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Ariens Snowblower Review

Ariens Snowblower Review featured imageThe Ariens Snowblower

Snow is meant to be enjoyed, and it shouldn’t throw your life out of gear. If you have a dependable and an effective snow blower, the piles of snow outside your home can be cleared in a jiffy, and you can get down to enjoying the chill.  We have heard a lot about the 920025 Snow Blower from the house of Ariens, so we wanted to check it out to see if it is as good as they say.

The Ariens 920025 Snow Blower is part of their Classic series.  Durability, ease of use and efficient clearing of snow is what this product promises.  An hour of use can help you clear as much as 58 tons, and there are several other useful features which will delight you.

We needed more information before recommending this product.  So, we looked at all the details we could find, and compared it with similar machines from other manufacturers.  Finally, we tuned in to what users had to say about the Ariens 920025 snow blower.  Continue reading, while we help you to judge if this is the right choice for you.

The first thing we liked about this product is that you don’t need to be a hulk to operate this beauty.  It is lightweight at 85 kgs, yet, doesn’t compromise on efficiency for clearing your snow.  It is self-propelled and allows single hand usage.

Don’t let the compact look and the light weight of this machine fool you, though.  The clearing width and the maneuverability of the chute allow it to clear a lot of snow quickly. The 208 cc engine helps, too.

It comes equipped with a serrated auger, which enables you to cut through harsh snow as well, even if it is a few days old.  The remote deflector and the 40 feet throwing distance would not leave you cramped for space.  You do have the option of taking drift cutters, although that is not part of the standard offering.

You don’t need to look far when you want to buy the Ariens 920025.  It is available at Amazon and Home Depot, and also at power equipment dealers and regional farm retailers. The product is offered with free shipping on Amazon.  You need to check, though, if this product ships to the part of the country you are in.  California, for instance, is not covered.

Finally, what we like about this product is that it comes with a heritage of 80 years in high-quality equipment.  Any Ariens Snow Blower review would have half its job done when the name of the manufacturer is considered.  The impeccable reputation of the manufacturer is indeed a big plus for this product.

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ARIENS 920025 Snow Blower

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  • Easy Handling
  • The machine is compact and lightweight, so it doesn’t tire the user.  The tires have snow tread, and the device uses pin lock steering.  You will love how quickly she handles.
  • Efficient Impeller
  • The 920025 is equipped with a 12-inch high-speed impeller with three blades, which allows you to clear away almost 60 tons of snow an hour
  • Interlocking Levers
  • You need just one hand to operate this machine, made possible by the interlocking levers which are part of the operating system
  • All Steel Body
  • You don’t need to worry about obstacles like rocks while you are clearing your snow. The robust all steel body (including a cast iron gearbox) makes sure that your snow blower can take the rough with the smooth
  • Flexible Chute
  • The chute allows a turning radius of as much as 205°, and a 2.5x quick turn rotation, so you can easily choose the direction for throwing the snow.
  • Impressive Dimensions
  • The 920025 Classic has a 24-inch clearing width and 20-inch housing height.  You can throw the snow as far as 40 feet.  The engine provides more than 200 ccs of power, which can help cut across the most stubborn snow.
  • Convenient Gears
  • There are two speeds in the reverse direction and as many as six speeds in the forward direction of this self-propelled machine.
  • Electric Start
  • With a 120V/Recoil starting system, the electric start means that you can get the machine on the snow and start clearing immediately.
  • Warranty
  • The machine comes with a 3-year warranty, but that’s not all.  Even the gearbox enjoys a 5-year warranty.  This tells you how confident they are in their product.
  • Price
  • The 920025 is an excellent value for the money, especially when you compare its performance to its cost. At $828, its higher-priced competitors are far behind in affordability.

Pros And Cons


  • You will find it very easy to use
  • High efficiency in clearing and throwing snow
  • Sturdy body, so maintenance costs minimal
  • Cost is much lower than comparable models


  • Does not ship to all US locations and many locations outside the US
  • Orange is the only color option

Frequently Asked Questions

Are accessories included in the price?

No. However, most similar products double in cost, so even without accessories, this is an excellent price for the 920025.

Can I buy it anywhere?

No, it ships to selected locations in the US only.  Before you decide to buy, you must check your area on the website of the manufacturer.

About Ariens

Ariens is an eighty-year-old company which is the last word in snow and lawn equipment.  It was founded in 1933 in Brillion, Wisconsin USA.  Today it employs more than 1500 people and has manufacturing facilities in the USA and UK.  It was established by Henry Ariens, and today is run by the fourth generation of his family, with Dan Ariens as President and CEO.

The original manufacturing unit at Brillion continues to be the most important hub for the manufacture of Ariens products and houses a museum with some old and exciting displays.  They have offices and distribution centers all over US, Europe, and Australia.  Led by the CEO, Ariens has won several awards over the years, including Quality Leadership (2010), Green Industry (2011), AME Hall of Fame (2012), and STEM Partner (2015), among others.  Visit their website at

Bottom Line

We found few flaws during our Ariens Snow Blower review.  At its selling price, the performance it provides is impressive.  It is compact enough for average households.

If you do not own an estate and want to do your clearing yourself without straining your shoulders, we would recommend this product. You get a significant snow throwing machine which is convenient to use.  And you don’t pay through your nose for it.

We already provided the manufacturer’s website to you. You can read all about the impressive history of their engineering, and specific details about Ariens 920025.

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