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When it comes to vacuuming, we all desire a product that has powerful suction and requires minimal effort to set it up.  The Bissell Bolt Pet cordless vacuum combines high power suctioning with a lightweight body and delivers on quality and efficiency.

Take a quick read through product reviews, and you will find many customers who are pleased with the vacuum and all it has to offer.  It is equipped with enhanced technology and a flexible handle making it easy to maneuver around the house and reach into tricky spots.

As always, we are not going to push a product we are unsure of, so we decided to write an in-depth Bolt Pet assessment giving you a better look at this product and its features.  We will also include a list of pros and cons to help you weigh the positives and negatives of the cordless vacuum.

Through our extensive research, we are convinced that this vacuum is worth purchasing.  It is the perfect size for users in search of a handy device they can use to clean awkward areas. It boasts in 180-degree maneuverability to navigate through furniture with ease.

There are plenty of satisfied customers with some naming the Bissell vacuum their number one choice for vacuum cleaners.  It is a quiet vacuum compared to other models and more affordable than many of its rivals.

With its nifty edge reach features, this vacuum was perfectly designed to reach corners ensuring that even the out of sight places are clean.   If that is not impressive enough, the vacuum’s handle features a flexible adjustment allowing you to navigate underneath furniture effortlessly.

Doubling as a hand vacuum, customers never have to purchase additional vacuums for those hard to reach areas on their floor.  The lithium-ion battery is a bonus, providing you with as much as 40 minutes of cord-free vacuuming.

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  • Effortless vacuuming. One of the most impressive aspects of this product is its lightweight frame which is perfect for moving around the house effortlessly.  The manufacturers of this vacuum understand that no one enjoys dragging around a massive vacuum, so they have deliberately produced the lightest and most compact yet efficient vacuums they can.
  • Powerful battery. The vacuum comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery that lasts as long as 40 minutes when fully charged.  This gives users ample time to vacuum their entire house without any need for a cord.
  • Superior 2 in 1 vacuuming. For those tricky corners and hard to reach spaces, this product doubles as a hand vacuum sporting easy removal and effortless use.  This saves money by eliminating the need to buy a separate hand vacuum to reach areas that are not on the floor. 
  • Compact storing. In addition to being lightweight, this vacuum includes an easy fold handle making it easy to store in tight spaces.  This perfect feature makes packing it when moving a snap.
  • Amazingly flexible handle. In addition to its secure storage, the handle’s flexibility allows users to reach underneath furniture while cleaning.  It flexes backward or forwards for ease when maneuvering around places such as beneath the sofa or a low-rise table.
  • Handy charging base. In addition to having a removable battery, the vacuum comes with a convenient base for battery recharge.  This base includes storage space for the accompanying accessories. 
  • Added crevice feature. That’s not all.  Bissell Bolt Pet vacuum added an extra tool designed specifically for cleaning crevices.  Plus, it includes a handy brush for dusting corners and other difficult to reach areas.
  • Better control. To add to your convenience, this vacuum comes with an on and off switch for the bristle brush.  Located in the handle, this switch makes it easy to switch from carpets to wood floors.
  • Enhanced EdgeReach feature. This feature was created for robust and powerful suction making the foot capable of capturing debris and dirt hidden in areas such as corners.  Its enhanced technology design ensures every inch of your home is clean and spotless.
  • Impressive 2-year warranty. Much like any other product, an extended warranty demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.  Users can rest assured this vacuum will provide quality cleaning for years to come ensuring them it is a good value for their money.


  • Has a powerful battery that allows you to vacuum cordless for as long as 40 minutes.
  • Comes with a removable handheld vacuum for reaching surfaces above the ground.
  • Flexible handle that can be folded for better storage and adjusted for easier navigation underneath furniture.
  • Handy edge reach feature designed to clean corners and other out of sight places.


  • Not the best vacuum for deep cleaning carpets and rugs.
  • The light frame can easily be damaged if used with force.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when the vacuum loses suction?

Chances are your filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.  We recommend buying an extra filter for ready replacement as required.

Can I use this vacuum to clean pet hair?

Yes, its suction is powerful enough to clean up pet hair and other messes created by your furry friends.

Bissell Incorporated Profile

Sometimes referred to as Bissell Homecare, this company is based in the Greater Grand Rapids area:  Walker, Michigan and specializes in floor care and vacuum cleaner manufacturing.  Over the years, Bissell Incorporated has grown into a top producer of vacuum cleaners and other floor care products throughout North America.

Founded in 1883 by Melville and Anna Bissell, it has since specialized in creating products that cater specifically to cleaning dirt left by pets such as stains or hair.  For more information about the company, visit their website at

Bottom Line

The Bissell Bolt Pet is small and compact enough to navigate around your house with ease, and when you are done, you can store it without any hassle.

With a powerful lithium-ion battery, users can vacuum for as long as 40 minutes without ever worrying about a cord.  The vacuum also adjusts to form a hand-held vacuum which is perfect for cleaning walls, sofas and other surfaces above the ground.

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