review

Bose Acoustimass 6 Review featured imageThe Bose Acoustimass 6

Bose Acoustimass 6 series is an innovative, user-friendly speaker system. With its various components, it succeeds in delivering dominant performance with just five small speakers. Bose likes to call the design, Virtually Invisible Series II.

These surround sound speakers are amazingly compact in size, resulting in your ability to mount them on your wall easily. They do not compromise in audio quality and provide you with excellent sound experience. With the help of simple controls, the user has a better, friendlier experience of use.

We compared and checked the feedback from numerous product users to complete this Bose Acoustimass 6 review. All your doubts about the product will be eliminated by the time you finish this review.

We found this product to be versatile and user-friendly. You can install it easily with the help of the in-built wall brackets. You get Adhesive-backed rubber feet for placing them on your television stand shelf.

Acoustimass Module enhances the audio delivery of the speakers. It will provide low, deep tones so you will receive the best sound experience. It works exceptionally well at all volume levels.

What we loved about this product was the compact size and design of the speakers. You can quickly move them to any desired location. The small size of the speakers also helps in reducing space requirements for the complete home theater setup.

These speakers blend in with the television because of their smart design. Thanks to the wall brackets, you can mount them quickly on the walls and enhance the looks of your system. Additionally, you can place them behind a curtain or couch.

The absence of a proper or dedicated stand might be a bit problematic. Moreover, Bose is not taking returns for this product. Apart from these two points, it is a beautiful product overall.

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Perfect for average rooms:

Bose has developed these speakers with the average sized room in mind. Therefore, these speakers have an adequate central listening area that is perfect for that room size. You can install these speakers in your living room, office, or any room of similar size or dimensions.

Comes with necessities:

This speaker system comes with all the necessary cables and connectors. You will be able to install them and begin using them immediately. Many speaker systems do not come with the required cables but this one is an exception.

Adjustable controls:

You can quickly adjust the volume and frequency settings through its user-friendly controls. Should you require a loud sound experience, you can efficiently maximize the volume using the controls present in the center channel speaker.

Low profile speakers:

Acoustimass 6 series speakers blend in with your high definition television or computer. Their design and appearance use the least amount of space and volume. You can mount them on the walls or place them on the shelf, whatever your personal space and preference are.

Enhance viewing experience:

Your television or PC viewing experience will be significantly enhanced with the assistance of these speakers. You can watch movies, television shows, and videos through its compatibility. What a delight this will add to your gaming experience.

Exceptional surround sound:

These speakers provide its users with 5.1 surround sound, a significant quality upgrade given the size and compactness of the speakers. They are easy to install, so receiving a proper surround sound experience will be a breeze.

Easy installation:

Installation of these speakers is straightforward. You can place them behind a couch or a curtain, thanks to their wonderfully compact size. Customer support is amazingly friendly.  Contacting them is a breeze, and they are eager to assist you with any problems.


If you want to, you can move the speakers. Because they are lightweight and small in size, you can move them to another location without any hassle.

Low-frequency effects:

These speakers effectively capture low notes with exceptional detail. You will hear the minutest details of the audio of whatever you are watching. Low-frequency effects also aid in removing distortions of any kind in the sound.

Wall brackets:

These speakers have built-in wall brackets so that you can mount them on your wall with ease. Wall mounting is much easier because of their small size and weight.  Occasionally customers reported the need to buy a little stand dedicated to housing your components.  The need for this would depend on your set up, size and space.

Pros And Cons


  • Enhanced sound delivery for average-sized rooms
  • Easy setup due to understandable markings
  • Compact size helps in simple operation and mobility
  • Excellent clarity for low tone and low-frequency effects


  • You cannot return the product
  • Stands have to be bought separately

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this system wireless?

No, this system is not wireless.

Will the speaker system come with cables?

Yes, the system will come with all the necessary cables and connectors.

Bose Company Profile

Bose Corporation is based in Framingham, Massachusetts. It develops, designs and sells audio equipment all around the globe, with its focus on speakers, surround-sound systems, and other stuff. It has been excelling in this field since 1964 when it was founded.

Amar Bose established the company with a vision to deliver high-quality audio products. If you are eager to learn more about their product rage and development, you can go to their official website,

Bottom Line

We loved the dimensions and functionality of this speaker system. Center Acoustimass Module elevates the audio experience of the speakers. Additionally, the speakers succeed in delivering 5.1 surround sound.

You can place these speakers on the wall or the television stand shelf. Apart from that, you can also put them behind a couch or a curtain.

We believe it is an exceptional product given its size, sound delivery, and functionality.

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