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The Best Gas Grill Under 500 Dollars

Best Gas Grill Under 500 Dollars featured imageFinding The Best Gas Grill Under 500 Dollars

Anyone who is looking for a new grill needs first to set his or her budget, compare various grills that are on the market, and try to find the one that will best meet his or her needs, provide the ability to cook fantastic food, and heat quickly and evenly.

When you are looking for the best gas grill under 500 dollars, then consider the Weber 46510001 Spirit E310 Gas Grill for your needs.

This grill has all of the features that you want from a great grill without the expensive price tag that will blow your budget.

No matter if you are looking for a new grill because you’re going to be cooking for many parties this summer, want to be able to impress your neighbors, or are merely interested in learning how to grill, the right grill will make a difference in your experience.

For this reason, you will want to trust Weber. They have been one of the most valued companies for a long time, produce reliable grills that will meet your needs, and stand by their products if you have any problems with them.

Buying a reliable grill takes a little research, but when you buy this Weber Spirit E310, you can rest easy that you’re getting the best grill for the price.

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying This Gas Grill?

  • The first thing that you’ll want to consider when choosing a gas grill for under $500 is the size of the grill itself. At this price, you should be able to get a reasonably large cooking space so that you can quickly grill for a large crowd without any problems. This will allow you to cook some different foods all at once, including meats and vegetables, without them touching each other and at different temperatures for the best possible finish.
  • You also need to consider what features the grill has as these can make your time spent grilling more enjoyable. From a push ignition to light the grill, side tables to ensure that you have room for prep and storage while you cook, and even a warming rack, the right grill comes equipped with features you’ll love.
  • The cooking grates need to be high-quality so that you don’t have to worry about your food sticking or accidentally burning while you are cooking. Cast-iron grill grates are popular, will hold heat well, and make cleanup a breeze. Look for ones that are coated in porcelain enamel for extra durability and to rest easy that they won’t chip or crack.
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Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 Black LP Outdoor Gas Grill

Get ready to step up your grilling experience. As the family sits down for dinner, or a couple of friends come over for a bite - this three burner grill will do its magic. With the spacious cooking area you can sear steaks on one side while...
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Why We Chose This Grill Over Others

We love this Weber grill because of how easy it is to use and to clean. You won’t have to worry about a stick lighter when it comes time to heat up your grill, and because the grill heats so evenly, there won’t be any hot spots in your grill that can cause you to burn your food and have to start over. This is a great grill no matter if you are learning how to grill or are considered the best in the neighborhood as the even heat distribution as well as the high-quality cooking grates ensure that you won’t have sticking or burning food.

Due to the large cooking area and the warming grate, you can quickly cook your food while toasting buns and keeping other food items in the heat but away from the direct fire. This allows you to masterfully prepare various meals at the same time, utilizing the indirect heat of the warming tray to make perfectly toasted buns and to hold foods at the right temperature while the rest of the meal finishes cooking. This Weber is everything that you need to create a delicious meal in no time and without any problems cleaning up.

What We Like and Dislike About This Grill


Because this grill comes with expert assembly, you won’t ever have to worry about wasting your time or not being able to start the grill in time for your party. It comes pre-assembled, and all you have to do is connect it to your propane tank.

With three powerful burners made of stainless steel, you can quickly adjust and control the temperature in your grill so that you don’t delay dinner or worry about burning your meal.

Included Flavorizer bars keep grease from dripping onto your burner tubes, which will not only reduce flares but also ensure that you enjoy the best flavor from your grilled food.

The front door is hung on quality hinges and is a great place to place your propane tank out of view. It opens and closes smoothly and will protect your tank.


The lid hinges are a little fragile and won’t hold up to much use if you are opening and closing the lid without being gentle. The only way to deal with this problem is to return the grill.

The grates will rust if they are not cared for, which will require you to have to replace them sooner than you want.

Why We Feel That You Should Buy This Grill

Hang your grilling utensils within easy reach to the left of your grill so that you never have to worry about where you put your grill brush or your tongs and use the side tables to season your food, test it for doneness, and hold items until they are needed. You’ll have all of the workspace that you need when you buy the Weber 46510001 Spirit E310 Gas Grill. This is easily the best gas grill under 500 dollars and will give you all of the grilling power and space that you need to make fantastic food.

From burgers to steaks, grilled watermelon slices to vegetables, when you fire up this Weber Spirit E310, you will have complete control over the temperature, plenty of room to spread out the food you’re making, and the ability to move items to the warming rack when they are finished cooking. Not only can you make dinner for your family on this grill but it is large enough and powerful enough to grill up dinner for the whole neighborhood. While it is incredibly easy to heat up, clean, and use, this grill is still durable and reliable enough to last for years, allowing you to enjoy freshly grilled foods all summer long.

$479.00 $579.99
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January 25, 2020 7:04 am
Last update was on: January 25, 2020 7:04 am

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