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Black and Decker Stick Vacuum Review

Black and Decker Stick Vacuum Review featured imageThe Black and Decker Stick Vacuum

In the modern world, no one wants to spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning their house.  Many appreciate quick, simple and efficient devices that get the job done fast without compromising on quality.  The Black and Decker Stick Cordless vacuum delivers on all of these aspects and we believe that it is one of the best cordless cleaners on the market today.

Flexible and agile, this vacuum can reach some of the toughest spots in your home making its way through furniture with ease.  All of this is accompanied by powerful suction that is designed to retrieve debris and dirt in one single motion.

While we are convinced that this is a good investment, we have taken the liberty of doing some thorough research, compiling detailed lists of features and pros and cons about the vacuum to provide readers with a concise understanding of the product.  After reading this stick vacuum review, we believe you will agree with us concerning its quality.

After doing extended research on this vacuum, we discovered very few people had complaints about it.  It is perfectly designed with a lightweight frame that makes it easier to move the vacuum around the house and challenging areas.

The battery is capable of lasting up to one full hour when fully charged, so customers eliminate the need to plug the machine into the wall.  Gone are the days of tripping over and tangling yourself up in an annoying cord making this cutting-edge technology easier on your life.

A smart sensor informs you when the battery needs charging and when the filter needs to be cleaned.  The excellent beater bar loosens dirt deep within carpets bringing it to the surface to be sucked into the vacuum.  The absence of a messy bag is a bonus for the user who is not a fan of emptying dust and other dirt after cleaning.

We are impressed by the compact size of the vacuum, and we believe that it is perfect for storing in small spaces when you are finished.  Backed by a two-year warranty, you can rest assured this vacuum is designed to last an extended period while delivering excellent quality suction and effective deep cleaning.

We love this product and would recommend to all our readers.  To help you decide quickly, we have compiled a list of pros and cons about the vacuum and answered some important questions you might have about the product.

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  • Multipurpose vacuuming. The vacuum serves as both a stick cleaner and a handheld vacuum. This makes it the perfect vacuum for cleaning large messes on more significant surfaces and small messes in hard to reach places such as corners or on couches.
  • Powerful suction. This vacuum is equipped with lithium, cordless ion battery that is powerful enough to suck debris and dirt simultaneously.  This saves time and effort while eliminating the need to vacuum the same spot over and over again.
  • Simplified maneuvering. The manufacturers of this product designed it with steering flexible and agile enough to vacuum around furniture easily.  This also makes it easier to maneuver the vacuum in tight spots and around awkward corners.
  • Enhanced deep cleaning. The vacuum comes with a beater bar that is strong enough to agitate debris and dust embedded in carpets, bringing it to the surface to be sucked into the vacuum.  This is excellent for deep cleaning of carpets and rugs.  Furthermore, the bar can be removed when you are done cleaning or for storage.
  • Efficient battery. A modern touch, this vacuum comes with a battery that is capable of lasting up to a full hour when fully charged.  Now, customers can clean their house without wrestling with a frustrating cord all the time.
  • Smart sensor. To make life much simpler for customers, this cleaner comes with an intelligent sensor that alerts you to the current level of charge in the battery.  It also indicates when the filter needs to be cleaned.
  • Simple storage. This vacuum is small and flexible enough to be stored in the tightest of spaces.  It’s the perfect cleaner for customers who struggle with maneuvering older and heavier models. 
  • Detachable roller. Not only is the brush effective in removing stubborn dirt such as pet hair but it is removable for easy cleaning should hair clog it.  Now, you can clean your home without fear of clogging the brush and making it inefficient.
  • Assuring 2-year warranty. Confident of the quality of their product, the manufacturers of the vacuum have given it a 2-year warranty ensuring customers of their confidence in this product.  This reassurance adds too making this product an excellent, reliable value for the money.
  • Extra accessories. This vacuum also comes with added extras that include:
    • A battery charger.
    • An attachment brush for extra cleaning.
    • An extra filter to clear up extra messes and provide deeper cleaning.


  • Has a detachable roller that can be removed for cleaning and clearing of dirt.
  • Powerful ion lithium battery, this cordless machine can suck up debris and dirt with ease.
  • Small and compact enough to easily maneuver around.
  • Works as both a stick and hand vacuum to clean large areas and small, intricate areas.


  • It’s a bit too light and is likely to damage easily if not handled
  • Filters and batteries tend to have a short lifespan. Replacement can be pricey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog hair has clogged the brush. How do I clean it?

Just take off the roller and clean the hair away before putting it back.

Where do I get extra filters?

The accompanying booklet comes with details for purchasing replacement filters and describes precisely which types to buy.

Black & Decker Corporation Profile

Based in Towson, Maryland, Black and Decker Corporation is one of the leading USA manufacturers of home improvement devices, hardware, and accessories.  Since its creation, the company strives to provide cutting-edge products that are efficient, affordable and long-lasting for use over extended periods of time.

The company merged with Stanley Works on March 12th,  2010 and now operates as its subsidiary.  For more information about the company and the products they offer, visit their website at

Bottom Line

All in all, we love this Stick vacuum, and we believe that it is a genuine is good value for the money.  While its small size might be a concern for the heavy-handed, we think it’s perfect for getting around tricky areas of the house and even better for storing away until the next use.

With a powerful ion battery, it is capable of clearing dirt from deep within the surface of your floor covering.  This vacuum is good for deep cleaning carpets and rugs while still being used for hard surfaces such as floors and stairs.  With a battery that lasts up to one full hour after being charged, users can clean their house without the hassle of dragging around a cord or worrying that it is too short to reach specific areas.

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