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The Best Meat Smoker Under 400 Dollars

Best Meat Smoker Under 400 Dollars featured imageFinding The Best Meat Smoker Under 400 Dollars

Anyone who loves the taste of smoked meat but doesn’t like paying high prices at the smokehouse needs to have his or her smoker in his or her backyard.

While these do require more time to cook the meat correctly and will need more maintenance while the smoker is in action, there isn’t anything quite the same as the taste of fresh smoked meat.

If you are going to have people over for dinner, want to start your own BBQ business, or are interested in attempting a restaurant favorite at home, then you will want to find the best meat smoker under $400.

Meat smokers can be very expensive but when you buy the Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 22-Inch Charcoal Smoker, you not only get a great deal on a new smoker but also get a reliable piece of equipment that you’re sure to love.

This smoker has plenty of room inside so that you can make sure that all your guests will have something to eat when they come over and that you’ll still have a little for leftovers.

This smoker can also be used as a grill if you want but it shines when used for its intended purpose and will wow you with the fantastic food it can make.

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying This Smoker?

  • The fuel type of the smoker that you choose matters not only in how you cook but also what kind of flavor that you will enjoy. The most common fuel types are propane, electricity, wood pellets, charcoal, or hardwood with charcoal smokers offering the most authentic smoked flavor. While electric smokers are incredibly convenient, they don’t provide the rich smoked flavor that most people crave from their smoked meat.
  • How much room there is in your smoker will determine how much meat you can smoke at once. Look for a smoker that has at least two grates so that you can place multiple cuts of meat in your smoker. This will allow you to not only cook more at once but save you time.
  • Monitoring your food is essential, which is why you want a smoker that has a built-in thermometer. Instead of trying to open the smoker and take the internal temperature of the unit, when you can quickly and easily check the temperature without disturbing your food, you will be able to keep the smoker at the right temperature.
  • Since the smoker will be held at hot temperatures for extended periods of time, you need to make sure that the inside of the lid can stand up to the heat. Look for one made of steel, but that is also coated with a porcelain enamel for strength that you can rely on.
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Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 22-Inch Charcoal Smoker, Black

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Why We Chose This Smoker Over Others

This smoker is not only aesthetically pleasing and easy to use but consistently produces some of the best-smoked meat that you will ever try. Charcoal is the best fuel for a smoker if you want the authentic and traditional flavor that you expect from smoked meat and you’ll get it when you choose this smoker for your needs. While it can be tricky to learn how to smoke with a charcoal meat smoker at first, over time, you will love how versatile this meat smoker from Weber is and won’t ever want to buy a different kind of smoker.

Because the cooking grates are so heavy-duty, you won’t ever have to worry about them being damaged. This ensures that you can use this meat smoker for years without having to worry about replacing any of the parts or pieces. Weber is known for producing reliable grills and smokers, and this meat smoker is no exception. Unlike other meat smokers that are a little difficult to check the temperature, control the heat, and add chips, this meat smoker from Weber is easy to use. Everyone will love finding his or her special way of creating mouthwatering meat and can come up with an individual recipe that is sure to please.

What We Like and Dislike About This Smoker


The water pan is a great way to add flavor and steam to your smoker, and since it is made of porcelain enamel, you won’t have to worry about it being ruined by the heat of the smoker.

The extra room inside the Weber 731001 22-inch smoker gives you just enough added room that you smoke an additional rack or ribs or other meat. This ensures that you can always have people over for dinner and that you will still have enough for leftovers.

The charcoal used as the power source ensures that you enjoy the authentic smoke flavor that you want. This also makes it easy to control the temperature when you are smoking.

It’s incredibly easy to set up this smoker and start smoking meat right away.


The pieces stack and do not interlock together, making it almost impossible to carry the smoker around as a whole unit.

The charcoal door latch isn’t very durable and will break if you aren’t careful, making it difficult to keep the heat even. When this happens, then you will have to make repairs or get a new part since you will struggle with keeping cold air from entering your smoker.

Why We Feel That You Should Buy This Smoker

If you are looking for the best meat smoker under $400 and want to make sure that you get a great deal on a durable smoker, then you should choose the Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 22-Inch Charcoal Smoker. Weber has outdone themselves when creating this meat smoker as it is one of the most durable and reliable meat smokers on the market today, making it the obvious choice for purchase. Ideal for both beginners and experts, you can achieve restaurant-quality meat with this smoker.

Unlike other meat smokers that don’t make it easy or possible for you to add steam during the smoking process when you buy this meat smoker from Weber, you can easily ensure that your meat won’t ever be dried out.

This means that not only will your meat be moist when you take it out of the smoker but that it will also be tender. If you want traditionally-smoked meat that has the natural smoke ring that provides so much flavor to your food, then you want to buy this Weber meat smoker. The heat-resistant handle included storage cover, and ability to cook super low and slow ensure that this meat smoker will perfectly meet your needs.

$439.00 $549.99
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November 14, 2019 2:17 pm
Last update was on: November 14, 2019 2:17 pm

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