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Bissell Cleanview Review

Bissell Cleanview Review featured imageThe Bissell Cleanview

We all love a good vacuum cleaner that doesn’t take much effort to use or clean. The Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum seems to cover both of those needs and much more.

We were able to gather enough information to write a detailed Bissell Cleanview analysis. There is quite a bit to love about this product, and we just wanted to share it all with our readers.

Bissell is renowned for making quality products that are both affordable and durable, and we thought we would put that to the test to see whether or not this particular product deserved all of the praise it was receiving from customers. We’ve also taken note of a few aspects that were underwhelming so that we could compare them to the positives and see how it stacked up.

Off the bat, this has to be one of the least expensive vacuum cleaners we have reviewed so far. As much as we enjoy affordability, it did bring into question just how good the product is. $120 is an attractive price, but it made us wonder if this product could be another waste of time.

As we took a closer look, we were happy to see that Bissell did not compromise on quality at all. The Cleanview vacuum is, much like a lot of modern vacuums, light in weight and it glides smoothly across your floors without much effort. The weight is especially good should you want to carry it around or pack it away.

It does an excellent job of cleaning edges with its carefully crafted edge bristles and overall technology which ensures that enough suction power is spread throughout the vacuum, all the way to its foot. The added filter continues the vacuum’s mission to keep your house clean by trapping all allergens and dust to make sure that your home is not just clean, but it is also healthy.

This model doesn’t include a unique tool that is specifically for cleaning pet hair, but its brush roll does a pretty decent job of picking it up. To top it off, the Cleanview is equipped with a scatter-free feature that captures dirt without scattering debris.

All in all, we like a lot of the features of the Bissell Cleanview, and we’re glad its price did not come at the expense of quality.

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Bissell 1819 Cleanview Rewind Deluxe Upright Bagless Vacuum

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  • Cheap vacuuming
  • Bissell makes vacuuming both efficient and affordable. This product is the perfect price for users on a budget or users who don’t want to spend much money.
  • 3-year warranty
  • For customers wary of the incredibly low cost, the product comes with a 3-year warranty. It proves that the product is well made and will last long enough to make a positive impression.
  • Powerful suctioning
  • The edge to edge feature channels suction as far as the foot of the vacuum to clean stubborn dirt. It’s perfect for debris, dust and other troublesome dirt particles.
  • Edge bristles
  • In addition to powerful suction, the vacuum also includes bristles designed to cater to dirty edges. It’s useful for thoroughly cleaning out baseboards and corners.
  • Cool brush roll
  • This brush roll surpasses regular brush rolls with its triple feature technology. It not only loosens dirt, but it also lifts it up from deep within the pile and sucks it into the vacuum once it reaches the surface.
  • Scatter free vacuuming
  • To enhance the efficiency and cleanliness of the vacuum, the manufacturers included a scatter-free feature. It helps the cleaner suck up dirt instead of scattering debris.
  • Multi-cyclonic system
  • Many old-school vacuum cleaners are not as good at keeping the dirt inside the cleaner. The multi-cyclonic feature traps the dirt deep inside the bin until it is ready to be emptied.
  • Automatic rewind
  • The Bissell Cleanview comes with a 27ft. cord. It can be automatically rewound in a few seconds which means you don’t have to wrap it up.
  • Washable filter
  • The filter traps allergens and dust inside the vacuum to keep the air clean and fresh. Once you’re done, you can wash the filter with soap and water.
  • Lightweight design
  • All of the Cleanview’s features are adequately packed inside its lightweight frame. It glides smoothly across each surface and moves around furniture with ease.

Pros And Cons


  • It’s incredibly well priced.
  • Has a lightweight frame which makes moving under and around furniture easier.
  • Includes a scatter-free feature which traps dirt without leaving scattered debris behind.
  • Designed without a dirty and unhygienic dirtbag.


  • Is not cordless.
  • Its suction power tends to be limited and doesn’t quite work as well on some surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Bissell Cleanview have a HEPA filter or anything similar to clear allergens?

It doesn’t have a HEPA filter, but it does have its washable filter that is said to be for clearing dust and other allergens in the air.

How long is the warranty on this vacuum?

Three years.

Bissell Inc. Company Profile

Sometimes referred to as Bissell Homecare, this company is based in Walker, Michigan and specializes in the production of household cleaning products. Bissell is considered to be the top producer of such products in the North American continent.

It was launched in 1883 by crockery shop owner Melville Bissell, and when he passed away, it was taken over by Anna Bissell, his wife. Their website, offers a detailed look at the company’s history and all of the products they manufacture.

Bottom Line

The Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum is quite an impressive product, and for its price, it’s worth purchasing for your home. For the lover of cordless products, this may not be the wisest choice.

All the other features of this product are well-designed. In this Bissell Cleanview analysis, we looked at every element briefly, and some that stood out for us included the bagless design which is a plus for anyone who hates the mess of dirtbags and the edge bristles which are guaranteed to keep tight corners in your house clean.

Keep in mind that low dollar vacuums mean the absence of fancy features like LED lights to illuminate your path. If you are in desperate need of such features, then this product is not for you, but if you are in search of a simple, efficient vacuum, then we recommend trying the Bissell Cleanview vacuum. We think you will appreciate its price and efficiency.

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